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Steve Aoki, Morten, Garmiani and Others @ Sziget 2017

A surprise announcement this evening from the Sziget 2017 crew: multiple performers of the DIM MAK label will take the stage of the Telekom Electronic Beats Arena on the 13th of August. The names announced today:

  • Steve Aoki
  • Garmiani
  • Matroda
  • Boehm

DIM MAK Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California. It has released materials in a variety of genres, like indie rock, punk rock, hardcore, and hip-hop but it’s probably best-known for its electronic labels today. Among others, DIM MAK has promoted performers like The Chainsmokers, Datsik, The Bloody Beetroots, Bloc Party, and several others. The label’s current roster includes releases from artists like Ookay, Botnek, Autoerotique, Rain Man, Henry Fong, Morten, Keys N Krates, and Dirtyphonics, among others.

This year, Sziget Festival’s Telekom Electronic Beats Arena will be taken over by the performers promoted by this label. According to the current Sziget schedule, the Steve Aoki presents Dim Mak Stage, as the venue is called on the 13th, will have the following schedule:

  • 22:00 – Boehm
  • 23:25 – Garmiani
  • 00:40 – MORTEN
  • 02:05 – Steve Aoki
  • 03:45 – Matroda

Steve Aoki is a Japanese-American DJ, producer, and music executive. He worked with high-profile artists and performers like, Afrojack, Iggy Azalea, and many others, he has a Grammy nomination under his belt, and founded the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund that raises funds for various humanitarian organizations around the world.

He founded his own record label, Dim Mak, in 1996.

Boehm has only recently emerged from the muffled electronic music scene of Romania but he already has quite a few accolades to be proud of – among others, his collaboration with the above-mentioned Steve Aoki last year.

MORTEN comes from Denmark, the home to many great electronic acts – and he is quite popular at home. His style is quite eclectic, often venturing into the realms of electro-house, progressive, and dubstep. He’ll have his take on the Sziget stage this August.

Despite his Italian-sounding name, Garmiani is a Swedish EDM producer and DJ. He started his career as a hip-hop producer and rapper in 2001 only to transition to dance music a decade later. It has proven to be the right choice – his “Bomb A Drop” ended up being the best-selling Dim Mak track and the most-played track of Tomorrowland 2016. He has no studio albums yet.

Matroda is another newcomer, emerging last year, but his tagline speaks for itself: “The best is yet to come”.

In other news, the final 19:30 spot on the Main Stage (13th of August) is still TBA…

45 thoughts on “Steve Aoki, Morten, Garmiani and Others @ Sziget 2017

  1. Wasn’t already announced?
    Beyond pathetic, the festival is in less than a month and still they have to give this goddamn name

  2. This was indeed already announced. They just promoted this DIM MAK thing.
    No news, just a promotional post like all the others

  3. I think that they will announce tomorrow the last Main Stage act, as they did a recap on Facebook today with the acts from 12 August and the last few days they did it with the acts of 9-11 August, so tomorrow they should recap the acts of 13 August and maybe they’ll also announce the last act. I keep my fingers crossed for Placebo…

  4. Not to break the enthusiasm, but Placebo were headliner in 2014. 2014. With QOTSA, Outkast, deadmau5 and the first tour of reunion of Blink 182.

  5. They were co-headliners, as Skrillex played after them. 😉 So they can play before The Chainsmokers as well, I guess.

  6. I was thinking the same about an announcement tomorrow. But the way of announcement doesn’t look really good… Its brought like ‘ oh didn’t we announce that act yet?’ Instead of ‘This is the one you have been waiting for so long’…

    Let it be a good one

  7. Lana del Rey released today two new songs, maybe this was what they waited for and she will be announced tomorrow

  8. I think we will get a special Hungarian announcement. It’s late now so they can only attract locals as the price of flights and hotels is now quite high. If not Hungarian something that is very popular with Hungarians.

  9. ” If not Hungarian something that is very popular with Hungarians”

    Both would be terrible news 😀

  10. Placebo are very popular with Hungarians… Just count how many times they were at Sziget & in Hungary. 😀

  11. i don’t really think they are. I never heard anyone calling them their favourite band. I guess the reason why they’re here all the time is because they’re cheap and avalaible (and touring all the time)

  12. My data suggest one of those names (can somebody doublecheck?)
    Sampha, Phantogram, Band of Horses, Cypress Hill, Madness, Badbadnotgood, Lana del Rey, Pixies, Armin van Buuren, Mumford and Sons, Death Grips.

    I’m doing my researches because I’m curious to see how Sziget could be shaped if there was a good management over it from t0, and those bands are the only ones (vaguely or less) valuable for sub’s material.
    Even if I expect a surprise (not necessarily a good surprise: “HEY WE WANTED TO DO THINGS GREAT THIS YEAR SO WE CALLED RICK ASTLEY WHO GONNA PERFORM NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP FOR 90 MINS IN A ROW”), I would put my bet on Lana del Rey or Madness, if I had to pick on this list.

  13. I’d say that due to the fact that empty space because of charlie xcx I guess that Lana or Halsey are most likely.

  14. Wish it was the band called nothing, there Would be quality and actuality at the fest

  15. That would be TRAGIC. Not for me personally, I’m gonna be drunk, but if one of the most famous festivals in the world isn’t able to book a sub for a weekend slot is just tragic.

    Think about it, the subs should have been booked one year ago. This situation is just pathetic, they have tickets as expensive as freaking Coachella or Bonnaroo but they work like an amateur festival.

    The booking, the comunication, nothing is done professionally

  16. This year they have the biggest budget ever…. But still its just a normal program….

  17. Arcade Fire would be amazing, but they have a gig in the US on the 6th of August…


    C’mon guys

  19. Ahm, actually nope, their cachet is still superior to 1kk and they headline everywhere also on top of Kings of Leon, which, as a friendly reminder, was second headliner in 2015 over Florence and the Machine..

  20. I wonder if we will get an announcement this week. We are waiting on the final coheadliner and the map. Also think they could release a few surprises like art projects etc:). Not long now guys. Time to get excited

  21. I still think there could be some surprises in terms of infrastructure. Would love a re theme of some of the areas

  22. Final thought, having a lower attendance is not a bad think. I’d love it to return to 2013 size before they expanded the capcity.

  23. Map and passport – next week. (Sziget UK)
    announcement – this week and i suppose it is Lana (album out on Fri).

  24. it’s Hurts!

    nobody seems to have counted on Hurts, and I assume most of you won’t be happy since you’ve expected something bigger.

  25. so pathetic they had to wait for a small festival (EFOTT) to come to an end to announce this recycled garbage who just played over the weekend in Hungary…

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