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11 thoughts on “Sziget 2011 line up poll

  1. Why do I always have the feeling Sziget is booking second hand acts that were cool (at least) one year ago? Skunk Anansie: last year touring the big festivals, on Sziget this year. Come on, bring us acts like Elbow and Beady Eye.

  2. Jesus Beady Eye is shit. I am quite glad that sziget brings these “second hand” acts, as you say… rather than Beady Eye…

  3. i don’t think this poll gives us a good overall view.. i Mean i would have voted for ‘good’ , but i might as well vote for ‘could have been better’ because i’d like to see a ‘Great’ Line-up..

  4. I think that the line up needs a great headliner like we had last year Muse and Iron Maiden. Something like The Foo Fighters would be a great headliner for one day because the headliners so far are not that great. Especially pulp and Amy Winehouse are not the bands I am waiting for.
    And don´t forget to book Deadmau5 because they cancelled last year!!!

  5. In my opinion the line-up is ‘good’, but one more big headliner could turn it into ‘great’.

    I don’t think Foo Fighters is realistic, I don’t expect them to come to Sziget one or two days after they perform in Canada. Especially because their first European show is quite a few days later.

    And deadmau5 is not realistic either, as he has shows in US and Canada during Sziget. I think deadmau5 forgot to make up for last year…

  6. I do think sziget needs one more big head liner to make the line up amzin the acts they have are good but sum are not head liner bands I really hope sziget have one big band left up there sleeve 🙂

  7. There is one headliner slot left for friday (if they dont put Dizzee as a headliner, well, his gigs are amazing but IDK, I wouldnt want him as a headliner) and a headliner slot left for day zero. I wish coldplay or radiohead came.. oh

  8. @sjaakdedraak Djees, stop whining. Second hand bands? I really think you need to study the bands that will be performing more carefully. There’s enough quality bands to have a great time. And if you don’t like the bands, don’t buy a ticket…

  9. Who goes to Sziget Festival for the music anyways?
    It’s cheap-ass camping ticked and great atmosfere.
    Music is extra and optional.

    Mainstage is shit most of the time.
    That’s why the other stages are invented.

  10. would be great one big headlines, but it the atmosfere why i came to Sziget, and this year again:)

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