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15 thoughts on “Sziget 2011 map

  1. Janis Joplin alley, Kurt Cobian Alley, Jim Morrison Avenue. Where is the Amy Winehouse street?

  2. Hey anyone knows about the vodafone deal this year? The site talks about fast internet, but wil it be free? Or for a bargain?

  3. Have you any news about Ayo cancellation, she is not on official website program anymore and bestdayz is announcing her as cancelled !

  4. @ taarmen
    there is no Szigetfone in 2011
    you can buy prepaidcards for your mobile for 3000 Forint, internet inclusive.
    SMS in Hungary 41 Forint
    to europe 82 Forint
    There are surfestations at Vodafone and there is an internet tent with WIFI on an other place too, it is free of charge but you have to show your ID-Card

  5. @Dreher: this isn’t updated since last year! So far no Szigetfone is announced by Sziget or Vodafone!

    “International Szigetfone tariffs will be available until the 31st of August 2010. After this date, regular prices will apply.”

  6. Damn the Sziget phone was so perfect! I used it a lot! Especially to keep in touch with people you met.

  7. @Steert:

    The Vodafone prepaid cards are very good alternatives!

    For 3.500 HUF (ca. 13 Euro) you’ll get a Vodafone prepaid card with 3000 HUF (ca. 11 EUR) balance and 500 MB data traffic and free Facebook access.

    For 500 HUF you can also get a sms package with 500 SMS within the vodafone net.

  8. Hi mellow, do you purchase the vodafone cards on site? Do they come with a sim card for your phone?

  9. @Legion: I can’t say for sure! You should be able to get them at the Vodafone points on the island, but also at the Vodafone shops in town. The cards should be with a sim card, but probably you can topup last years Szigetphones. But that’s just an assumption!

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