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Sziget 2012 lineup poll results

As promised, the Sziget 2012 line up poll has ended today, on Day –2.

No less than 1847 of you guys have voted in it, so we think the results are pretty conclusive.

Out of those voters, the top answer for the question “What do you think about the Sziget 2012 line up?” was “”Bad”, with 581 votes – that accounts to 31.46%.

The second answer was “Not bad”, by a very close margin – 573 votes, 31.02%.

Next, “Very bad” – 362 votes, 19.6%.

Fourth in the list of choices – 237 votes, 12.83%.

Least chosen answer – “Excellent” – 94 votes – 5.09%.

Here’s the chart, so you can see how the votes have been cast.

sziget 2012 line up poll chart

And with this, we wish you a great Sziget 2012! We know ours will be fabulous!

4 thoughts on “Sziget 2012 lineup poll results

  1. Yep, I do agree. This 20th anniversary wasn’t really the best edition, that’s why I didn’t go even though Sziget is always awesome even during its worst years.

  2. Hey, please, reopen poll, or create a new one, just because I want to change my ‘BAD’ to ‘fcking awesome’.

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