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Sziget 2013 schedule posted on Hungarian website

The Sziget 2013 schedule has been posted on the official Hungarian Sziget website.

You can check it out right here, on the official website.

As far as new things go, Otto Knows has appeared at the Arena, and Marcel Dettman at the A38.

What do you think about the Sziget 2013 schedule?

23 thoughts on “Sziget 2013 schedule posted on Hungarian website

  1. This timetable is shit.

    Chase n Status/Flogging Molly
    Enter Shikari at 16:00
    Boys Noize/Netsky
    Mike as Headliner
    Nero at 19:30

  2. I can’t believe Mika is the last headliner, such a disappointment..
    I feel like shit 😐

  3. Disgrace of a line up.where do I get my money back from.I’m so annoyed by the headlineers and lay out of the stages in general

  4. gotta be a joke this ? cant be real? this is becoming laughable . have gaslight anthem pulled out or i they t.b.a when they were already confirmed . mika to headline sziget are pullin our pisser . joke of a main stage lineup

  5. And how come we don’t get any official comment from sziget?!
    Shame on them!
    We should take up the challenge and organize some sort of protest for all those who bought early tickets and got screwed up!

  6. Isn’t that a bit pointless? You might as well go, enjoy the experience as much as you can and then just don’t go again

    I like some bands on the line up, and I guess because I’ve been to a number of festivals before it isn’t as big a deal for me to see twenty bands I love over a weekend. I’m looking forward to a week in Budapest too

    However, the organisers have really misled people regarding the announcements. It was only two days ago they commented towards me that I would ‘not be disappointed’ with the announcements. Well, the only announcement is that there’s only going to be one more big band announced and that an act formerly listed a sub headliner will be headlining, and I don’t like that act. That is disappointing I’m afraid, but I’m not about to protest about it!

  7. the other tba band will be kensington a dutch band . alo missed off the list like gaslight

  8. Timetable sucks.

    Flogging Molly and Chase & Status, 2 of the few good names and then you make them play at the same time?

    Same goes for Boys Noize and Netsky.

    Mika a headliner? Please. Funny thing that I won’t be attending any of your headliners. I actually had some hope for the last one, but you ruined it. BIG TIME.

  9. Mika cannot be true. I will enjoy myself big time, sziget meams party, sun, music, nice people, celebrate, beer, good times, dancing, etc.. but sziget, come on, mika headlining?? No way! I think it is a moneyproblem, you were going for a big last name but couldn’t afford it. But putting milka on the headlinespot is very shamefull… but anyway, a party it is going to be!!! See you in less than four weeks!!!

  10. Mila as headliner? I’m saddened but not surprised – I had a powerful hunch that the organisers would do something of this kind. To think that 6 months ago some of us were hoping for SOAD! I’m sooooo glad I wasn’t tempted by early bird tickets, and I really feel for those of you that were!

  11. Mika is really a shame as a headliner. Change it with The Editors who play far to early. The Editors (new album out) deserve to be top of the bill

  12. And to add to all the other problems, there will now also most likely be a black market in tobacco – unbelievable!

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