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Less Sziget 2013 tickets sold than last year, says chief organizer and promoter

Sziget 2013 tickets  have dropped in sales  between seven and eight percent in comparison to last year, says chief organizer and promoter of Sziget Karoly Gerendai.

The Sziget boss has mentioned some of the reasons for this in statements quoted by The Budapest Times. According to Gerendai,

many big international names are unable to accept invitations because of a lack of time.

He also blames the collapse of Hungarian airline Malev and the fact that not all of its flights have current correspondents for the situation.

Gerendai thinks that marketing needs strengthening, and the article says that organizers have done so by adding a riverside beach, a Colour Party and a circus show, apart from the Sziget Eye, which is stationed in Budapest’s fifth district.

Read the whole article here and let us know what you think in a comment.

5 thoughts on “Less Sziget 2013 tickets sold than last year, says chief organizer and promoter

  1. if they repositioned the names they have they could have a half decent main stage, but its all over the place

  2. lower the price, its growing massively every year. 6 Years ago it was half the price with better lineup. money money money rules your little world, and no hungarian can pay to go to their ownn festival. Very sad, says a german.

  3. I know 7 people, who were in werchter this year, but we will return next year 🙂

  4. Coming here for the 6th time in a row. True that it’s much more expensive, shittier line-up and different people. But that doesn’t bother me that much, times change and so do I. The line-up was never that important to me because the atmosphere makes the festival for me and I think that stayed the same / if not improved. Last year the island looked amazing! I’m very happy with the beach stage, saves a lot of wasted annoying time showering. I’m dutch and a lot af dutch complain about having to much dutch but I think it’s pretty cool and loved the Holland Meets Hungary stage.
    The only thing that really sucks is the lower volume at night en the disappearance of the Meduze stage. They should bring that back ASAP. The sound and atmosphere rocked there! Not really a fan of the Party Arena, to fucking crowded!

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