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Sziget 2014 Europe Stage schedule available

The Sziget 2014 Europe Stage now has a schedule. Included is Amsterdam Klezmer Band, which you already knew about from here. The rest of the schedule also includes:

  • Amsterdam Klezmer Band (NL)
  • Aucan (I)
  • BaLaKo (RO)
  • Ballet School (D)
  • Caparezza (I)
  • Carnival Youth (LV)
  • Charity Children (D)
  • Compact Disk Dummies (B)
  • Diaodato (I)
  • Dubblestandart (A)
  • DVA (CZ)
  • Fismoll (PL)
  • Gloria Boateng (B)
  • Gubás Gabi és az Éjszakai Nesz (H)
  • Hornsman Coyote & Soulcraft (SRB)
  • Kid Simius live (D)
  • Longital (SK)
  • Mighty Oaks (D)
  • Money for Rope (AUS)
  • Raggalution (SLO)
  • Rumatera (I)
  • Salmo (I)
  • Seward (E)
  • Siriusmo (D)

We’ll have it on our lineup page ASAP.

(thanks crazyfrog!)

6 thoughts on “Sziget 2014 Europe Stage schedule available

  1. Who wants to write something about the bands from their homecountries?

    About the german bands I know:

    – Kid Simius is a lot of fun. Electroclash with some guitar and other instruments. Real partymusic.

    – Mighty Oaks are probably Germany’s most finest upcoming folk band. They have the potential to get a reasonable name internationally.

    – Ballet School is a band I’ll see for the first time live this weekend (on a festival in the Netherlands). Can’t say much about them, except that I’m really looking forward to their show.

    – I know Siriusmo only by name and have never heard of Charity Children – perhaps someone else might step in and comment on them.

    In general these bands are not big in Germany (with Mighty Oaks probably being the best known), but seem to be decent bands.

  2. Good idea mellowmaniac.
    It’s easier to check them. And Mighty Oaks is already a hit the spot after one song.

    I’m hungarian, so my task is only just: Gubás Gabi és az Éjszakai Nesz
    I’ve never heard of them. Gabi is an actress. And I only found this:
    I think, this act will be “smooth jazz, chill out lounge”-ish.

  3. Great idea @Mellowmaniac!

    As there are no spanish bands in Europe stage, I cannot tell you much (and I’m sure everyone knows Ska-P very well…).

    I will definitely take a look to Kid Simius and Mighty Oaks, thanks!

  4. i’m gonna talk about italian bands then…

    Aucan is an amazing band who plays instrumental electro and dubstep. really energic live band, i suggest it.

    Caparezza is a rapper whose shows are a mixture of music and drama. he’s very famous in Italy, he’s a great performer, but i think you should know a bit of Italian language to appreciate him.

    Diodato is a songwriter. I don’t know him so well, but critics say really good things about him.

    Rumatera is a punk-rock band (or they used to be that). They’re from North Italy and their songs’ lyrics are in regional dialect. They play crazy live-acts, usually bathing the crowd with rhum and pear juice.

    Salmo should be an artist who plays a crossover of rap and electronic music, but I haven’t heard so much of his production.

  5. No bands from my homecountry, but.. Salmo is the toughest name on this stage! Brutal grime/hip-hop. Must see!

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