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24 thoughts on “Check out the Sziget 2014 map!

  1. It’s gonna be very different than Party Arena, no matter what Sziget says. I think it’s gonna be like the old Meduza.

  2. You’re right. I’m worried because i think A38 will be to small for the big djs (axwell, kavinsky,laidback luke)

  3. Well, actually, last year A38 was a little bigger than Party Arena. The problem is that last year e-music lovers were split in 2 by these 2 stages while this year we’ll have only one (because Colosseum will be more techno and underground music). Let’s see how it’ll be.

  4. Unbelievable.
    I was 4 times at sziget, my last time was in 2007.
    It seems everything has changed on the island.

    I am really shocked.
    I can´t find …
    the fabolous Meduza stage, (i loved it)
    World Music Stage
    The Party Arena
    The Metal Stage
    The Wan2 Stage
    my favorite afterparty place Mokka Cuka

    why ?
    what happened ? who knows the background stories ?

    I think sziget went 5 steps back.

  5. Mu_old school
    Meduza is far-far away from Sziget…as the Metal Stage. nevertheless World Music Stage transformed to World Willage with the same World stage, Wan2 is nothing comparing to A38 which is more interesting than Main Stage and Party Arena at night. Mokka Cuka is lost, but Ambient chill arena is still there 😉

  6. @Mu_old school

    unfortunately there’s no more Metal stage, that’s true.
    World music stage is now called World village stage, as nikolyav mentioned.
    Mokka cuka was an independent place at Sziget. it was on the island on its own. they closed the place, that’s why it’s not there anymore.
    A38 fused with meduza and has a lot of cool electronic acts, Colosseum opened which is basically just like meduza, only bigger… I think that’s one of the reasons why Party arena isn’t there anymore. it was quite empty last year, it was only full during live headliner and DJ headliner concerts, they didn’t have enough people to fill another big tent.

    Sziget is not as much alternative as it was before. it has turned into a 5 star camping site with enormous parties – they invested a lot into cleanliness, design and the overall experience.

  7. Thanks guys ..

    I really loved the chaotic alternaive style, and so i´m still a little bit disapointed about the changes.
    Sometimes i was partying till afternoon in mokka cuka, went back to the meduza and party arena area in the north and ended next morning again at mokka cuka. it was wonderful.
    Now it seems there is no 24h non stop party.

    But i have decided to come back this year. I give one of my favorite festials another chance.

    One last question to all insider ..
    I can remember that there were many people who were selling cheaper tickets (blackmarket) at the doors.
    How was it in the last years ?
    is there a chance for it ?

  8. @Mu_old school ..last year there was some gypsies at the main entrance that sold and bought tickets .. same people that is always hanging out there .
    I don’t know the price or how trustworthy these ticket are.

  9. For the flogging molly fans, a good alternative!

    Blues-Irish Stage – in memoriam of Andor Oláh
    Thu, August 14, 9:00 PM > 10:55 PM

    Anyone more folk irish punk bands?

  10. 10 days left to buy Sziget tickets for discounted prices, but only if they will not sell out before 1st of August!

    Over 90% of the festival passes have already been sold, so if you’re a late decider, make sure you don’t leave it too late and buy your festival pass now!

  11. Added to program on website:
    Europe Stage (program for 11-12.08)

  12. i’m not sure, but for me it look exactly like last year. even the showers are complitly at the same place

  13. Hey guys, I was just wondering where the best place to camp is (with normal camping) and if there are certain areas that have different vibes or pros/cons etc.?

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