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Sziget 2014 musical guide starting this Friday

The Sziget 2014 musical guide is, according to this post on the official Sziget Instagram account, a way for you to learn about the musical acts at this year’s Sziget.

That way, you can come prepared. More than that, this “education” will be made via exclusive DJ mixes, sets and podcasts which will provide you with the sound of this year’s festival.

That way, the post says, you won’t be missing any interesting venues.

The post also links to this other account to follow which, in turn, links to a SoundCloud page where, presumably, the links to the mixes will be posted. Make sure you keep an eye on them all, so that you don’t miss out on the Szget 2014 musical guide!

20 thoughts on “Sziget 2014 musical guide starting this Friday

  1. The Libertines announced for Benicassim (17-20 July), if Sziget announce them it’s gonna be the best line up ever

  2. Pete Doherty is touring with Babyshambles in August, so we won’t get The Libertines for sure

  3. Days schedule is coming “in the next days” according to Sziget Italia facebook. Today Balaton Sound got new names, I suppose next week we’ll get names for Sziget!

  4. We already saw that but numbers are incorrect. It says that booking LMFAO costs 100.000$ more than booking Muse..

  5. Its an awesome lineup so far but there’s gots to be a big hitter indie band on the horizon, the killers or vampire weekend is all I want!

  6. Same as you fitzyp I just want The Killers and i’ll be happy for the rest of my life! There’s a gap in their tour between the US and the UK and it happens to be around the last headliner spot (if it’s not Skrillex).

  7. Both The Killers and Placebo as we had in 2012? I don’t think so… It seems they’re only touring USA and UK, not European festivals circuit! (They would be amazing btw)

  8. Deftones would be great because we need more “real” rock acts. They are touring in Europe in july…
    And Modeselektor would be the perfect electronic act (they cancelled 2 years ago.. they have something to make up 😉 )

  9. How d’you know that? Steve Aoki will be at VOLT! I’d like to see Afrojack though!

  10. Possibly another big mainstage headliner? Skrillex only makes the second stage at Glastonbury.

  11. It’s sure new mainstage headliners will be announced:
    2 big name for -1 day (Blink 182 are good stuff but they cannot justify 50 ticket price)

    2-3 big name for 15 (only Cee lo Green in the mainstage?)[i don’t really think so that we can considering ceelogreen as a big name]

    1 name for 16.

  12. Glastonbury’s Other Stage is a huge stage. Bands like Massive Attack, Interpol and Pixies play there and the last two don’t even headline that stage. White Lies play there in the afternoon and they headlined Sziget in 2011 (strangest decision ever by Sziget Management). I mean, you can’t compare Sziget and Glastonbury. Glastonbury can be compared only with Coachella.

  13. I know mate, I’ve been to both. Just (desperately) I suppose looking for clues.

    That said, Glasto has had plenty people high up on The Other Stage who wouldn’t headline Sziget (barring a mental White Lies-esque incident) such as The Cribs, The Zutons, The Pigeon Detectives, The Enemy, The View etc.

    Could go either way. Suppose I’m just desperate for new names (or even better, a full lineup.

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