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Sziget 2014 performance dates for Crystal Fighters and more

Some Sziget 2014 performance dates for Crystal Fighters and some of the other artists announced today have already surfaced, apart from the ones we’ve already mentioned.

Here they are, in case you’re only coming to a part of Sziget 2014 and you need to make your plans and book planes, hostel or a hotel or whatever else.

So, according to their official Facebook page, Crystal Fighters will be playing Sziget 2014 on August 16. The date is also listed on their website.

Girls in Hawaii are set to be at Sziget on August 13. Source is also the Facebook page.

Then comes Bombay Bicycle Club, set to be at Sziget on August 16, also according to their Facebook.

Mount Kimbie are set for August 17, says their website.

All of these changes are going straight into the Sziget 2014 lineup page, where all the latest updates are reflected. If you see something missing there, let us know and we’ll modify it.

(thanks go to ana, mellowmaniac Marcu and tool06)


17 thoughts on “Sziget 2014 performance dates for Crystal Fighters and more

  1. I don’t want to be a smart ass, but day 0 is the aug 12. So those are should be the same on your schedule. It could be disturbing for someone.

    Only just 132 days left 🙂

  2. I like this year line-up, but there is one fact, that make me a little bit disappionted: half of bands was in line-up of previous Sziget from 2009 to 2013:

    Placebo 2009, 2012
    The Prodigy 2009, 2011
    Calvin Harris 2010
    Lily Allen 2009
    Klaxons 2009
    Axwell 2012
    Ska-P 2009, 2010, 2013
    La Roux 2011
    Crystal Fighters 2012
    Fink 2012
    Borgore 2012
    Anti-Flag 2012
    Wild Beasts 2012
    Girls in Hawaii 2010 (cancelled)
    Michael Kiwanuka 2013 (cancelled)
    deadmau5 2010 (cancelled)

  3. Does anybody know what Day Zero is about?

    Is seems like a “normal” festival day.

  4. @mellowmaniac where did you see that?

    @Johnny W I think it’s hungarian music day! 🙂

  5. Sorry again! but even on his fb page they’ve repeated the festival in Germany :/
    We can’t do anything except waiting now!

  6. Yeah and he’s already confirmed for Frequency on the 13th and for Pukkelpop for the 15th (official websites). So I guess it’s true!

    Let’s hop Skrillex will announce a non-sziget date for the 15th :p

  7. I can’t imagine Sziget confirming four “electro” headliner for the five days of the regular festival.

    Even though you can hardly put Macklemore, Skrillex, Prodigy and Calvin Harris in the same bag, people would go berzerk complaining (also because the only rock/pop/indie headliner are Placebo who already performed at Sziget in 2001, 2006, 2009 and 2012).

    I still think that chances are big that Macklemore and Skrillex will both headline the Party Arena or that Macklemore will perform as co-headliner on the mainstage while Skrillex will be in the Party Arena…

  8. …it’s also very well possible that Calvin Harris will be the last act on the mainstage on the 17th, but that a “proper” headliner will perform before him.

  9. Last year we had Franz Ferdinad before the crap..ops, Guetta that was a bad can easily headline a festival like Sziget. Let’s hope so!

  10. Sziget is trying to become more popular festival. With more electronic headliners. (My guess to attract a younger public.) The numbers of visitors has been dropping quite a lot (23.000 less over 3 years.) But this is a wrong direction, in my opinion. Sziget isn’t the interesting festival anymore as it used to be, no metal stage, weak world music stage and a lot of the same headliners.

    This way they lose a lot of international guests, because the ‘same’ (same headliners, even more interesting stages.) festivals are much nearer and therefore cheaper to visit. And having the same headliners as before, revisiting Sziget is less likely. (for me, after 2 Szigets (2011,2012) it is over Sziget is losing it’s diversity. Of course the sziget vibe is still something very unique, but with a younger audience this will change as well. Sziget promotes to be a international event, but Sziget isn’t unique enough to justify the entire trip.

    This is just my vision. You can disagree with me. I realize I’m lucky because I live in the Netherlands. I’m spoiled with choice. (lowlands, Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Rock am Ring)

  11. @Johnny W

    11th Day -1 has always been Hungarian music day

    12th day 0 can be anything (one year metal day, another year had Prince; as you say this year it looks like a “normal” festival day)

    From 13th:Day 1 to 17th:Day 5 are normal festival days and we all have to leave on Monday 18th

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