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Sziget 2014 schedule revealed (at least part of it)

UPDATE: Our Sziget 2014 lineup page has been updated with all these changes, so now you can have a full outlook at the way the schedule looks right now.

The Sziget 2014 schedule has been partly revealed by the organizers on their official website.

The official site lists performance dates for a lot of the acts that are set to play Sziget 2014.

You can check out the Sziget 2014 schedule, as it is at this point, here.

30 thoughts on “Sziget 2014 schedule revealed (at least part of it)

  1. According with Sziget (italian) official page, it’s unprobable new headliners name will be announced 🙁

  2. Sziget Italia didn’t say it’s unprobable, said it may be the possibility no other headliners will be announced. But we still need an headliner for the 15. Maybe it won’t be a huge name, maybe something like Editors or something that big.

  3. If this is true, CeeLo Green as a headliner is pretty weak compared with the others. But after Mika and Nick Cave, it might be.

  4. Nick Cave it’s been an AWESOME headliner! A real artist. He almost made me cry for the emotion.

  5. @Bender
    I didn’t want to hurt anyone feelings with that comment. I just want to refer their popularity “level”, for example at facebook. And I know if something is popular, it can be still shitty. So I wrote that generally. I’m not that shallow. Or am I ? 😀

  6. All dj’s we got now are popular djmag top100 progressive house dj’s. That’s terrible. We need more techno and basshouse. But most important MORE drum & bass. I hope the drum & bass stage from 2012 will return, that was a great succes and so awesome!

  7. @Castor you didn’t hurt my feelings, I just wanted to say what I think about Nick Cave. No problems if you don’t like him or if you think he’s a “small name” 😉

  8. @Mit Kok
    All DJs are the same, they are all shit. No matter who pushes the button for some 100.000$, they should all f off

  9. I know Skrillex wants to play in the dark

    Pinkpop, a festival in holland, decline Skrillex because they couldn’t offer him a spot in the evening.

  10. So as far as everyone is concerned, who will be headlining each night do you think?

    (I’m not one of those headliner obsessed festival goers, fear not – merely curious)

  11. I think this year they simply changed the concept of “headliner”. Day Zero headliners are QOTSA, deadmau5 closes the stage. Day 1 headliners are Placebo, Skrillex closes the stage. Day 5 headliners are Outkast, Calvin Harris closes the festival. I just think they wanted to close the Main Stage with a party everyday and to me that’s not a bad thing if they give us groups like QOTSA, Placebo, Blink 182 and Outkast at 19.30. Maybe the only live acts that will close the Main Stage are Prodigy and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis because they can be considered as electro or party act.

  12. A lot of festivals have the headliner and then a dj or an electro act closing the Main Stage. Sziget just wanted to do it as well. But Sziget has to shut down the music at 11pm because it’s in the center of a big city, so they were forced to do like this.

  13. Interesting, I guess EDM is dominating the festivals these days, anyhow, I’m game for that… Skrillex can jog on though

  14. I don’t think the festival is dominated with EDM.

    Im a rock indie kid and im pretty happy.

    My tops bands are

    ALL PRETTY COOL and pretty rocky/indie/interesting. Much stronger lineup than last year.

    Oh yeah, everything on the world music stage tends to be cool as well.

  15. I don’t think it’s dominated by EDM per say, just that EDM is having more international influence now days. I still think the line up is an incredible one, and I’m entirely partial to EDM myself

  16. Max Cooper is awesome, exactly the type of dj we need over the crappy dj’s we got so far

  17. what’s the difference between DJ’s? As someone wrote, all of them are the same. Just playing “records”. Will not waste any time on some DJ. Just standing and looking for one guy standing on the stage? Any band is better:)

  18. In Rome, 3000 years ago, the people sad: “de gustibus non disputandum est”

    In a festival we need dj and band too. All day with rock/indie/punk/metal music could be boring such as a day with techno/drum&bass music.

  19. DJs may all be playing records, and you may prefer bands over DJs, but DJs are definitely not all the same. There can be huge differences in their quality and in the types of music they play, just like it’s the case with bands.
    You may think it’s boring to look at DJs, and with many DJs it is indeed, but with most DJs it’s not about the show: it’s about the music! Of course you may not like their type of music, but that’s a matter of taste. Many others do like their music, otherwise the DJs wouldn’t be touring all over the world.

  20. I think @Bender talks a lot of sense actually with the “Headliner” then DJ concept.

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