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Sziget 2014 sold out! (weekly passes)

Sziget 2014 is a premiere in the history of Budapest’s island extravaganza, in the sense that it’s the first time ever that the festival is sold out! In terms of weekly passes, that is.

There are still daily passes available and the organizers have thought about the people which, for some reason or another, were unable to get their weekly pass. That is why 1000 weekly passes will be available at the entrance. Still, if you plan on getting one of those, you should be there on time, or you could be out of luck.

All in all, fantastic news and a great job by the Sziget organizers.

The news has been announced on Facebook.

9 thoughts on “Sziget 2014 sold out! (weekly passes)

  1. London Grammar has already cancelled many of their summer shows and unfortunately they just called off their Sziget gig as well. However the agency of the band has quickly recommended another great band, so after their huge success at Balaton Sound, Clean Bandit, will play at Sziget.
    We have a good and a bad news. The bad one is that London Grammar has cancelled its show at the Island of Freedom. This is the statement the organizers received from the management:

    “We are very sorry to announce that we will not be performing at Sziget Festival as billed. Due to a lengthy touring schedule over the last year and a half, Hannah has suffered with vocal fatigue which has forced us to cancel, at last minute, a number of recent shows. In order to maintain Hannah’s voice and all of our well being, we have made the decision to withdraw from some of our upcoming festival performances. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this causes and regret any disappointment of both our fans and festival organisers. Nevertheless we feel that our decision to reduce our workload is of great importance at this time. We hope you can understand and forgive us for the cancellation”.

    We know that is not a consolation for Szitizens, but the good news is that Clean Bandit will hit the stage with their folksy-neoromantic music that is a unique fusion of deep house and classical strings and horns with a very special magic to it.

    Day tickets are still available for Sziget Festival!

  2. Sad to hear that London Grammar cancelled, really looked forwards to that. Clean Bandit is a good replacement though.

  3. Clean Bandit is an awful replacement.

    And the sziget map has been updated in the Sziget app.

  4. Clean Bandit have great songs ans very very good videoclips but how are they live? Anyway i’m happy because London Grammar is coming to Lebanon soon 😀

  5. Happy with that. Find London Grammar incredibly dull and Clean Bandit are a lot of fun.

  6. jay….. more electro…… like we didn’t have enough of that….. ah well it’s going to be a party anyway

  7. Hey guys!! I’m selling my weekly pass!! i can’t assist to the Sziget due to my exams…
    But is it possible to sell it with my name on the ticket?? How can i change it?? Thanks!!
    And if somebody is interested, it’s the original price : 210 €!

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