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Wanna be a Sziget 2014 volunteer?

Sziget 2014 volunteer is something many of you have wanted to do, if we’re to go by the number of emails asking about it. Well, the Sziget 2014 official website lists the conditions and has a form which you can fill if you want to become a Sziget 2014 volunteer. The conditions are pretty basic: if you’re over 18 and come from an EU country, you’re in with a chance. What you get in return is a warm meal once a day, two t-shirts, a place for your tent and entry to the festival (the form is for Sziget, as well as for the other festivals the Sziget organizers have). All of the details are listed extensively here and that’s where you can also fill out the form. Who knows, maybe you get lucky and become a Sziget 2014 volunteer!

4 thoughts on “Wanna be a Sziget 2014 volunteer?

  1. I have two passports but none of them european 😛 I guess i’ll have 6 more hours for myself there haha!

  2. Hi! I’m 23 and visited Sziget 3 years ago and it was awesome:) I’m quite a festival-goer, been to Volt, Rock I’m Park, Rock For People and a several festivals in Poland (Woodstock, Opener Festival) and at Sziget I made one of the best memories, met great people (who I would love to meet again if only I had a chance) and generally had the best fun of all of the above:) it would be the greatest experience this year to be a volunteer there:) cheers!

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