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Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest – The Candidates

The game is on: the attendees and fans of Sziget Festival will get to decide which of the applicable bands will get the chance to play at this year’s Sziget Festival. To do so, they need to vote their favorite band and get their friends to do the same during the Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest. The voting has started almost a week ago, and it goes on until the 30th of June (sorry for the late update) through this page.

Here is the list of the bands participating in the contest (sorted according to the number of votes received so far):

  • Flames to Burn (Hungary)
  • Turrentine Jones (UK)
  • Twelve24 (UK)
  • WaterWings (Malta)
  • BLACK.HEADmusic (Germany)
  • Princess Eud & Ded Kra-Z (Haiti)
  • PlasticBarricades (UK)
  • Pipes and Pints (Czech Republic)
  • Blue Nipple Boy (Romania)
  • Monos en Bolas (Argentina)
  • Nishe (UK)
  • Marsheaux (Greece)
  • DJ Grace Kelly (Germany)
  • Banda Planalto Central (Brazil)
  • Stellar Lane (Israel)
  • Fuji Kureta (Turkey)
  • YzaYa (Germany)
  • Gravity (Poland)
  • Bang Bang Vegas (Italy)
  • Plambo and the Funk (UK)
  • Pola Rise (Poland)
  • Bros n Beats (Czech Republic)
  • Ground Collapse (Austria)
  • Who Knows (Germany)
  • Talkshow (Slovak Republic)
  • Lady Moustache (Germany)
  • Sunny Vizion (Germany)
  • Nicole Zukic (Germany)
  • TNBC (Poland)
  • LouisV (The Netherlands)
  • Rammelhof (Austria)
  • Flare (Romania)
  • the amber herd (UK)
  • Lolo Lovina (Australia)
  • Wendekind (Germany)
  • Majestic Faces (Germany)
  • Partytour (Germany)
  • Trio Sierov & Schmidt (Germany)
  • Toxine (Slovenia)
  • Tori Sparks + Calamento (Spain)
  • Laxmi (UK)
  • Hannes Kreuzinger (Germany)
  • Sub-Zero (Germany)
  • TAY/SON (Switzerland)
  • Jordikuragari (Germany)
  • RTTRSPRT (Sweden)
  • SPEEDSWING (Germany)
  • Premortal Breath (Germany)
  • Mamavegas (Italy)
  • ZoaS (Italy)
  • Missilia (Germany)
  • LAKE MALAWI (UK/Czech Republic)
  • Stone Diamond (Germany)
  • Nikolai Urumov (Germany)
  • Becquerels (Germany)
  • Boreals (Spain)
  • The Roots of Rock Band (Germany)
  • Vama (Romania)
  • Fatcat (Germany)
  • You (Austria)
  • Jake in the Swamp (The Netherlands)
  • Bernard G. Muller (Germany)
  • Borderline (Switzerland)
  • Mama (Germany)
  • The Kyles (Germany)
  • Streez (Germany)
  • Postcards from Jeff (UK)
  • Hannah Anders (US)
  • Leslie Moryson & Band (Germany)
  • The Last Vinci (Ireland)
  • How Dare You Alexis (Poland)
  • Diva Demolition (Croatia)
  • The Tirith (UK)
  • The Homesteads (UK)
  • EceDorsay (Turkey)
  • das grosse G (Germany)
  • Neon Saturdays (Latvia)
  • Ides Moon (Germany)
  • SchlagerMetall (Germany)
  • JoyCut (Italy)
  • Bengal Lancers (UK)
  • Cosmonautix (Germany)
  • Animatador (UK)
  • Sleepwalker (Germany)
  • Space Bee (Germany)
  • Rakede (Germany)
  • Dealing With Reality (Italy)
  • ANNAGEMINA (Germany)
  • Serpentyne (UK)
  • The Fools of Chelm (Slovak Republic)
  • The Paul Dunton Orchestra (UK)
  • A.S. (France)
  • Tom James (UK)
  • Reverse Reaction (Germany)
  • Soulfinder (Ireland)
  • Bruno Merz (UK)
  • Lewis Murphy (UK)
  • Louis Romégoux (Austria)
  • Jollycaster (Germany)
  • ARTWHY (Germany)
  • The Galactics (UK)
  • Bugsy Hargrove (US)

The band with the most votes is currently Hungarian post-hardcore / metal band Flames to Burn, but UK based indie rock band Turrentine Jones is not far behind. Let’s see which of them (or any others on the list) will get to play at Sziget Festival.


The voting ends on the 30th.

294 thoughts on “Sziget 2015 Facebook Voting Contest – The Candidates

  1. @tom no it’s not. As far as I know it’s an advertising stunt for Gigmit, “an event and booking management platform for live music professionals”. It offers one of their member bands the chance to play at one of Sziget’s stages and even get paid 1,500 euros.

  2. Beautiful initiative! Moreover I can see Germany have plenty of young bands 🙂 you rock guys

  3. I saw Todd Terje at the weekend. He was incredible. I’d love him to get announced. Just way, way better than I expected him to be

  4. Sziget italia last night “you can join all these shows and the ones that we’ll add during the following days with the 7day pass…” so new names next week I suppose. Maybe the 2-3 internationals that will complete the main

  5. In my opinion Beck will be added, don’t know which position he can have at sziget 🙂 head or 2nd

  6. beck would be amazing and i think a great headliner.

    Other great additions would be muse, Blur, strokes, bjork. all possible headliners.

  7. Beck, never thought of him but for sure a good choice and it follows the “””idea””” of sziget they are supporting this year (indie and electronica are the only genre, more or less).

    I still hope for Chemical Bros, TV on the Radio and Caribou, but well, Beck would not disappoint me…

  8. Beck would be great. But when? He will play in Scandinavia aug 13-16.
    There is no chance, i think.

  9. just an opinion. But I really don’t know when he could play. Only option seems after Scripts, don’t know. sure won’t happen

  10. the 12th would be perfect but I think Budapest is too far from Scandinavia to play 2 days in a row 🙁

  11. WTF is this contest? All totally unknown bands. In my opinion the festival still has work to do for a descent line-up. Please skip this nonsens.

  12. I’d have anyone headlining over The Script. Apparently Beck’s recent album is excellent, though I’ve not heard it.

  13. Is the Art Zone considered a musical stage?
    He is a bomb, I assure you, but still they are focusing on the minor sides while out there there’s a shitload of problems to fullfil in the line up…

    Maybe it would be a sign of life even to confirm those minor bands like the Hungarian’s and the ones who’s gonna perform in the Irish stage. Just to show they are doing something… it’s 15 days that we don’t know a thing and the hype is disappeared leaving place to delusion, it seems to me.

  14. answering some questions in a post on sziget event Sziget italy said that they tried with Muse but they are not touring in august and practically they said no to sziget, not available.

    Anyway, Beck could be even on day 0 or -1. just saying.

  15. On Day 0, assuming Asaf Avidan won’t perform in Main Stage, there’s still a slot.

  16. I faked my location and went to On The Sziget island there is a mission pole but its only the music video of the song reapers.

  17. @why: yes i’m italian. On sziget 2015, the event. Just no muse, the drone thing on obuda island was not related to sziget festival

  18. The fact that sziget has not yet bumped Alt-j/The Script and Ellie Goulding to headliner font gives me hope. Website + facebook is still Robbie/Avicii/KOL/Florence/Garrix.

  19. A lot of times, specially in the past, in sziget posters they have choosen just 2-3 artists to put in bigger font. Not each night’s headliner. So, they can be headliners without being as big as the first ones in the poster.

  20. In Flames at Pukkelpop!!! We don’t have this kind of music this year and they shouldn’t be that expensive! It would be a great addition so let’s hope…

    John any news???????????????????????????????????????????? 🙂

  21. It’s frustrating how predictable it is…if John does make an appearance it will be on Wednesday, then an announcement on Thursday. It’s created no hype.

  22. I’ve looked for both In Flames and Faith No More.

    In Flames totally could be, they are in Germany and don’t have any gig programmed between 8th and 15th, even if they totally don’t meet the standards that sziget use this year.

    Faith No More, no way, they end they’re Europe tour in June/July. What a pity

  23. Sorry for double post.

    @Mike, tha hell the hype?! I just want to know the bands right now. There’s no more place for hyp when it’s coming July, for god’s sake

  24. Well your not just going to get the names given on here…the forum is all about hype

  25. Yes for sure it is, I must have explained myself in a bad way.
    Right now more than hype, at least to me, there is some kind of anger for the way they are managing stuff.

  26. I’m usually optimistic, but at this point i think the line-up is closed , no more announcements , it’s too late..

  27. No they confirmed in an email there were more international acta tba…hoping this week

  28. I emailed them and they got back to me, they also said t h e daily schedule was coming.

  29. If I was guessing I’d say Beck for Ellie Goulding and Offspring (or someone else) below Garrix.

  30. It’s not news unless it happens. Sziget Italia liked Beck’s page the other day and he’s touring Europe and the Offspring are in Europe too (and free on the Sunday, though if they played Sziget they wouldn’t have a day off in a week so less likely). There’s still someone TBA on the Sunday and I struggle with the idea that Limp Bizkit will be playing as the headliner before Garrix.

  31. @eddie too optimistic 🙂 first of all because beck is not available on ellie’s night. And I don’t think we’ll have 2 more headliners at this point, too hard, too much, too late, ahaha

  32. That rock werchter article is fantastic.

    The same at sziget would be like:
    1. Sadly, Dave Grohl broke his leg, FF cancelled the tour.
    2. we added a foo fighters an Nirvana tribute bands to the tribute stage (2 bands instead of 1)
    3. Also buliding an Igloo in the island where you can have a cool place to stay and share sziget feeling with other szitizens while eating ice-cream.
    4. Ticket pricers remain the same, and be thankful that we made the situation so much better than before.

  33. I’d love Beck at Sziget but the only available day is Wednesday (he has gigs on 13th 14th and 16th) and it would be in the middle of his Scandinavian tour, so i wouldn’t bet on him.

    I must say I’m pretty much happy not having a proper headliner on Ellie’s day on main stage, i want to see Interpol 😀

  34. yeah, ellie is perfect for interpol ahah! Only option for beck is to strengthen Robbie/Florence/AltJ’s day. 13-16 he’s busy.

  35. Budapest essentials festival is this weekend.Might get some names of that lineup next week.
    Sziget would fit perfectly in the schedule of The Wombats.

  36. That Budapest essentials fest could explain why Punnany Massif aren’t announced yet. I’d take Solomun off there, and Gold Panda.

  37. haha Punnany is not that of attraction in budapest to put the announcement on hold.

  38. Not reliable. There’s no way Goran Bregovic is playing first at 5:00 – 6:15. Few years ago he was at the same time with The Killers (played last on main stage), and the World stage was FULL!

  39. That clashfinder is now private, what was different on that from what we already know?

  40. @LangousteAuPistou Funny that you found that as I didn’t think I had made it public, but I can hereby confirm that this is nothing official. It’s my draft/guesswork based on last years slot times and stage setup, meaning that i.e Telekom Arena won’t be correct either (at least not the number of acts). Only thing certain is that we’ll be missing quite a few acts if we’re to have the same number as last year. I know Irish/Tribute have been announced another place, just not really official.

  41. Duke Dumont, The Wombats, and Sub Focus would be epic from Budapest Essentials. Wishful thinking but hey.

  42. As long sziget booked Kees van Hondt, the line up will be great for me anyway. One big crazy party. Best act to start the night at sziget xD

  43. sub focus live would be cool, but i’m afraid there’s no room in a38 schedule. Anyway, this summer he does almost only dj sets 🙂 so maybe arena.

  44. I hope they’ll book Fatboy Slim, Flume or The Chemical Bros… And Radiohead just a few weeks before the beginning of the festival 😛

  45. @bobo: Beatles and Nivana are not touring this year. I heard there are health problems with three lead singers. But Queen would be great!! :p

  46. maybe we just have to wait after glasto. Or just volt. Or nothing. Ahahah. Anyway I saw some Volt photos in which people drink beer from interesting reusable cans, is there any possibility we can have something like this too this year? it’s something a lot of festivals are doing nowadays.

  47. Sziget have figured out who’s leaking the line up and put a stop to it? Or maybe John Doe doesn’t want the hate on here if he hints to a rubbish band?

  48. JD does it every year. I think they don’t have a problem to share a few names of the line up. Matter of fact they don’t give us the names. They just drop the hints and we guess the names… JD will be here soon 😀

  49. @Eddie – considering the way some people reacted to previous announcements, I would understand if John Doe doesn’t show up.

    Anyway, at this point if Sziget could book two acts out of
    Hot Chip/Caribou/Everything Everything/Beck/Chemical Bros
    I’d be happy with the lineup as it stands.
    Also I have been checking out Future Islands and their live performance looks like one not to miss.

  50. Hot Chip/Caribou/Everything Everything/Beck/Chemical Bros
    5 shit acts, mate. We already have similar acts, but hipsters can’t get enough and want more indie-rock. And djs, omg, we already have thousands.
    Get some hardcore, metal or pop-punk.

  51. Hahahaha. @Captain_Chunk, no respect for your taste in music if you think Caribou, Beck, Hot Chip and The Chems are “all shit acts”. I was once an elitist hardcore moron too, though. Like wow I’ve never seen a more ignorant comment on this website and I’ve been reading Art’s blabbering nonsense for 4 months. Absolutely imbecilic

  52. Madness. I am also an ex-punk/hardcore fan, and I love Caribou, Hot Chip and Chemical Brothers. None of those three are indie rock or DJs, and anyone know knew anything about music would know this. All three are incredible live too.

  53. Also, I don’t think anyone of sound mind could actually write off any of the above bands as “just an indie-rock band” or “just another dj”. The fact that you just did shows everyone reading that you’re probably 15-17, and have little to no knowledge of the musical world. Don’t worry though, you can go watch Captain Chunk and they’re homoerotic lead vocalist be super cool together (terrible band, terrible image, I know I said earlier I wouldn’t mind for them to get announced but seriously, if you want an example of group of shitty musicians who have come together to wreck havoc on the musical world, it’s them).

    So next time you want to call four of possibly the most renowned acts on the festival circuit this summer, use your tiny little undeveloped pea brain to think. There are ways to say “I would prefer more rock/metal” without insulting an entire demographic of listeners, and without making yourself look like an elitist.
    Anyway, you’re a moron who is absolutely undeserving of having their opinion listened to, and you just proved that plainly to all of us.

  54. thetrootroo
    Oh my god, you really look bad. I should call the ambulance, tell me your adress.

  55. So, to get All Time Low, or to have again Blink 182 would be better than to have Beck or Chems?

    Do you know that most of the pop punk band live sucks? They actually do, think of Blink 182 last year, never listened to something worse compared to the LP.

    But nooo Chemical Brothers? Nooo they won’t sell, they won’t be liked.

    Please, find yourself a thinking head.

  56. Yelo
    All Time Low it’s a shit band, like a Beck. IMO. I only say from my point of view, but you all try to make your music taste better then my. Dickheads. Peace.

  57. Wow, another week without any announcements? Sziget really outdone theirselves this year.

  58. where is the guy who said (weeks/months ago) that one between kanye and drake (or a big mainstream rapper) will play for sure? are you out there? were you just a fake or do you know something about glasto-kanye-sziget?

  59. Just from looking at other festivals around the same time as Sziget. I would like to see some of the following acts;

    libertines or any Libertines related band
    Lenny Kravitz
    Circa waves
    The Prodigy
    New found glory
    Chemical brothers

    I think at least 2 of these are a real possibility and have a feeling they will announce some acts by this weekend.

    Like I’ve said before I’m fairly happy with the line up already and anything else is a bonus.

  60. Here’s some tips from the Hungarian Fesztivalok Varosa team:

    Against Me! – Rocco del Schlacko Festival (D), 08.08-08.09.
    Alpha Blondy – No Logo Festival (F), 08.13-08.15.
    Andhim – SonneMondSterne (D), 08.07-08.09.
    Andy C – SonneMondSterne (D), 08.07-08.09.
    Anna Calvi – Sonorama Ribera (E), 08.12-08.15.
    Ásgeir – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Bear’s Den – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Beck – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Belle and Sebastian – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Ben Howard – Lowlands Festival (NL), 08.21-08.23.
    Benjamin Clementine – Wilderness Festival (UK), 08.06-08.09.
    Benny Page – Boomtown Fair (UK), 08.13-08.16.
    Björk – La Route du Rock (F), 08.13-08.16.u
    Blood Red Shoes – Vodafone Paredes de Coura (P), 08.19-08.22.
    Bunny Wailer – No Logo Festival (F), 08.13-08.15.
    Buraka Som Sistema – MEO Sudoeste (P), 08.05-08.09.
    Caravan Palace – Boomtown Fair (UK), 08.13-08.16.
    Caribou – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Carl Cox – Loveland Festival (NL), 08.08.
    Catfish and the Bottlemen – Boardmasters Festival (UK), 08.07-08.09.
    Channel One Sound System – Soundwave Croatia (HR), 08.06-08.10.
    Chic feat. Nile Rodgers – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    CHVRCHES – V Festival (UK), 08.22-08.23.
    Crookers – Chiemsee Summer (D), 08.19-08.23.
    Deichkind – Chiemsee Summer (D), 08.19-08.23.
    De La Soul – Boardmasters Festival (UK), 08.07-08.09.
    dEUS – Haldern Pop Festival (D), 08.13-08.15.
    Diplo – Flow Festival (FIN), 08.14-08.16.
    Django Django – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Donots – Highfield Festival (D), 08.14-08.16.
    Dubvision – Lake Festival (AT), 08.19-08.22.
    Emmure – Brutal Assault (CZ), 08.05-08.08.
    Everlast – Open Flair Festival (D), 08.05-08.09.
    Example – Weekend Festival (FIN), 08.07-08.08.
    Father John Misty – Haldern Pop Festival (D), 08.13-08.15.
    FFS (Franz Ferdinand & Sparks) – Lowlands Festival (NL), 08.21-08.23.
    First Aid Kit – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Four Tet – Lowlands Festival (NL), 08.21-08.23.
    Foxygen – Øyafestivalen (N), 08.12-08.15.
    Frittenbude – Chiemsee Summer (D), 08.19-08.23.
    Funeral For a Friend – Taubertal Festival (D), 08.07-08.09.
    Goat – Green Man Festival (UK), 08.20-08.23.
    Gorgon City – Chiemsee Summer (D), 08.19-08.23.
    Guano Apes – Open Flair Festival (D), 08.05-08.09.
    Honeyblood – Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival (UK), 08.06-08.08.
    Hozier – V Festival (UK), 08.22-08.23.
    Hudson Mohawke – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    HVOB – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Ibeyi – Øyafestivalen (N), 08.12-08.15.
    Iggy Pop – Foire aux Vins d’Alsace (F), 08.07 – 08.16.
    Ill Niño – Brutal Assault (CZ), 08.05-08.08.
    In Flames – Elb-Riot Festival (D), 08.15.
    Intergalactic Lovers – Grape Festival (SK), 08.14-08.15.
    Irie Révoltés – Highfield Festival (D), 08.14-08.16.
    Jamie T – Reading & Leeds Festival (UK), 08.28-08.30.
    Jurassic 5 – Festival Cabaret Vert (F), 08.20-08.23.
    Kaiser Chiefs – Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival (UK), 08.06-08.08.
    Katzenjammer – Open Flair Festival (D), 08.05-08.09.
    Kele – Utopia Island (D), 08.13-08.15.
    Kendrick Lamar – Kraków Live Festival (PL), 08.20-08.22.
    Kiasmos – La Route du Rock (F), 08.13-08.16.
    Kill The Noise – FM4 Frequency Festival (AT), 08.20-08.22.
    Koan Sound – FM4 Frequency Festival (AT), 08.20-08.22.
    Kwabs – Afrika-Karibik Festival (D), 08.13-08.16.
    Kygo – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Laura Marling – Haldern Pop Festival (D), 08.13-08.15.
    Lenny Kravitz – Smukfest (DK), 08.05-08.09.
    Lexy & K-Paul – SonneMondSterne (D), 08.07-08.09.
    Little Dragon – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Low Roar – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    LTJ Bukem – Soundwave Croatia (HR), 08.06-08.10.
    Luciano – Sonus Festival (HR), 08.16-08.20.
    Lykke Li – Vodafone Paredes de Coura (P), 08.19-08.22.
    Marek Hemmann – SonneMondSterne (D), 08.07-08.09.
    Mauro Picotto – Lake Festival (AT), 08.19-08.22.
    Max Romeo – Chiemsee Summer (D), 08.19-08.23.
    Metronomy – Ypsigrock Festival (IT), 08.06-08.09.
    Millencolin – Highfield Festival (D), 08.14-08.16.
    Moonbootica – Lake Festival (AT), 08.19-08.22.
    Nick Mulvey – Wilderness Festival (UK), 08.06-08.09.
    Nils Frahm – Wilderness Festival (UK), 08.06-08.09.
    Nneka – A Summer’s Tale (D), 08.05-08.08.
    Of Montreal – SuperUho Festival (HR), 08.04-08.06.
    Paolo Nutini – Lowlands Festival (NL), 08.21-08.23.
    Paul Kalkbrenner – Festival Cabaret Vert (F), 08.20-08.23.
    Pond – Vodafone Paredes de Coura (P), 08.19-08.22.
    Ratatat – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Ricardo Villalobos – Sonus Festival (HR), 08.16-08.20.
    Ride – OFF Festival (PL), 08.07-08.09.
    Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters – Foire aux Vins d’Alsace (F), 08.07 – 08.16.
    Rob Zombie – M’era Luna Festival (D), 08.08-08.09.
    Robin Schulz – Lake Festival (AT), 08.19-08.22.
    Róisín Murphy – Flow Festival (FIN), 08.14-08.16.
    Run the Jewels – Øyafestivalen (N), 08.12-08.15.
    Savages – Haldern Pop Festival (D), 08.13-08.15.
    Say Lou Lou – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Seinabo Sey – Flow Festival (FIN), 08.14-08.16.
    Seether – Open Flair Festival (D), 08.05-08.09.
    Shy FX – Boomtown Fair (UK), 08.13-08.16.
    Skepta – Flow Festival (FIN), 08.14-08.16.
    St. Vincent – Green Man Festival (UK), 08.20-08.23.
    Sun Kil Moon – OFF Festival (PL), 08.07-08.09.
    Sylvan Esso – Vodafone Paredes de Coura (P), 08.19-08.22.
    Tame Impala – Vodafone Paredes de Coura (P), 08.19-08.22.
    Temples – Ypsigrock Festival (IT), 08.06-08.09.
    The Chemical Brothers – SonneMondSterne (D), 08.07-08.09.
    The Kooks – Highfield Festival (D), 08.14-08.16.
    The Libertines – Reading & Leeds Festival (UK), 08.28-08.30.
    The Menzingers – Open Air Gampel (CH), 08.20-08.23.
    The Misfits – Rebellion Festival (UK), 08.06-08.09.
    The Offspring – Highfield Festival (D), 08.14-08.16.
    The Royal Concept – Sonorama Ribera (E), 08.12-08.15.
    The Rumjacks – Boomtown Fair (UK), 08.13-08.16.
    The War On Drugs – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    Todd Terje – Flow Festival (FIN), 08.14-08.16.
    Tori Amos – A Summer’s Tale (D), 08.05-08.08.
    Tove Lo – Way Out West (S), 08.13-08.15.
    TV On The Radio – Vodafone Paredes de Coura (P), 08.19-08.22.
    Underworld – Camp Bestival (UK), 07.30-08.02.
    Umek – Lake Festival (AT), 08.19-08.22.
    We Are The Ocean – Open Flair Festival (D), 08.05-08.09.
    Will and the People – Wilderness Festival (UK), 08.06-08.09.
    Xiu Xiu – OFF Festival (PL), 08.07-08.09.
    Yann Tiersen – A Summer’s Tale (D), 08.05-08.08.
    Years & Years – Øyafestivalen (N), 08.12-08.15.
    Young Fathers – MS Dockville (D), 08.21-08.23.
    Zaz – A Summer’s Tale (D), 08.05-08.08.
    Zeds Dead – Chiemsee Summer (D), 08.19-08.23.
    Zoot Woman – Utopia Island (D), 08.13-08.15.


  61. Ok, I dunno what that should mean, but the names that strike me the most are: Against Me!, Beck, Caribou, Carl Cox, Example, FFS, Funeral for a Friend, Iggy Pop, In Flames, Kendrick Lamar, Millencolin, Paolo Nutini, Paul Kalkebrenner, Villalobos, Rob Zombie, The Chemical Brothers, TV on the Radio and Zeds Dead

    Who’s with me? lol

  62. I’d really love Catfish & the bottlemen / Ben Howard / Blood red Shoes / hozier / paolo nutini / run the jewels

  63. @skapanda – That’s a pretty long list. I am sure even Captain_Chunk would find something he likes.

    To me Underworld/St Vincent/Laura Marling would all be welcome additions.

  64. @ Reeno. I won’t bet on Captain Chunk find something of his taste lol

    NO BRING ME THE HORIZON BACK IN LATE ‘OO?! TOO SOFT, TOO FAIRY, Y’ALL HIPSTERS, BURN!!!1 *go back in the room listening to Dance Gavin Dance*


    *Don’t feed the troll*

  65. @skapanda Nice list. Let’s just get on with it and book Belle & Sebastian, Buraka Som Sistema, Ben Howard, Diplo (already have him here with Major Lazer anyway), Guano Apes, Katzenjammer, Kendrick Lamar, Kaizer Chiefs, Mario Picotto, Millencolin, The Offspring (although doubtful) and line-up is done 🙂

  66. I would be happy with any of these names

    Carl Cox
    Iggy Pop
    Kendrick Lamar
    Robin Schulz
    The Libertines
    Tove Lo
    Years & Years

  67. Hozier
    Jamie T
    Inflames please

    Seen hozier a couple months ago and he sounded really good live.

  68. In Flames would be cool!
    Pls add Truckfighters, Marmozets, BARONESS(!!!) and Moonspell to that.

  69. @Captain Chunk: Hipsters with closed mind don’t like In Flames or Rob Zombie.
    Nice shot anyway 🙂

  70. Weird announcement. Happy enough as I’ve never seen The Horrors and I really like the Sasha remix of Walk by Kwabs

  71. Saw The Horrors at Sziget in 2011 or 2012, I don’t remember. They were shit anyway

  72. kwabs and oliver heldens?
    what is this?
    I’ve never heard these names…

  73. These are day time names for the tents which is why I’m not complaining (I hope!)

  74. Ok, Heldens for sure will be Telekom Arena

    Kwabs & The Horrors? I’ll see them good playing in A38, but I also would see good to play anyone who’s not that famous to play in Main Stage, to play in A38…

  75. Completely dissapointing… I’m an optimistic person but I must confess that I’m losing my faith

  76. C’mon, it’s the end of June and names like Horrors and Heldens are very good at this point. Lineup is done. The only big name they added in July was Prince and that choice was a financial disaster. This is the lineup, dead with it 🙂

  77. The Punnany Massif thing is very funny. Second year in a row that they play at Balaton Sound’s third stage and and Sziget’s main stage. Confusing…

  78. According to the official Schedule in the app Alt-J are headlining, not The Script.

  79. Just 2 more main stage acts TBA, both on 2nd slot (5.45-7 pm) so i think that’s it, no more big names.

    And A38 was not 99% complete one month ago, apparently

  80. After all that wanting Alt-J to headline so they wouldn’t clash with Boban i Marko, Boban then get turned in to headliners as well as Alt-J pfffft

    That said, the schedule is generally great for me. Dixon four hour set!!!!!

  81. That said, the line up is pretty terrible hahaha. It’s lucky I’ve already been to a festival with a line up I loved this year

  82. I was happy having Ellie headlining so i could go to see Interpol without miss anything, and i just saw they will play at 11.45 pm…

  83. I don’t understand how the Horrors can play after Gogol Bordello, the crowd will just fall asleep!

  84. /goddog watch it!/

    I have some suggestions for a part of the population of this forum. Guys, if you (like me) know what Sziget really is, and just don’t give a f*** about the lineup (or you know that you enjoy a lot of different genres of live performances) then BUY your early bird ticket. But if you know you definitely have to get a lineup that includes your favorite artists and genres, and you know that the lineup is Such a problem for you… just DON’T BUY the ticket until you don’t have enough artist that you like 🙂

    otherwise you will spend a lot of time complaining, and it’s not good for anybody. I’m a doctor. I’m saying this for your benefit and health.
    Yeah I heard a lot of stories about stingy people, but 30euros won’t change your life for sure. Remember this for the future 🙂

  85. @Ricciardo it’s to much to write, I’ll copy you only Main and A38


    Main Stage:
    16:00 The Biebers
    17:45 Ocho Macho
    19:30 Irie Maffia
    21.30 Robbie Williams


    Main Stage:
    16:00 Gentleman & The Evolution
    17:45 Asaf Avidan
    19:30 Quimby
    21.30 Florence + The Machine

    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Babylon Circus
    18:30 Kensington
    20:15 Selah Sue
    22:00 Future Islands
    23:45 Jungle
    01:30 Infected Mushroom
    03:00 Yellow Claw -> Dublic -> B’Andre


    Main Stage:
    16:00 Gogol Bordello
    17:45 The Horrors
    19:30 The Script
    21.30 Alt-J

    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Typhoon
    18:30 Halestorm
    20:15 Soja
    22:00 Enter Shikari
    23:45 Cro
    01:30 Tyler The Creator
    03:00 SBTRKT -> Ludmilla


    Main Stage:
    16:00 The Maccabees
    17:45 TBA
    19:30 Foals
    21.30 Ellie Goulding

    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Kadebostany
    18:30 Mø
    20:15 Ella Eyre
    22:00 The Ting Tings
    23:45 Interpol
    01:30 Hospitality Presents: Camo & Krooked -> High Contrast -> Fred V & Grafix -> Danny Byrd -> MC Dynamite


    Main Stage:
    16:00 Awolnation
    17:45 Marina & The Diamonds
    19:30 Kasabian
    21.30 Avicii

    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Dotan
    18:30 Jamie Woon
    20:15 The Subways
    22:00 The Gaslight Anthem
    23:45 Dropkick Murphys
    01:30 Gramatik
    03:00 Knife Party -> Chris. Su


    Main Stage:
    16:00 Punnany Massif
    17:45 Hollywood Undead
    19:30 Major Lazer
    21.30 Kings Of Leon

    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Jett Rebel
    18:30 William Fitzsimmons
    20:15 Beatsteaks
    22:00 Foxes
    23:45 Paloma Faith
    01:30 Nero
    03:00 TBA


    Main Stage:
    16:00 Kraftklub
    17:45 TBA
    19:30 Limp Bizkit
    21.30 Martin Garrix

    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Jose Gonzalez
    18:30 Kwabs
    20:15 Fauve
    22:00 Passenger
    23:45 Milky Chance
    01:30 C2C
    03:00 Sigma -> DJ Mark & Stamina MC

  86. alt-J and enter shikari are gonna play at the same time, as well as Kasabian and the Subways 🙁

  87. so two TBA on main stage, both 2nd slot, so potential for at least mid-sized international acts. and one TBA in A38, closing slot at 3:00. I think we could get something decent here, don’t know why they’d hold back a Hungarian name

  88. gogol before horrors I think it’s a way to fill the main, not a bad choice for me. anyway good to see the script were they have to be, not headlining 🙂

  89. Ok. so my schedule looks like this. The “?” stands for “should i even bother?”. haha
    (Any hints for other bands in the remaining time are welcomed)

    12: Gogol Bordello
    The Horrors
    The Script
    Alt-J / Enter Shikari
    … SBTRKT

    13: Maccabees
    ? TBA
    ? Ellie / Ting Tings
    … Dixon

    14: Awolnation

    Kasabian / Subways
    Gaslight Anthem
    Dropkick Murphys
    Knife Party

    15: ? Jett Rebel
    ? Hollywood undead
    Major Lazer
    Kings Of leon
    Ivan & the parazol

    16: ? TBA
    Limp Bizkit
    Milky Chance

  90. I continue to be pissed off with the line up and now alt-j are on at the same time as enter shikari!
    So not out of the 5 people I want to see I am down to 4!
    Only Jamie T being announced could make up for this!

  91. This line up is an Horror… i hopr next year they change the line up management… worst line up in the last 10 years

  92. Horrors is a great shout, I think they haven’t done a bad job it’s just not to everyones taste and all the headliners are mainstream pop acts so I can see some people’s disappointment.Unless your a metal head then there must be a fair amount for everyone. If your a metal head why did you book. Time for positivity only! And can we not try and guess the few bands that are left, needle in a haystack!

  93. I totally agee Yelo. This must be the worst line-up for a Mayor Festival as up till this day. Tickets get more expensive and the programme worse and worse… the only “real” headliner (if you like him or not) is Robbie Williams. Nothing else in this catagory (like f.e. Muse, Foo Fighters, Metallica, ACDC, Prince, Blur, The Prodigy, The Who, Chemical Brothers, Linkin Park, Green Day, Eminem). Crap!

  94. I personally like this year too. There’s something for everyone, except for metal ok, but this is not only a problem of Sziget 🙂 . Kasabian, Kings of leon, Florence + the machine could easily be the three headliners of a festival like Reading in uk for example. With subs like alt j, foals, limp bizkit, interpol, enter shikari. And some entertaining undercard like gogol bordello, dropkick murphys, hollywood undead, tyler the creator, passenger, jesè gonzales, subways, maccabees, gaslight anthem, beatsteaks, awolnation. And also a good alternative/electronic panorama with horrors, jungle, future island (etc), knife party, sigma, nero, major lazer, sbtrkt, etc.. plus the colosseum (huge) and the world stage I think it’s very good. Add to this robbie williams, ellie goulding, the script, avicii, paloma faith and all the smaller pop artists.. you can make a small parallel pop festival. And there’s always been pop at sziget. So I think they gave us a good festival even in 2015

  95. maybe for a 2 or 3 day smaller festival at best Bobo. Over 7 days this is really thin…

  96. ahahah man 2 days are you seryous? 3 good days in my opinion, just with the few artists I named.

    And then you have the pop scene, robbie williams obviously headliner with paloma faith and other pop undercard; the other day ellie goulding+the script+avicii is the perfect formula for a pop fest. and there’s a lot more.

    So 3 days of a rock/alternative/indie festival + 2 days of pop festival. And remember you are paying the same price of a typical 3 days festival @Agony

  97. I remember what I payed for years ago at Sziget and got a good programme with some real headliners like Prince, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Muse. This years programme is just lame and save bets. Imho the programmers did a really bad job.

  98. in my opinion Chemical brothers are in japan and nobody can replace them; Prince is not doing any tour and ther’s nobody like him (but robbie williams is one of the biggest pop headliners nowadays); Muse are not touring in august, but Kol are the same size; Prodigy are in japan too, and I think we are very lucky because they were horrible last year (like Blink182), and I’d totally prefer live performances of Kasabian, Florence (and even Limp Bizkit ahah)

  99. Bobo please shut up.. are you from the staff? i’ll try to obtain a refund… it’s the first time Sziget disappoints me…

  100. Things are wrong in so many ways that I can’t succeed in hiding my disappointment.

    The announcement they did today is a joke. Not because I don’t like The Horrors (even if I actually don’t like ’em) but because we all was waiting for at least one true headliner and then they
    _Call the last names anyone was expecting for
    _Move the Kraftklub (who the hack?!) from the A38 to the Main Stage
    _Put Goulding as Headliner
    _Call 3 out of 4 names in the Day -1 on Main Stage from Hungary (last year we had Leningrad, never forget).

    John Doe didn’t appear today cause he was ashamed by the mess the whole organization did, IMO.

    About the hours people play. That’s what piss me off the most.
    SOJA and The Script
    Enter Shikari and Alt-J
    the Hospital Party and Dixon
    Paloma Faith and Vitalic and Ivan & The Parazol
    Nero and Ellen Alien
    Beatsteaks and Major Lazer
    Kings of Leon and Goran Bregovic
    Nervo and C2C
    Sandern Van Doorn and Sigma / DJ Marky.

    Last year there was more artist I (but not only I, I suppose) preferred to this year and there was not so many crash.

    It is all a shame.
    I passed two months of my life waiting for them to change stuff, but I was only wrong.

    P.S. To the ones who might think I’m taking this stuff too serious, just wanted to tell ’em that this one will be my last sziget for a long while ‘cuz of studies and work and stuff. If I’ll ever be able to comeback to the island it will be when I’ll be a true adult, and I expected so much from this last festival.
    Also I went through a lot of pain in the ass to get the money, so

  101. I’m with goddog.

    Surely if people are so worried about line ups why don’t you go to a festival that always guarantees the music you like? No one forces you to go to Sziget.

    I’ve said before that I chose Sziget because I want to experience a festival that isn’t all about the music but a week before I’m going to a festival called Y Not where its pretty much all the line up and therefore the line up is good for the price.

    Metalheads there’s plenty of metal festivals, indie kids there’s loads of indie heavy festivals, rockers there’s loads of rock festivals and guess what ravers there’s plenty for you as well.

    I just hope that all the people who hate the line up don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  102. I’m a ‘raver’ and the ‘rave’ line up is class btw, just to make that clear. FOUR hour Dixon set, three hour Mayer set, 3 hour Ellen Allien set, 2.5 hour Damian Lazarus set, 3.5 hour Marcel Dettmann set, Gui Boratto, Vitalic, Nero etc etc. The timetable has actually made me WAY more excited for the festival, and they’ve not even announced anyone I particularly like today (will watch The Horrors, never seen them and they’re alright). I’ve never seen a festival, even a specific dance festival, give acts this huge set times before. It’s amazing, frankly. I saw Dixon play for three hours New Years and he was incredible. It was easily the best DJ set I’ve ever seen and far better than when I’ve seen him play 2 hour sets. A four hour one is just mental!

  103. Here is what I’ll watch

    10 august: Irie Maffia (not sure), Robbie Williams – Mainstage, The Blackbirds (The Beatles tribute band), Confuse a Koala (Arctic Monkeys tribute band) – Budapest Park stage; I’m also thinking about the Robbie Williams afterparty at Telekom VOLT Stage

    11 august: Florence + the Machine – Mainstage, Selah Sue, Jungle, Infected Mushroom – A38

    12 august: The Script, alt-J – Mainstage, Enter Shikari (bloody hell, hopefully they’ll sing their best songs at the end at least) – A38, Good Time Boys (RHCP tribute band) – Telekom VOLT Stage

    13 august: The Maccabees, Foals, Ellie Goulding – Mainstage (pretty cool day, it’s a pity Ellie’s headling it; I also expect to be added a crappy band between Maccabees and Foals), MØ (depends on who will be added on the Mainstage), Interpol – A38, maybe I’ll also be present at Celebration Days (Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin tribute band) – Telekom VOLT Stage

    14 august: AWOLNATION, Marina & the Diamonds, Kasabian, Avicii – all the Mainstage, Dropkick Murphys – A38, The Jelly Beans – campfire

    15 august: Hollywood Undead (maybe), Major Lazer, Kings of Leon – Mainstage (I would have liked to see Foxes as well at A38, but she’s at 22:00), Hollywood Rose (Guns ‘n’ Roses tribute band) – Telekom VOLT Stage

    16 august: Limp Bizkit, Martin Garrix (awful way to end a festival, Limp Bizkit aren’t a big band anymore; I’m curious who will be before Limp Bizkit) – Mainstage, C2C – A38

    Overall, the line-up is not that band, but I would have expected a better end of it. 15 and 16 august are the only days that do not look so good to me. Hopefully there will be some changes. Enter Shikari should start at 11:45 PM. Maybe a switch with CRO? I think we can put some pressure on them on social media.

    I’m also thinking about Sziget Beach and watch the giant street theatre or circus, depending on my mood.

  104. My choice for this Sziget, btw:

    Main Stage: Irie Maffia, Robbie Williams
    Colosseum: Apollonia

    Main Stage: Gentleman & The Evolution, Asaf Avidan, Florence & The Machine
    A38: Selah Sue, Infected Mushroom

    Main Stage: Gogol Bordello, The Script, alt-J
    Telekom: Oliver Heldens, Jaguar Skills
    A38: SBTRKT

    Europe: The Dumplings, TheAngelcy, Wailing Trees, Mydy Rabycad
    A38: Ella Eyre, Interpol, Hospital Party
    Colosseum: Dixon

    Main Stage: Awolnation, Kasabian, Avicii
    Europe: Wattican Punk Ballet
    A38: Dropkick Murphys, Gramatik, Knife Party

    Europe: Fast Animals & Slow Kids, Splendid
    Main Stage: Hollywood Undead, Major Lazer, Kings of Leon
    A38: Paloma Faith, Nero
    Colosseum: Ellen Alien

    Europe: Eyesburn
    Main Stage: Limp Bizkit
    A38: Passenger, Milky Chance, C2C, Sigma + DJ Marky & Stamina MC

  105. Sziget italia in a comment just says: 2 o 3 nomi undercards ma niente di più su i palchi principali. Translated 2-3 undercards names but nothing more on main stages.

  106. 2 main stage slots TBA, day 2 and 5 but after this I don’t expect it to be international names.

  107. I hope the A38 3am slot will be filled by FLUME!
    My week:

    Monday: Robbie Williams, Appolonia.
    Tuesday: Gentleman, Asaf Avidan, Florence, Jungle, Infected Mushroom.
    Wednesday: Gogol Bordello, SOJA, Alt-J, SBTRKT/Arty.
    Thursday: The Maccabees, TBA (maybe), Foals, Interpol, Dixon.
    Friday: Awolnation, Kasabian, Avicii, Dropkick Murphys, Gramatik, Knife Party.
    Saturday: MOWE, Major Lazer, Kings of Leon, Nero, TBA (maybe) or Thy Veils in the Chill Garden.
    Sunday: TBA (maybe), Limp Bizkit, Martin Garrix, C2C, Sigma.

    Lot of different genres, lot of bands I like, and lot of time to wander 🙂

  108. I dont’t expect anything after this scheduling. We were waiting for nothing for months. But i am looking forward to see kasabian, kol, florence, hollywood undead, awolnation, maccabees, limp bizkit, foals, alt-j…

  109. Wednesday-
    16.00- Gogol Bordello
    17.45- The Horrors
    19.30- The bar at the back of the main stage I imagine
    21.30- Alt-J
    23.00- Gui Boratto
    00.00- Michael Mayer

    A strong day, and even a couple of decent bands early on. I didn’t really need a lot added to this day, but The Horrors will do.

    16.00- The Maccabees
    17.45- TBA, hopefully it’s someone good
    19.30- Foals
    21.30- The bar at the back of the Main Stage
    23.45- Interpol
    01.30- A bit of Hospitality as it’s right next to the Colosseum
    02.00- Dixon

    Excellent day apart from no 21.30 headliner, but I can’t complain because I have two headliners later on.

    19.30- Kasabian
    21.00- End of Subways
    22.00- Gaslight Anthem
    23.45- Dropkick Murphys
    01.00- Marcel Dettmann (this may well just be a b2b with Function)

    Seriously, no one before 19.30. It’s lucky I’m staying in the city. This is a fairly poor day for me but the best for people I’m going with so I don’t really mind.

    19.30- Major Lazer
    21.30- Kings of Leon
    00.00- Vitalic
    01.00- Ellen Allien/Nero might watch both, which I can due to long Allien set

    Again, nothing ’til 19.30, and I’m really not bothered about Major Lazer at all. Saturday is when the line up really starts to fall flat. Kings of Leon should be good but to only have them I want to see before midnight is more than a disappointment really.

    16.45- Jose Gonzalez
    17.45- maybe TBA, maybe a bit of Kwabs. Not hopeful
    19.30- Limp Bizkit
    21.30-??? I guess I might watch Passenger or PASO if I don’t just fancy an early night
    23.45- Milky Chance
    01.00- Damian Lazarus

    I’ve typed names in but this day is terrible for me. I’d quite like to see Jose Gonzalez and Damian Lazarus. But I’d be waiting 7 hours between them. 7 hours on the last day of a major festival with nothing I want to watch. I might just head back to our apartment after Limp Bizkit, who I’ll watch for the hell of it.

    It’s lucky there’s plenty to do at Sziget and it’s in a city. I really don’t mind having an hour or two a day where there’s no one I want to see on so I can go around and explore, that’s part of the ‘Sziget experience’ which I totally buy in to and is the reason I decided to come again. But to have SEVEN hours on the last day to kill when I’ll no doubt be knackered is pushing it. Wish we’d booked our Berlin flights a day earlier!

  110. BUT yeah I understand that you came to a music (and arts) festival and 7h is a lot. I don’t mind personally.

  111. 7 hours on the Island where you’ve already spent 5 days and been exploring for a few hours each day? I don’t think so! If you’re going to have gaps, have them on the early days. My festival peaks on the Thursday!

  112. I told my friends today that it will be relaxed Sziget, but it seems to me that it’s not. Maybe you need to check new bands too, guys? something new? My list is kinda busy%) and I didnt put dj’s and Europe stage (that I won’t attend for sure)

    Main Stage:
    21.30 Robbie Williams

    Main Stage:
    16:00 Gentleman & The Evolution
    17:45 Asaf Avidan
    21.30 Florence + The Machine
    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Babylon Circus
    18:30 Kensington
    20:15 Selah Sue
    22:00 Future Islands
    23:45 Jungle
    01:30 Infected Mushroom

    Main Stage:
    16:00 Gogol Bordello
    17:45 The Horrors
    21.30 Alt-J
    A38 Stage:
    18:30 Halestorm
    20:15 Soja
    23:45 Cro
    01:30 Tyler The Creator
    03:00 SBTRKT

    Main Stage:
    16:00 The Maccabees
    17:45 TBA
    19:30 Foals
    21.30 Ellie Goulding
    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Kadebostany
    20:15 Ella Eyre
    22:00 The Ting Tings
    23:45 Interpol

    Main Stage:
    16:00 Awolnation
    17:45 Marina & The Diamonds
    19:30 Kasabian
    21.30 Avicii

    A38 Stage:
    01:30 Gramatik

    Main Stage:
    19:30 Major Lazer
    21.30 Kings Of Leon
    A38 Stage:
    18:30 William Fitzsimmons
    23:45 Paloma Faith
    01:30 Nero

    Main Stage:
    19:30 Limp Bizkit
    21.30 Martin Garrix
    A38 Stage:
    16:45 Jose Gonzalez
    22:00 Passenger
    23:45 Milky Chance
    01:30 C2C

  113. Please stop! I can understand Sziget vibe but it’s impossible feel it with elle Goulding, Alt J, The script, robbie Williams etc.
    Stop beeing like a mule; sziget’s lineup can not be comparaized with 2014 lineup;
    Deadmau5, Skrillex, Korn, prodigy, qotsa, blink, The bloody beetroots, axwel, nofx, placebo, imagine dragons etc.
    This year Sziget management has done a choose; began a pop festival: reopen dance arena (with edm you sell a lot of ticket) and put on the main stage people like alt J, The script and elle goulding meanwhile you have Interpol or dropkick in a38 is a clear sign.
    Say goodbye to headliners like Iron maiden, chems, Radiohead and prepare yourself to lady Gaga and nicky minaj.
    Buuuuuut Who really cares? The only important think is The Sziget vibe agahahaha

  114. @Ambassadeur

    I checked out most of the acts I hadn’t heard of and most were fabricated pop acts, in truth. I liked two World Stage acts, Boban i Marko, who I already knew from finding them through another festival and PASO, who I found already last time I came to Sziget but didn’t watch them then. Boban i Marko clash with Alt-J and I’ll probably watch Alt-J even though Boban i Marko are way better live (don’t ask me why) and I might watch PASO.

    I listened to SOJA when they were announced expecting them to be a really cool reggae band and all their most played songs were just soppy pop songs? The Ting Tings- I honestly would rather bash my head off a table repeatedly than see them. Same with The Script. Marina & the Diamonds are distinctly average, at best. Jamie Woon is OK when acoustic but just a really poor version of James Blake (who they should have booked) when he goes electronic. William Fitzsimmons sounds freakily like Sufjan Stevens but without any of the actual genius that Sufjan has.

    I’m fully booked at night as the line up then is great so I don’t really need to discover there.

    I don’t think there’s some undercurrent of super cool bands to find, it’s just not there.

  115. I have witnessed the horror of The Horrors three times and they are pure horror. I’ve never seen a duller band live. They don’t even express emotions. Well, plenty of time to play PS4 during the horror of Horrors LOL

  116. @Bobo that’s not what I meant. I Know those acts are not available this year. You made a comment about the price of tickets. I was just saying that I paid 5/6 years ago way less for a decent line-up.

    And everybody who’s saying; “if you don’t like it, don’t come”. Bullshit argument if you have to book airplain tickets pretty early to make your plans. Ah Well, more time to visit the beautifull Budapest with its lovely ruin pubs. But with this line-up cheat, it’ll be my last Sziget. Sad to say.

  117. Cesar.. another classical catastrophist. It’s not difficult to use your computer man: Go and see what artists are available during sziget’s week, and then tell me that sziget have properly chosen not to book someone good who was available 🙂 it’s very simple. and also, just look at the other festivals in august, and they still are in a better period than sziget this year. Sziget just booked all the rock/indie/alternative bands that were available during the week. But then they had to complete the linup. And yes, sziget is also about pop, so they completed the rest of the lineup is pop, as always. So, if there’s more pop than last year maybe it’s because there was more pop than rock available this august. Do you really think ellie goulding sells more than chemical brothers? hahahaha, no.

    And man, you complain about pop artists and you praise axwell? i respect your taste but he’s just an average dj like alesso this year. And I can’t understand why you hate AltJ. A lot of people said that objectively Prodigy and Blink were horrible live (me too), but I don’t hate those bands for this. Somebody likes them somebody not. Anyway they are all famous bands so my idea is always: just give them a try, probably will be an entertaining show

  118. if you already booked your plane maybe you should have thought about the possibility that sziget could book artists you don’t like man 🙂 Otherwise, if you plan things beforehand and buy early-bird tickets you just have to accept what they give to you man. Sziget gives everybody the opportunity to buy the ticket even in july, with the full lineup announced.


    My addition to the playlist collection:
    Max. 2 songs per artist, a mixture of genres from across the weekend, first half is basically split in to genres with Gogol to start (obviously) followed by indie, then the heavier stuff, then acoustic, then pop, then house and techno. Second half a bit more mixed up.

    I’m not at Day 0 or -1 so all those artists are binned off!

  120. Winge, winge, winge!

    I don’t know why I keep looking at this site as its full of self obsessed wingers. “I’ve paid way too much for these tickets” “There’s not enough big acts” “there’s too much pop” “there’s not enough rock” “I had to buy flights early” “I had to buy tickets early”. Etc, etc, etc. Maybe it’s for a good laugh at children.

    Don’t like the line up then sell your ticket, already booked flights etc then sell them. No point in moaning about something you can’t control. There’s so much choice for festivals that it’s not like you have to go to Sziget. The amount of choice is probably the main reason why you people moaning don’t like this line up.

    Surely it’s impossible for a 7 day festival to please everyone all of the time when in fact if it was a 3 or 4 festival with the same line up it would seem stacked so some perspective please people.

  121. Sell your flights? You serious? Our mate dropped out of a trip to Amsterdam in April and the airline wanted three times the original price of the flight just to change the name, plus an £80 fee. Who do you propose we sell the flights to at that kind of price? The people telling people to buy late or sell now are living in a dream land. If you book late you get inflated flight, accommodation and ticket prices, if you decide to sell late you sell your ticket cheap and lose your accommodation cost and flight deposit. I don’t know why that’s so hard to get in to people’s heads.

    People have paid their money and they have every right to voice their opinion about the line up. Sziget themselves have admitted they’ve failed on the headliner front, it’s not some sort of secret or a matter of opinion. It’s so blatant that they’ve even released a statement about it. You’re defending a line up that even the festival hasn’t tried to defend.

    The line up is OK for me, better than OK in places and probably better overall than last time I came in 2013. It’s pretty poor in the day though, and the headliner situation worse than poor really. I know people keeping saying it’s split over 7 days, but maybe it shouldn’t be. 5 days is enough surely, even with the extra days? This line up would look a lot better split over 4 or 5 days.

    All said, I’ll enjoy Sziget. I’ve seen pretty much everyone I’ve wanted to over the years and Sziget has booked one of my favourite bands, my favourite DJ and around 20 other acts I want to see over the week. I’ll take that, though I hoped for more, like many on here.

  122. Great lineup IMO… not as many big names as last year, but still

    Horrors are a great addition

    Kraftklub are not well known, but give them a chance – the best german band out there!

    Kasabian/Florence/Alt-J/Foals/KOL/Maccabees – better indie bands than ever

    Less DJs on the main stage

    2 pop headliners 🙁

    The “rock” bands like lip bizkit and hollywood undead are just terrible, no real rock

    I was expecting one more headliner

    Bands like the script and garrix should be bottled offstage

  123. I know it’s a 7 day festival but this would be a good three day festival in the UK better than T in the Park this year.
    Day 1
    Main Stage

    Ellie Goulding
    The Script
    Paloma Faith
    Ella Eyre

    Day Two
    Robbie Williams
    Marina and the Diamonds
    Ting Tings

    Limp Bizkit
    Enter Shikari
    Dropkick Murphys
    Gaslight Anthem
    Hollywood Undead

    Day Three
    Kings of Leon
    Alt J
    Future Islands

    Major Lazer
    Knife Party
    Martin Garrix

    Plus Jungle, Tyler the Creator and Many More

    Is this an acceptable 3 day line up?

  124. When you look at the program of the O2 Arena in Londen for the rest of the year it looks also good when you put it in a three day festival.

  125. Florence clashing with Future Islands arghhhh!!! Might have to split between the two if performance times don’t change..

    @Eddie I am going to check out your Spotify playlist. Very eager to see Dixon and Marcel Dettmann live too.

    In other news: The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury has a gap tonight before Florence takes the stage. Surprise headliner?

  126. @Reeno, I doubt about Glasto, so little time to call a “VERY” big name in time…

    Also, I fear a lot that one of the Main Stage place that has left will be taken by the band who’ll win the contest.
    It is good cause they are for the biggest part young and do deserve a chance, but what a shame for the organizers….

  127. Dimi – sure, the O2 program is great but good luck with:

    1. getting the tickets before they sell out
    2. paying less than £60 for EACH act
    3. avoiding overpriced drinks
    4. trying not to fight the wankers who elbow their way through

    Can’t compare it with the Sziget experience IMO.

  128. @reeno, that gap is because Foos cancelled and their set is longer than Florence’s, but I guess there could be a secret set. When I went I saw Biffy Clyro and an amazing Thom Yorke/Jonny Greenwood set and a missed plenty of others.

  129. @Yelo the thing about Glasto is that because of its legendary (and well-deserved) status many artists are willing to play for free. So I won’t be surprised if someone really big shows up. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

    @Eddie that was Glasto 2010 wasn’t it? Loved the balmy weather and fell in love with Florence Welch. It was my first year so when the rumours about the surprise Thom Yorke+Jonny Greenwood set reached me the Park was already full to the brim.. I went to see Hot Chip instead and – without even thinking of comparing the two – they were really good. Couldn’t get friends to come this year so thank God for the BBC live coverage.

  130. won’t be surprised if Foos show up with Dave on a wheelchair and play just a few songs with some other musicians! Also Chris Martin Loves Glastonbury so much that I think he would do anything they ask him to do, so maybe he’ll sing something (with or without coldplay).

  131. @bobo as I book tickets at an early stage for a MAYOR festival. I expect a MAYOR festival line-up with some real headliners. They failed to deliver this year. Simple as that. About the undercard acts you can discuss.. a matter of taste.

  132. I won’t be too harsh with the line-up, of course we miss a big rock name (Linkin Park 🙁 ) but the rest is pretty decent IMO.

    I’m more upset about some regrettable clashs :
    – Ellie Goulding vs The Ting Tings 🙁
    – Kasabian vs The Subways 🙁
    – Limp Bizkit vs Fauve 🙁

    No hope about the last A38 slot but the two Main Stage slots could be a good surprise.

  133. @Reeno- yeah, that was the year. Weather was too hot for me, Glasto just doesn’t have the shade to deal with it and I had no energy at the end of every day. I basically missed out on the whole night time side of the festival as a result and I haven’t been back since. I generally felt like there was so much more to do that I missed out on.

    That was definitely my peak year for festivals. I did Coachella, Sonisphere, Glastonbury, Leeds and the Godspeed! You Black Emperor ATP all in the same year!

  134. Agony: as me and others said.. Kasabian, Kings of Leon, Florence, Robbie Williams, Avicii, AltJ are headliners in MAJOR european/world festivals. Plus good subs and undercard. So thats not a problem. You have real big headliners. You just don’t have a lot of headliners for the taste of the typical rock sziget audience. Cause yeah.. they wanted muse, foos, chems, and linkin park (maybe all toghether). It’s just a matter of taste. But You Do have big names.

  135. @Eddie: why you don’t consider listening to non-famous artists man? For me “exploring” is not hanging around looking at the art or things like these, but going to the lots of stages to listen Afro, reggae, gipsy, German, Italian, French, Hungarian, Rumanian… Unknown artists I never really heard of! 7 hours is not so much time for me. That’s the way I live things like sziget or glasto. I usually do 2 famous artists per day (max 3), but great part of the fun is listening and dancining in unexpected stages and situations. Just saying 🙂

  136. Define famous! I’m on here asking for more alternative music and less pop music, not the other way round. I don’t automatically just like an artists just because they’re not famous though. They have to be good too. Sziget during the day has two stages of music the general population has heard of, a World Stage which is mostly made up of acts from Hungary (more of a Hungarian music stage then?) and then a load of smaller stages. The day stages open later than at other festivals (which is cool because it’s hot and it’s a week long festival so the line up is spread out), but there aren’t enough major ones. There are actually more stages open at night with main acts than during the day, which seems weird to me. Last time I came to the festival in 2013 there were three stages that had known acts on before 11pm, why has it become two? Sziget has hardly announced an act over the week I haven’t heard of or listened to this year. There’s been practically no one to get my teeth in to and ‘discover’.

    I listen to loads of practically unknown music, guys who have like 1000 plays on Spotify. I’ve been to ATP festival twice where basically the entire line up is unknown. I listen to far more German music than British and I listen to French music, Italian music etc etc. The idea that I’m being narrowminded with my request flys in the face of everything I’ve said about the line up. It’s too radio friendly, too pop-focused and I don’t really think that fits in to the Sziget formula. What makes Sziget great is that it represents the whole of Europe and beyond and generally covers every genre equally across the week so everyone has something to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with having a few pop artists on, but it’s a lot this year by any festival’s standards. You have to admit to that?

    I know I keep saying it, but the line up is actually OK for me. I listen to house and techno mainly and the line up on that front is incredible. I’m just defending the people who aren’t happy because they keep getting slated on here when the genres they like aren’t being represented like they usually are. I’d much rather watch a rock, indie, punk, metal, hardcore act than a fabricated pop one and so would most festival goers. People are really in to music are still allowed to like pop, it’s not some crime to like it, but generally they prefer other genres.

  137. yeah, I admit it’s a lot of pop music and radio friendly names.. That’s not excellent ok. But what I mean is: at sziget I usually wake up at 12-13 or later; I go and eat something good in a good place, and by 15:00 almost all the small stages have started having music, so I start my tour. Every moment there’s like 10 different things, that’s why I said that having spare time for me (even 7 hours) is not a problem.

  138. I complete buy what you’re saying, don’t get me wrong. One of the great things about a festival like Sziget or Glastonbury is that there’s so much to do and if there’s no one you particularly want to see there’s other things to do. That’s why at Sziget I’m happy if there’s four or five acts per day I’d happily see rather than the seven or eight I’d see at a normal festival (in Glastonbury I saw 12 bands on the first day and they were all bands I wanted to see, but Glastonbury is different!).

    I don’t think asking for five decent acts a day is a lot at the European Festival of the Year! It’s also really important to have good headliners. Four or five decent acts and a good, established headliner on either of the main two stages each day. Sziget does have that on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to an extent. Wednesday has Alt-J, who at least are critically acclaimed and I don’t think you’d really expect a huge headliner on the Wednesday, and there’s a decent line up elsewhere. Thursday has a strong programme all day and despite having a pop headliner, Interpol are headlining the tent which you can’t really complain about. Friday has both Kasabian and Avicii on the main stage so no complaints there even though I won’t watch Avicii personally. Saturday is heavily reliant on Kings of Leon so it has the headliner but not really the all round programme (unless you hang around for Vitalic and Nero). Sunday is just… I don’t even know what they were thinking really.

  139. Is that an oficial john doe hint?
    Bastille, The Kooks and La Roux are some names that played in 2014 and are in Europe this august…

  140. Ooh exciting:)

    Looking at last years lineup and the slots im hoping it could be

    Jake bugg
    Broady dalle
    Ska p
    Crystal fighters
    Wild beasts
    La roux

  141. Thank you john! All three of them?

    I would love to see Kavinsky again.

    Stromae and Bastille are too big for this slot I guess… Bastille are headlining Pukkelpop!

  142. What I’d want, and putting headliners aside obviously…
    Bonobo (though it’d have to be a DJ set in the tent, unlikely), Bombay Bicycle Club (maybe), Madness (highly unlikely as practically a headliner), Wild Beasts (unlikely to make the jump to Main Stage), Siriusmodeselektor (in theory could play A38 with someone after them but not hoping), Mind Against (not likely as they’re a Colosseum act).

    It’s fair to say that this isn’t good news for me! I’d probably take The Kooks who are a lot more likely.

  143. I’m looking to all the last year band touring:

    Leningrad can’t (they deleted the tour)
    The 1975 can’t (tour starts in November – luckily)
    Tankcsapda CAN (meh)
    Blink 182 can’t (not touring)

    Antiflag CAN (they have an hole in mid August)
    SKA P can’t (not touring)
    Queens of the Stonage can’t (not touring)
    Deadmau5 can’t (unlikely)

    Jake Bugg can’t (not touring)
    Imagine Dragons can’t (Japan tour)
    Placebo can’t (not touring)
    Skrillex can’t (unlikely)

    Die Fantastischen Vier CAN
    Cee LoGreen can’t (not touring)
    Manic Street Preachers CAN (hole in the tour)
    Korn can’t (unlikely)

    Bastille CAN (hole in the tour, but they already play in Hungary)
    LilY Allen can’t (not touring)
    Macklemore can’t (Japan tour)

    Bombay Bicycle Club can’t (not touring)
    Madness can’t (unlikely)
    The Prodegy can’t (unlikely)

    Triggerfinger CAN (hole in the tour, but they already play in Hungary)
    The Kooks CAN (hole in the tour)
    Outkast can’t (unlikely)
    Calvin Harris can’t (unlikely)

    – Tankcsapda
    – Anti-Flag (my choice)
    – Die Fantastischen Vier
    – Manic Street Preachers
    – Bastille
    – Triggerfinger.

    Now I make researches also for the A38 bands…

  144. Imagine Dragons & NOFX would save this year’s festival, but we’ll get maybe The 1975 & The Kooks.

  145. Imagine Dragons won’t play the same slot with a second album out and their popularity increased. Realistically I would love Anti Flag or NOFX.

  146. If they want to add some punk & some rock, then Anti-Flag and Jimmy Eat World would be nice choices. 😀

  147. About the A38

    Brody Dalle can’t (not touring)
    A Day to Remember can’t (not touring)
    Casper CAN (hole in the tour)
    The Bloody Beetroots can’t (not touring)
    Jimmy Eat World can’t (not touring)
    Deniz Koyu can’t (in USA the 14th of August)
    Thomas Gold CAN (hole in the tour)

    Girls in Hawaii CAN (hole in the tour)
    The Big Pink can’t (not touring)
    Tom Odell CAN (hole in the tour)
    Miles Kane can’t (not touring)
    London Grammar can’t (not touring)
    Clean Bandit can’t (tour in Japan)
    R3HAB CAN (hole in the tour)
    Madeon can’t (Japan tour)

    Michael Kiwanuka CAN (also, I don’t think they will call him after the last two years)
    Fink CAN (hole in the tour)
    Bonobo CAN (hole in the tour)
    Stromae CAN (hole in the tour, also if he has health’s issue right now)
    Kavinsky can’t (not touring)
    Axwell CAN (Ibiza during mid August)

    Palma Violets CAN (hole in the tour)
    Band of Skulls CAN (not touring, but they perform the 20th of August in Oslo)
    Angel Haze can’t (not touring)
    Kelis can’t (not touring)
    Laidback Luke can’t (not touring)

    Starlight Girls can’t (not touring)
    The BossHoss CAN (not touring, but they perform in Germany the 1st of August)
    Jagwar Ma can’t (not touring)
    Wild Beasts CAN (20th of August in Poland)
    Crystal Castles can’t (USA Tour)
    Quentin Mosimann CAN (the 12th in France)
    Fedde Le Grand CAN (the 1st in Germany)

    INVSN can’t (not touring)
    Mount Kimbie can’t (not touring)
    NOFX can’t (USA tour)
    La Roux CAN (in the middle of the the Europe tour)
    Darkside can’t (not touring)
    Djaikovski CAN (in Spain the 19th)
    Borgore CAN (hole in the tour, but he perform already in Hungary in July)
    Black Sun Empire can’t (they perform the 15th in Netherlands).

    *Playing in Main Stage
    – Casper
    – Girls in Hawaii
    – Tom Odell
    – Michael Kiwanuka
    – Fink
    – Bonobo
    – Stromae
    – Palma Violets
    – Band of Skulls
    – The Boss Hoss
    – Wild Beasts
    – La Roux

    *Playin in A38
    – Thomas Gold
    – R3HAB
    – Bonobo
    – Axwell
    – Quentin Mosimann
    – Fedde Le Grand
    – Djaikovski

    I personally bet one between Casper, Girls in Hawaii, Tom Odell, Plama Violets, Band of Skulls in the Main Stage, meanwhile anyone could be for the A38, even if the I point my finger to Djaikovski or Bonobo.

    So sad Black Sun Empire can’t perform, they are damn perfect live.

  148. Great research above, this festival needs some rock, so I would like Anti Flag on Mainstage and Palma Violets at the A38 + Tom Odell on the Mainstage.

  149. @Yelo you made mistake. Last year we had Crystal Fighters, not Castles. And actually they can come. For me it’ll be the best variant

  150. Yeah, Ambassadeur, a little lapsus, I made all that stuff in like 15 minutes, mistakes may be…

  151. I’d also like the Bloody Beetroots or Kavinsky for the A38 and maybe a main-stage-upgrade for Stromae

  152. I really do hope for Anti-Flag: last year they blasted the stage out. Also The Kooks: saw them, not really loved them, but still a major name.

    For sure I won’t bet on Stromae: how can they call one name like that when they have Goulding / Garrix headlining? It would be offensive, even if I remember he fillfulled the A38 last year.

    Another name I won’t bet on is Kiwanuka. Even if he’s a great performer he deleted his gig at the last moment TWICE IN A ROW, so it would be and hazard to call him back another year.

    About the last slot in A38, the only names from last year that I would really appreciate are:
    – Black Sun Empire (best dnb band evah, imho), but they won’t :((
    – Djaikovski (to me a revelation last year, with Gasmac Gilmore on World Stage)
    – Bonobo (I knew him this winter so didn’t attend his gig last year, it would be a good reason to recover)

  153. A la roux concert was cancelled this week in Budapest because of an injury. I really hope she is not gonna be put over at sziget

  154. It think it’s La Roux. she’s playing Summer Well festival in romania 8/9 august.

  155. If she indeed cancelled, then 99% sounds about right. I guess La Roux it is. “meh” IMO.

  156. I bet on London Grammar : cancelled last year, not really touring but two shows scheduled in July.

  157. the kooks likely for sunday, as they play Highfield in germany 14 august and then Liverpool 21 august, they can 🙂 . La roux could be because she plays in Romania. Anti Flag would be way better but unlikely, as they play in uk in 9 august and then no more european dates, and then 21 august USA. I also don’t think Bonobo will come from US just for sziget, that’s why I hope la roux is in the a38 and something more entertaining in on the main 🙂

  158. Out of these alternatives (if all slots will be filled with 2014-names, which in itself is strange), I’m hoping for Odell, BossHoss and Stromae. Wouldn’t say no to London Grammar either as they cancelled last year.

  159. This festival is shaping up really nicely. I notice the new British band Turrentine Jones are likely to win this comp. What stage are these guys going to play on? Europe?

  160. The hint were 2014 names, maybe from another festival as well, haha! Maybe some names from VOLT Festival 2014, who knows?

  161. These artists were at VOLT last year: Arctic Monkeys, Birdy, Bring Me The Horizon, Excision, Foals, Hatebreed, Hurts, I Am Legion, Icona Pop, Karnivool, Kuroma, MGMT, Milky Chance, Modestep, Morcheeba, Nero, Netsky, Noisia, Steve Aoki, Sunrise Avenue, The Afghan Whigs, The Strypes, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Tricot, Volbeat, Woodkid, You Me At Six.

    Karnivool and You Me At Six would be cool.

  162. Yeah I knew about Balaton, but you’re right. Would be very strange now to come up with even more DJ’s/EDM.

  163. However I guess that last slot in A38 will be a DJ, and if so Diplo works for me (or R3hab). Those two other slots, although not the most attractive ones, should be filled with some proper bands. A lot of good bands play early at other festivals, so shouldn’t be any problem (still hoping for Placebo as they do the occational job here and there).

  164. Available artists from VOLT 2014 & on tour in Europe: Birdy (she can be on 13 august, because she is in Europe until the 15th), Hatebreed (already in Hungary on 16 July at Rockmaraton), Hurts, MGMT (tour gap in Aug), Modestep (in Europe until 15 Aug, when they have a Japan concert), Netsky, Noisia, Steve Aoki (he CAN”T, because already has a concert in Europe on 13 Aug and he is in the US on 15 Aug), Sunrise Avenue, The Afghan Whigs (gap), The Strypes, Volbeat (they have a concert in Denmark on 1 Aug, but they aren’t on tour though).

  165. Diplo is already on the line up under Major Lazer, what do you think the chances are of him hanging around for 2 performances? If so, maybe even appearing again as Jack U if Skrillex is available?

  166. Bring Me The Horizon can also play Sziget. They play Reading and Leeds in August.

  167. Bring Me The Horizon are Reading & Leeds exclusive for European Festivals this Summer, so won’t be them for sure

  168. Yes, Bring Me The Horizon can play, but they aren’t on tour. It could be a surprise at Sziget, though.

  169. I don’t think diplo could play 7:30 pm to 9pm and then 3am to 6am in the tent.

  170. @S7ARZ Diplo has done similar performances before, so no doubt that he can. That they pay up for Skrillex to do a “minor” concept like Jack U I find less likely.
    @Chunk Agreed Placebo is a headliner, but for me Ellie or Foals are not, so if they get another band that is headline material you move around the others. Plenty of festivals have done this, so it won’t be impossible (although I agree that it is unlikely as Sziget now has gotten people to “accept” that the line up is sub par this year, so why spend more money than needed).

  171. There will be 2 performers and 1 DJ, for sure.
    Taking a look to the A38 DJs this year and considering the presence of the Party Arena, this one will be from an underground genre (than: DnB like Sigma, Dubstep like Nero, Ambient like ??, Experimental like SBTRKT)

    From the Sziget list, in this way I only see Bonobo and Djaikovski (’cause the other ones would fit perfectly in Telekom Arena, if it means something to them, of course).
    Looking to the VOLT list, instead, we have Modestep, Netsky, Noisia (F*****G WOW) Watch it!

    About the “usual” bands on the Main Stage, the sure will be little names, so not a headliner, not subheadliner, this because the 13th we have Goulding headlining (it means you can’t call Stromae, for ex. and make him perform at 4.45) and the 16th we have Bizkit and Garrix, big names who doesn’t make place for other big name.
    Also the fact that if they thought of a big name they won’t have took him as a last chance.
    In the end, those name will fit in the Sziget idea of cool music this year (boring Indie and non critical acclaimed DJs on Main Stage – with all the respect).

    My bets from Sziget are on:
    – Casper
    – Girls in Hawaii
    – Tom Odell
    – Palma Violets
    – Band of Skulls
    – La Roux
    – Anti-Flag (my choice)
    – Die Fantastischen Vier

    Meanwhile, from the VOLT, I only see for good Birdy

  172. @TM
    I will be happy with Placebo. I’m going on his gig this weekend in Moscow.

  173. AM on Sunday and 30 seconds to Mars it is then! Both should be Sziget exclusive concerts as Bring Me The Horizon at Reading & Leeds. This way the line-up would look pretty awesome! :))

  174. Girls in Hawaii, good for A38.

    I am not that sure that the mainstage slots will be for minor names, because we have on 12 The Horros, on 14 Marina & the Diamonds and on 15 Hollywood Undead, which aren’t that small names. Maybe Birdy / La Roux and Anti-Flag would do the trick, the last one because this festival really needs some rock. I would be prefer 2 rock bands to complete the mainstage, though.

  175. When I say “minor name” I intend not an headliner, neither a sub-headliner: La Roux is a small name compared to Stromae or Damian Marley (first two names that comed to my mind).

    Also I don’t think it would be wise to make an Indie Rock band to perform after Nero at 3 am for 3 hours… That’s what I mean when I’m talkin about DJ in the A38.

  176. I don’t think there is a huge difference between the popularity of Stromae and the one of Marina & the Diamonds, but I agree that Stromae is unlikely to happen. I am hoping for 2 rock bands on the Mainstage, with similar popularity as Marina gots. 😀

  177. Don’t think there’s a huge different between Stromae and Marina?Are you serious? Here in Italy Stromae fulfills big arenas while almost nobody know Marina and The Diamonds.

  178. I was judging by the listeners of the two on (1M listeners of Marina and 500K listeners of Stromae). It’s right that on YouTube he has more songs with 40M+ views and on Facebook also seems that he has more fans (I am not a Stromae fan, though – he is okay, but there is better), but I can guarantee that Marina will also have fulfill the Mainstage area at Sziget. 😉

  179. John Doe when will this be officia l announced ? This Thursday?

    Tom Odell would be ace, I was just watching his performance on YouTube again yesterday.

  180. Maybe La Roux? was on A38 last year and will be on MS this year?
    Or you move an A38 act to MS and free a slot in the tent? In this case I would bet on Interpol 😀

  181. yeah Interpol could be moving to the main stage! I’d love that… if they book Ratatat as A38 headliner ^^

  182. Girls In Hawaii played the 13th last year in A38. This would be good for both hints. I really hope I’m wrong.

  183. So possible Interpol move to Main Stage on Thursday (same set time), La Roux heavily rumoured for either main or A38, maybe The Kooks for main too and Jack U on the A38?

    I’d be more than happy for Interpol to move to main as long as someone good replaced them in the tent (La Roux doesn’t count as good).

  184. Enter Shikari on Mainstage would be nice as well, because I would like to watch both Alt-J & Enter Shikari.

  185. I don’t think they will move people from the A38 to the Main Stage: all is scheduled in way to make the A38’s headliner play the slot after the last band of the Main Stage, like Interpol, Paloma Faith and Dropkick Murphys (and I find this a great choice).

    Also I think that to get both Skrillex and Diplo and to convince their manager to make ’em play in the late night on a not-so-wow slot is gonna be hard. Also for a DJ Set of 3 hours. Get real, people!

  186. Yeah, it should. Same as Ellie Goulding: she shouldn’t headline, but she headline.

  187. Although the initial thought was Interpol, The Ting Tings might make more sense for a number of reasons; 1) Interpol might not want to play below Foals and Ellie Goulding, giving up a headliner set 2) The Ting Tings wouldn’t clash with another pop act so would get a bigger crowd and 3) They’d get a bigger crowd on the Main Stage anyway so it’s actually a pretty good deal for them.

    In truth, I don’t really care about any Thursday additions because it’s easily the best day for me. I’d happily find something to do while The Ting Tings were on. Sunday is way more important for me (GET MADNESS GET MADNESS).

    The Jack U/Diplo rumour makes sense, but the A38 slot could be anyone really so guessing it seems pointless. They could have a long DJ set or a shorter set with a local DJ afterwards (see- the SBTRKT night).

  188. Hey , only Szigetnew know the e- mail address of the real John Doe . Szigetnew seems to have disappeared so maybe this is a false Joh Doe ..

  189. maybe szigetnews should ask one of us to help him/her with this blog if he/she is too busy to do it by himself/herself

  190. @Bender and do what? Report on rumors without any confirmation? Since Kings of Leon there was nothing announced, nothing to cover.

    @FAB John Doe has chosen to be anonymous for a reason, I guess 😀 by the way, he is the one and only one as far as I can tell.

  191. @szigetnews it’s not only this time it’s this year and I’m not the only one who noticed this. I know we all have a life outside this blog, it just looks like this year you are more absent sometimes posting news very late. I was just thinking that you may need a hand. But ok, maybe I’m wrong.

  192. I’m looking at the usual channels for an announcement, but there is nothing about new musical acts. Maybe I’ve missed something – if so, please accept my apologies.
    I’m still waiting for the Sziget press room to make an official announcement about new names.
    @Sziget will look for them, thanks.

  193. News: timetable is on…

    So…there are news…more interisting than self confirmed xxx

  194. Hi everybody , if someone still looking for a ticket , i’m selling my weekly ticket in a very cheap price because I can’t go this year . anyone’s interested ?

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