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Sziget 2015 Memories: Martin Garrix’s Live Set Complete

19 year old Dutch DJ Martin Garrix was the closing act of this year’s Sziget Festival. He was so much caught up in the Sziget feeling that after concluding with the End Show, he refused to accept that it was over. He concluded his show at Sziget with a 90 minute “backstage” show for his friends and the workers still there, while it was pouring.

For those who were unable to attend the festival on Sunday, or want to relive the closing moments of this year’s Sziget Festival, here is the complete Martin Garrix end show.

About the DJ

Martin Garrix

Martijn Garritsen (known by his stage name Martin Garrix) is best known for his track “Animals”, making it to the top 10 in several countries. The 19 year old wunderkid was born in Amstelveen, Netherlands on the 14th of May 1996. Tiësto’s performance at the Athens Olympic Games in 2014 was the experience that has determined him to become a DJ. Garritsen gained considerable fame with the release of his solo track “Animals” in 2013, boosting him to the No. 1 spot on Beatport – he is the youngest ever DJ to make it to the top. By next year he climbs to the No. 4 spot in DJMag’s Top 100. This year he has released several collaborations, with artists like Usher, Tiësto and Matisse & Sadko.

[Martin Garrix home page]

11 thoughts on “Sziget 2015 Memories: Martin Garrix’s Live Set Complete

  1. Wow. How lucky we are.
    I will watch this gig on mute, considering that I heard all the music in the a38 meanwhile Passenger was playing…

  2. The new date for 2016 is out now.

    It is the 10-17.08.2016. But….this is wensday til wensday.

    Can anybody tell me, if they let it like 2015 with 2 days plus 5 days with the -1 and day zero???

    Because we want to plan the next year 😉


  3. @Tom Sziget has indeed confirmed the date for next year’s festival: 10-17 August, Wednesday to Wednesday. The official event page is indeed up. But there is no further information available. No wonder – this year’s edition has ended just days ago.

    I’m sure more information will appear on the structure of the festival in due time. And if it does, we’ll try to pass it on to you as soon as possible.

  4. Looks like first Szigets were from a midweek day to a midweek day and they want to “take it back to the origins”. My idea is that, this way, they can get names from both Pukkelpop/Lowlands/Frequency and Oya/Way Out West/Flow weeks, so it’s a marketing strategy for having a better lineup. A winning marketing strategy imho. Maybe this way they’ll sell less 7 days and 5 days tickets, but having a better lineup mean loads of day tickets more. Time will tell 🙂

  5. the only problem with this wednesday to wednesday thing is that if foreigners come to budapest, they cannot just add the weekend before to explore the city, and they might not have 2 more days to be here 🙁
    but let’s see, it could turn out good

    and garrix… i watched some parts of this video, it is such a big shame that he can headline a festival like this. if sziget wants to be legendary as gerendai has said, first thing to do is to get rid of this crap.

  6. I think Bender is right, they really struggled finding names this year because the festival was in an unlucky week. Anyway it was not unlucky for me, I saw more than enough concerts. Too much artists to see at sziget for me would mean spending too much energy and not having time to live the island.

    And about Garrix… it’s not really my cup of tea but hey, why so much hate? ahah! I personally had a lot of fun at the end show, in the back with a lot of space drinking beers, I think it was enjoyable. Of course with Daft Punk it would be a legendary end show, but I can’t say this was bad

  7. well intesting to see last 5 minutes, but Passenger was better. actually it was my 2nd place in top of favourite concerts

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