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Sziget 2015 tickets on sale November 3

Sziget 2015 tickets go on sale November 3, if you like surprises and you don’t even need to know who’s playing, you’ll be able to get them.

As far as prices go, they will depend, as always, on whether you want a 5 or 7 day pass.

This year, the 5 day pass costs 189 euro, while the 7-day option is 219 euro.

You can find out more here.

89 thoughts on “Sziget 2015 tickets on sale November 3

  1. “Sziget Festival Official Hi Jasiek! We hope you will make it to Sziget! It is gonna as fun and cool as always. Regarding your question: tickets/passes are not personalized!”

    On facebook. Is it a change? Last year there was my name and birthday on my ticket! Or I don’t understand the meaning of personalized!
    Don’t expect new names before december unless a big band has a tour announcement and it includes Sziget (Coldplay, Muse…).

    As for the camping the those who have the 5-days pass… it will be harsh! We arrived sunday morning to get a good camping spot and by sunday afternoon it was already crowded… not to mention monday! So if someone arrived wednesday… goodluck but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. Well, I arrived monday morning and after a tour of the island I found a shade spot for my tent and other 7 tents for friends of mine. Even if it seems so crowded if you search well you can find a good spot under the trees 😉

  3. I am pretty sure that last year I paid 210 for 7 days pass in the second stage of sale, this year 220 for early bird? Did they go up by that much?

  4. Last year prices for 7 days pass were:

    199€ -> 31 Dec
    209€ -> 30 Apr
    229€ -> 31 Jul
    249€ -> (Sold Out)

  5. Sziget Italia gave some answers on their FB page. By what I understood without using google translate that says that the prices are up because every other price is increasing as well (bands…).
    I still hope that there’s a huge “current” headliner like Arcade Fire las year or Arctic Monkeys. This year it would be Coldplay or Muse if they tour!

    Noel Gallagher will be on tour as well I hope that they will catch him!

  6. They will be in Europe in june (Rock am Ring for sure, and probably Werchter and maybe Glastonbury) before heading to America in july (huge show in Washington on the 4th). No infos for august!
    All the announcements that have been made are for june-july festivals… Roskilde announced Pharell Williams yesterday but we can’t try to guess if Pukkelpop/Lowlands/Reading and Leeds/Rock en Seine don’t announce anything.

  7. Been a while john!!! 😀

    Hungary doesn’t mean Sziget… They may try but if they fail maybe they’ll take them for VOLT like Arctic Monkeys this year!

  8. Everytime I read “john doe” my heart stops and I hope he’s here for the hint I was waiting for.
    Let’s hope that “Hungary” is Sziget e non a gig in a Stadium or else.

    Anything else like Muse or U2? Make us dream! 😀

  9. Already an announcement! When was the first VOLT announcement? and when can we expect first names for Sziget?
    Last question John: can we hope for bands that are announced for june-july (Rock am Ring, Rock Werchter, Glastonbury)?

  10. I know I just wondered when was VOLT’s last year’s first announcement but didn’t make myself clear sorry 🙂

    We may have the first names really soon… they sold 10% of the passes in the first 24 hours that could explain that!

    “aftermovie comes real soon and some names will be brought to you meanwhile!”

  11. I have absolutely no clue what that could be about 😛

    Big meeting on the island…

    just one question: do you think they can manage to end the curfew?

  12. “Secondo giorno di meeting con tutti i promoter europei! Tante novitá in arrivo per il 2015”

    Not bands yeah but what is it John? 🙂

  13. Translation: “Second day of meeting with all the european promoters! So many new things coming for 2015”

  14. “Shared with: Custom” means they’ve limited the view of this post to some people (in this case, Hungary). They probably did that with some other countries! One day I saw that Calvin Harris said something about Lebanon… didn’t fall in the trap :p

    This is something I’ve done… just added up some videos and added the music, didn’t do the editing!

  15. They did the same for Italy. Maybe they’re doing this in every country they’re going? I really hope so.

  16. Muse announced for 2 more festivals beginning of july… is there ANY chance they could extend their stay in Europe for 1 more month? John?

  17. Thank you anyway 🙂

    Sziget Italia asked on FB what stage we want (whether it’s new or was present in the past). Most of the people want the metal stage and the party arena back! I personally don’t think that the metal stage would be back but I hope for the party arena!

  18. And btw what are your predictions for the first batch of names?

    I’d say Linkin Park for tuesday or wednesday. For smaller bands I want Alt-J, Interpol, Electric Guest, Flume and M83 if possible (he’s not touring yet). I would buy the ticket the same day ^^

  19. Last year Calvin Harris was sh*t to me but the main stage was completely full so I think that, unfortunately, we’ll have the end show again. At least let’s hope for different names, maybe like Chemical Brothers, Justice, Paul Kalkbrenner and, why not, Skrillex again

  20. I hate to disagree with this… the 2 concerts I’ve enjoyed the most were Deadmau5 and Skrillex (Kavinsky was awesome too!). I think it’ll depend on the DJ’s they will chose… I’d love to watch Skrillex again but I don’t think he’ll come back that soon unfortunately!
    What “big” DJ can we expect to close the main stage? Someone like Avicii? Who else?

  21. Sziget has changed !!!

    I am totally fine with this big djs (even if I dont enjoy them) but I would like some techno/minimal names for the A38 (and not exactly the same EDM that we can see on main stage)

  22. You’re right! What kind of DJ’s/bands did Sziget have in the party arena?

    btw you can say goodbye to Foo Fighters… They are in Europe in june, have gigs in the US the 4th of july and the 29th of august (unless they come back to Europe in the meantime but I don’t know).

  23. Looks like they’re doing Rock Werchter and Pinkpop, so they won’t do Pukkelpop and Lowlands. This means, probably, no Europe again in august. If the 29th they’re in US, they won’t be doing Reading and Leeds as well. Good bye Foo Fighters 🙁

  24. @Noeliam: My first tips are Foo Fighters or Kings of Leon, Avicii, Chvrches, Alt-J and Stromae on the Main Stage would be awesome 🙂

  25. @Noeliam what kind of djs were in the Party Arena? From 2008 to 2013 we had Justice, Carl Cox, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Crystal Method, Crystal Fighters, Empire Of The Sun, Goose, Flux Pavilion, deadmau5 (bus was canceled for health reasons), Chris Liebing, Nicky Romero, Dub FX, John Digweed, Boys Noize, Nero, Leftfield, Richie Hawtin, 2manydjs, Gesaffelstein, Trentemoller, Dubfire, Above & Beyond & many more.
    Obviously some of them would now play on the Main Stage (like Armin Van Buuren or deadmau5 last year), but it was an awesome stage!

  26. Slipknot are playing in Budapest in February, I don’t think they’ll come back in the same city only after few months 🙁

  27. @Bender thank you! These are great bands I hope the party arena will be back!

    All the biggest festivals are in june-july… the biggest: Glastonbury, and the richests: Werchter, Pinkpop. Even the new big ones are in june-july (the same organizers that brought Muse-Metallica-Kiss for 3 festivals.
    Sziget seems to be isolated in august… even Pukkelpop and Lowlands will be held one week after the end of Sziget! Except for these two, there’s only Rock en Seine and Reading&Leeds that are considered big but still they are two weeks after the end of Sziget.

    I hope they will manage to do good… I can do with weak headliners if the subs are interesting.

  28. definitely no FF this year, they are in the usa from the 12th

    but I guess alt-J will come, which is even better 🙂

  29. Well I know it’s a matter of taste prefering alt-J instead of FF, but Foo Fighters would have given Sziget more international appeal than alt-J

  30. I’d rather keep Sziget a “secret” place 😀 Imagine in five years you’re not sure to get your tickets…

    And I also prefer Alt-J over FF…

  31. Uhm, Sziget is isolated in Europe + rich Japan festivals llike Summer Sonic happening during Sziget period = risk of a poor line up like 2013.
    No Foo Fighters for sure and probably neither Muse, cause they’re doing festivals in Europe between May-June-July. Don’t think they also tour Europe in August.

  32. And Pukkelpop, Lowlands and Frequency are the week after Sziget. Looks like the 2013 situation again, holy sh*t! The risk that the only “big” name we’re gonna have is Linkin Park is a real one. I think we’re gonna share headliners with Germany’s Rock ‘n’ Heim.

    Anyway Japan’s Summer Sonic is 18-19 August 2015, so after the end of Sziget, and San Francisco’s Outside Lands is 7-9 August 2015, so before Sziget. None of them clashes with Sziget, that’s a good thing.

  33. Yeah we’re pretty isolated! bands that play Summer Sonic can play the first 3 days, and the bands that come from the US can play the week-end. I think that it’s nailed for Linkin Park but for other headliners… i’ve read rumours abour Reading and Leeds: Mumfords and Sons, The Libertines and the Red Hot (very few chances I guess but I’d love to!).
    Travelling isn’t a problem for the DJ’s and they can still bump a band to headline (like they did with Mika). They can do it with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds for instance.

    Anyway, still a month and a half for 2015 we can only wait for names!

  34. Red Hot would be huge. Mumford & Sons are very good live, would be a good headliner. Kings Of Leon?

  35. What about Tool? Smashing Pumpkins?

    Could be great names, and we are waiting for their albums in 2015

  36. Yes I forgot about Kings of Leon, could be them! As Bender said, I think that we will share headliners with rock n’heim, and I saw their last 2 lineups and they are pretty good! They generally announce in january so we will have the first sziget names before!

    Sziget is oddly silent these days I hope we will get something next week.

  37. Sziget Volt Balaton italian Twitter account wrote “news really soon, before December”. Don’t know if they mean the first names…

  38. Probably not names then! Something new like a change in the stages or I don’t know… If they know that they will announce it before december then I guess that the decision is ready and settled… then where are you John? 🙂

  39. The Chemical Brothers will be in Germany the week before Sziget. I think they’ll be part of the lineup 😀

  40. That would be good!
    Also, tomorrow, Reading&Leeds are announcing their first names! We shared two headliners with them this year (QotSA and Blink) + a lot of other acts (Klaxons, Imagine Dragons…). I expect Linkin Park to be announced (and they will be at Sziget).

  41. Noel Gallagher is touring in June (Hurricane & Southside) as well as Placebo, Florence and the Machine, Alt-J and Gaslight Anthem

  42. By the way I guess we’ll get names before mid December, as we got Blur and other acts for 2013. Let’s hope band don’t decide to do Outside Landa and then go straight to Japan. I don’t feel optimistic for this year line up…

  43. Metallica to headline Reading & Leeds plus amie T, Pierce The Veil, Wilkinson, Refused, Run the Jewels and Manchester Orchestra

  44. Wow it would be nice indeed! It’s a surprise I must say! What are the chances? Iron Maiden headlined a few years ago so it’s possible. But I think they would take all the metal budget, but it’s probably worth it.

  45. First acts for Oya Festival in Norway (11-15th August)
    Flying Lotus (US)
    Future Islands (US)
    Ida Jenshus
    Run The Jewels (US)
    Thea Hjelmeland
    Torgeir Waldemar
    Fay Wildhagen
    Spectral Haze

  46. Flying Lotus cancelled their show @ Sziget in 2012 so we can be sure that they will be part of it this year

  47. So Metallica are not playing Øya. They play somewhere else in Norway just 5 days after the festival. This scares me a little…

  48. Already a second announcement for VOLT, even if there’s only 6 acts!

    Rise Against it is, but also Parking Drive and Parov Stelar (don’t expect them at Sziget).

  49. Parov Stelar is confirmed for VOLT!

    Why did they announce them on sunday? usually Sziget announcement is 1 week later, but they would have probably posted a “FIRST NAMES NEXT WEEK” if it was this week…

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