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Day 1 Live Streams: Kovacs, Editors, Flag Party

Another day, another chilling morning at the 2016 edition of the Sziget Festival. Yesterday, Rihanna angered some of her fans by delaying the start of her performance by half an hour, according to the press. It was her decision, Index writes, that she took knowing that her concert has to end at 11PM. For those of you curious about this, Index heard that Sziget paid $1 million for the performance of the diva. But this was yesterday – a new day has started. Let’s take a look at the day 1 live streams below.

Update: If you’re like me, your day only ends when you go to sleep. So, although it’s technically a Day 2 performance, the upcoming live stream of UNKLE’s gig on-stage still fits into this list of Day 1 Live Streams. So, for those spending their time online instead of the Island of Freedom, here is the live stream coming up at 0:40 AM:

Day 1 Live Streams

As usual, you can catch up with what you might have missed by watching the rebroadcast of yesterday’s streams starting 11:55. As usual, all hours are Local Time (GMT+1)

The first actual live stream of the day starts at 3:55 PM – fans will be able to (virtually) attend the concert of the Bohemian Betyars on the Main Stage:

Later in the day, Kovacs (who isn’t Hungarian, despite her name) will take the A38 stage at 6:25 PM:

… followed by a great time at Sziget’s Flag Party at 6:55 PM:

Last, but not least, fans will be able to remotely follow the concert of the Editors from the A38 stage (at 9:55):

As you might expect, there will be a lot more to see in person at the Island of Freedom:

  • the Main Stage will be taken by John Newman, followed by Bastille at 7:30, while Manu Chao La Ventura will follow at 9:30 PM
  • after the Editors, UNKLE will take over the A38, with Boys Noize (D), Wiwek (NL) and Jumodaddy (H) continuing the party at 1:30
  • the Goran Bregovi? Wedding And Funeral Band will make sure you crave some booze (he always has this effect on me) at 9:30 on the World Music Stage
  • the Colosseum will have parties all day, starting 12:30, with names like Coloboma, &Me, Sasha (2AM), and more
  • Rilan and the Bombardiers will perform on the Europe Stage at 6PM
  • Stoned (The Rolling Stones tribute band) will play at 1AM at the Budapest Park Tribute Stage
  • there will be circus, movies, TEDx talks, and fire jugglers (expect the latter to show up at the Sziget Beach at 11PM)
  • and many more.


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