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Sziget 2016: Day 3 Live Streams

Another day, another headliner at Sziget 2016. Today fans will have the occasion to see David Guetta mix (or, as “haters” see it, poke around his laptop) on the Main Stage of the Island of Freedom. His performance will be accessible for those at home, too, as three of his songs will be streamed live later in the day. But let’s take a look at the rest of the Day 3 Live Streams.

First, as usual, you’ll have the chance to see what you missed yesterday through this “rebroadcast” stream:

Day 3 Live Streams:

The day will start with some local talent – Halott Pénz will play the Main Stage at 4PM. The stream starts 5 minutes before they start playing:

Swiss/German pop duo Boy (which is formed by two girls) will make its debut on the A38 stage today, at 6:30 PM. And through a live stream, of course:

Those seeking for some Sunday cheer in the sun will get to attend (either in person, or virtually) the Island’s one and only Cheer Pom Pom Party at 7 PM:

… followed by David Guetta taking the Main Stage at 10:20 PM (the concert starts at 9:15)

Last, but not least, Bloc Party will take the A38 stage at 11:45 PM

Those present at the Island of Freedom in more than just spirit will have, once again, tons of amazing performances to see today:

  • Sum41 takes the Main Stage at 5:45
  • … followed by Tiny Temptah at 7
  • Zedd will mix on the stage of the Telekom Arena at 2:30 (although, technically, his performance starts on Monday)
  • My Night Your Day (by Zagar, a musical project coming from the neighboring Romania) plays in the Sziget Cinema at 1 PM
  • Beaux Jaxon (USA) feat. Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té (RE) takes the Blues Stage at 7:30 PM
  • and Pinkin Park will stand in for their idols (Linkin Park, if it wasn’t obvious) at 11PM on the Tribute Stage

All in all, it will be a Sunday filled with amazing performances, deep conversations, and a lot of sun at the Island of Freedom. Enjoy!

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