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Sziget 2017 Day -1 – Live Streams

And it starts. Today is the first – or “minus first” day of the 25th Anniversary Sziget Festival. The weather is great, the stages are built, and the beer is cold and refreshing as ever. Today, the Dan Panaitescu Main Stage of the festival will host performers like Billy Talent and P!NK, and a special Clapping Stick Party at 19:00 local time. The other stages to be open today are Colosseum, Europe Stage, the Tribute Stage, the Campfire venue, and the VOLT Festival Stage, along with the Sziget Beach, the Magic Mirror, the Music Box, and the Traveling Funfair, offering everything from DJs to musicians, fire jugglers, comedians, magicians, and parties.

As usual, Sziget will stream some of its shows live for those following the events from home. Today, they’ll have the chance to stream the following events:

Lóci játszik (Main Stage, 16:00 local time)

Dubioza Kolektiv (Main Stage, 17:45 local time)

Billy Talent (Main Stage, 19:30 local time)

For all those participating, we wish you have the time of your life. For all those watching from home, maybe you’ll join the Sziget Festival next year.

8 thoughts on “Sziget 2017 Day -1 – Live Streams

  1. Have fun everyone! I’m going, despite the line-up sucks. I bet I’ll have fun, but I hope that they know that they need changes and I also hope that they will do some good changes for the next year, because Sziget is also about music. Otherwise, a festival with a more interesting line-up will be a priority next year…

  2. Sure the lineup is one of the worst for any major fest. But damn…I wish I was there with you wonderful people. Have a great time everyone. Be good, or be good at it. Don’t do anything (or anyone) I wouldn’t do. Cheers!

  3. I watched pieces of all the 3 performance so far and, well, 0 regrets so far. Okay, to watch a show is different than to live it actually but all the first lines of the crowd at the only really interesting show of the day (Billy Taltent) are there JUST for Pink, so girls and old men. Billy Talent. Girls and old men.

  4. @Yelo It was the same last year… I was at TLSP and a girl in the crowd chanted “you s*ck”, “you’re sh*t” etc. because she was waiting for f*ckin Hardwell!

    On a side note, P!nk was actually pretty cool… Billion times better than Rihanna. And the Pierce Brothers at Music Box were amazing! They sounded better than Mumford & Sons. We were more than 1.000 people at their gig, after P!nk, and they couldn’t believe it!

  5. I’m aware of Pink’s value actually (and/or Rihanna poor value), but her standing alone along Kasabian was not enough for me this year. My Ex fiancée wanted to get to Budapest for Pink’s concert, but it was too expensive in any case, and that’s true, tho.

    Cover band might be good (Subscribe covering RATM every year is always good) but they are still cover, in a music festival, and I can’t find it a waste of slots and money and space :/

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