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Sziget 2017 Ticket Prices Published

Next year’s Sziget Festival will be an anniversary edition – it will be the 25th time the event is organized at Budapest’s Hajógyári Sziget. The tickets for the event will become available on September 25th – and now we know the prices, too. Here they are:

Sziget 2017 tickets: Early bird specials

7-Day Pass – with Szitizen Prime (valid between August 9, 2017, at 6:00 AM and August 16, 2017, at 8:00 AM)

  • €250 (for 25 hours)
  • includes basic camping with the possibility to upgrade
  • early move-in possible with Moving-in 3-Day Pass or Moving-in Tuesday Ticket

5-Day Pass – with Szitizen Prime (valid between August 11 and 16)

  • €225 (for 25 hours)
  • includes basic camping with the possibility to upgrade

Normal ticket prices

  • 7-Day Pass – €275 (instead of €325)
  • 5-Day Pass – €250 (instead of €299) (these two options become available on September 26)
  • Day tickets – €65 (instead of €75)
  • Moving-in 3 Days Pass (€50) and Moving-in Tuesday Ticket (€25)

The “early bird” options will both come with extra benefits:

  • the usual Szitizen Prime goodies delivered to your doorstep
  • the chance to win a VIP package with extra benefits

75 thoughts on “Sziget 2017 Ticket Prices Published

  1. They’ve seen that nowadays they can go sold-out with all the rich Brits and Dutch teens, because the festival has become more and more popular there, so there is no reason to keep the prices “normal”, just keep them going up. Very sad story.

    But the SzigetPrime 250, the first price 275euros and the last one 325 is shocking for me.
    The moving in ticket for one day 25euros? it was 12euros in 2015. The price doubled in two years? for nothing, just to go inside one day earlier. This meand it’s just to make more money. Of course they will sell out, but they will see how the audience will change.
    I’m so sad for the direction of the festival.
    Never been disappointed about lineup, I’ve always bought the ticket without knowing it.
    But this could mean my goodbye to Sziget

  2. I will go to Sziget because this will be the 25th edition and I hope for something special and way better acts (please NO Justin Bieber, Rihanna or more EDM music on the Main Stage, I think it’s enough). Otherwise, the 25th edition could be my last too.

  3. I really hope that for this price they’ll book actual/never before seen acts at sziget like Prodigy, Faithless or 30 seconds to Mars And an even bigger lighting dragon!!!. I need some fresh quality new music and sziget feeling level 9000 for 325 Euros. PATHETIC festival, and the saddest part that it will be sold out..

  4. @fffsf you are a totally bad vibe motherf*cker but this time your comment really made me laugh freakin loud

  5. I think the’re actually trying to start selling before other major festival like Glasto, to grab some people from there. But at the same time, most people of the 2016’s edition probably don’t have enough money to buy them now.

  6. @fffsf: ahaha 2017 lineup = Prodigy, Kasabian, Faithless, Placebo, Goran Bregovic, Korn, Gogol bordello, Kaiser Chiefs, Skunk anansie, The Killers….

    On a serious note, I’m very disappointed but the price increasing so much in 2015, 2016, 2017 without so much improvement. I’ve always liked the festival but there have not been BIG news, it’s pretty much the same; just more crowded and more expensive (and with more special camping zones you have to pay for).
    I will give a try to the 25 sziget anniversary but it could be my last if it becomes a moneymaker.

  7. I think they will keep their policy in terms of announcement: you got no really advantage (in terms of competition with other festivals) announcing the bands too early. I would ask if they will end realising it earier this year

  8. I really hope for Coldplay, Green Day or Pearl Jam. They could also book Avenged Sevenfold, One Republic, The Killers of course. BTW there’s a lot of big acts touring next year (Metallica and Guns n’ Roses are just few examples) . And i hope that the price increase is for that reason.

  9. I don’t know where I should write it but here is my guess of next year’s line-up 🙂

    Day -1: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Panic! At The Disco
    Day 0: Major Lazer – The XX
    Day 1: Biffy Clyro – Twenty One Pilots
    Day 2: Arcade Fire – Stromae
    Day 3: The Prodigy – Placebo
    Day 4: Ed Sheeran – Dizzee Rascal
    Day 5: End show with The Chainsmokers – The Weeknd

    So what do you think about that?

  10. Cool and would be pretty honest with my tastes, even tho I dont know if it would be effectively possible in any case, but it’s soon enough to hope for us ahah

    BTW I noticed that 2 festivals in Germany which happen to be during the Sziget (Rocco del Shacklo and another one, something like that), has announced Rise Against: THAT would be a great addiction imho

  11. @Bender

    is this your “love everyone” sziget-vibe?

    After all these years I don’t understand why i cant complain about a local festival on the festivals forums…

  12. @fsfsf: because your critics aren’t constructive by any possible meaning. It’s not about the music you get, it’s just about blasting out of the water the festival because you cant get the hardcore bands you want, when it’s clearly obvious that Sziget took another artistic direction years ago

  13. where are the hardcore bands at novarock? so pointing out how to book a festival is not constructive? pointing out that maybye, just maybe, booking quality bands can be done and should be done instead of building a lighting dragon? If it’s me being negative well then i’m Negative, and sad about the “best festival in Europe”

  14. @camper “Day -1: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Panic! At The Disco
    Day 0: Major Lazer – The XX
    Day 1: Biffy Clyro – Twenty One Pilots
    Day 2: Arcade Fire – Stromae
    Day 3: The Prodigy – Placebo
    Day 4: Ed Sheeran – Dizzee Rascal
    Day 5: End show with The Chainsmokers – The Weeknd”

    I’d take that in a heartbeat! I’ll have some time on the main stage (great bands but only one “must-see” headliner (Arcade Fire) so I wouldn’t worry about clashes.
    The XX and Stromae both prefer to play in the dark, maybe Biffy before the XX? The Prodigy is always welcome back, and I’ll miss the end show for a 2nd consecutive year. This would be my take:

    – Red Hot Chilli Peppers / Rise Against
    – The XX / Biffy Clyro
    – Some pop star
    – Radiohead / Flaming Lips
    – DJ
    – Arcade Fire / Kasabian
    – DJ

    That would be perfect for me, 4 headliners including 2 I never saw, with the 4 subs. I don’t need more main stage.

  15. @ffss almost everyone going (back) to Sziget doesn’t go for the lineup. LOT of people go for the plastic dragon and stuff. You could enjoy Sziget if you were more sociable/ open minded. It’s not just about the bands and they never lied about it. What is your problem then? They never aim for the best lineup, just for diversity and some big bands. I don’t mind and a lot of people don’t mind neither.

  16. I doubt that RHCP will play at Sziget as they were in Budapest this September. I also doubt about Placebo, as they’ll play in Budapest in November, but you never know.

    I would like to see Green Day / The Offspring / Blink-182, The Killers, Gorillaz, Biffy Clyro, Radiohead and Mumford and Sons, as they look better. Foo Fighters would be my favourite option, though… there are some rumours that they’ll play Glastonbury.

  17. Glastonbury is genuinely a good indication of who is about. I love the plastic dragons stuff, the circuses etc. I would be happy with slightly less djs on main stage and a38. Would love lots of live music to go on till 3 or 4. Normally the last large
    Live band is 11.45. Have some later in a38

  18. As usually, great taste in headliners’ names, and than they will lost the track during the pick of the undercards’, but yet, Depece Mode and Foo Fighters can make a festival big by themselves

  19. NOS Alive had an amazing undercard last year!
    Tame Impala, Pixies, Biffy Clyro, Hot Chip, Ratatat, M83, Two Doors Cinema Club, Grimes, Foals…

  20. Mmmh taking a look at the lineup I said a nonsense, indeed… I forgot/confused part of the lineup, sorry 🙂

    Anyway Im taking a look at the latest announcement in summer’s Europe festivals and I wanted to share with you few considerations I made:

    1) I noticed by the previous years that most of the main act announced in the festivals in June (ex. Pinkpop, Download, Primavera Sound…), except djs, hardly performs in festivals done in August. I also can exlcude from the list the performers of the hungarian festivals (as Volt, Strand an Balaton)
    2) On other hand, I’ve noticed that most of the bands which performs at festivals in July (but not June) happens to attend also to some festivals in August.

    if, and ONLY if, those two considerations are true (exceptions were made, of course), are we legitimate to rule out as headliners/major performers Prophets of Rage, SOAD, Radiohead, LP (those for sure), Green Day, Arcade Fire, Run the Jewels, Aerosmith, Rancid?
    And, at the same time, can we give a chance to Foo Fighters, Depeche Mode, RHCP, Rise Against, The Amity Affliction, Alligatoah?

  21. SonneMondSterne Festival (which is held during Sziget) announced Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, Marteria?, Steve Aoki?, FRITZ KALKBRENNER?, The Bloody Beetroots?, Netsky LIVE, Sven Väth?, Nina Kraviz?, ZEDS DEAD?, Vitalic LIVE and many others

  22. Major Lazer did a great show.. im ok with them . Netsky live its awesome . of course if you like dnb 😀 and the bloody beetrots.. its a super live show 😀 and the rest.. im not interested 😛

  23. The official Sziget page answered to someone “We are on our way to announcements! Stay tuned!” on Facebook, so I guess that maybe they will also announce the first names when they’ll post the official aftermovie.

  24. I think they were maybe waiting for the beginning of sale tickets for VOLT. It’s in two days so they’ll give it a week and maybe we’ll have names next week along with the aftermovie.
    What would be your prediction for the first announcement?

  25. Justin Bieber was announced for a festival in Italy which is held in middle of June. I don’t know if I should be happy that he’s playing in June and probably won’t stay until August or should I be scared that he’s even doing festivals next summer? I hope he’s not the possibility for Sziget…

  26. Hahaha same dilemma!
    He won’t come though! I don’t think we’ll see someone like him or Kanye!
    Too $$$ and not enough professional (Rihanna debacle).

  27. I really hope for Foo Fighters or another big rock band, except RHCP. Radiohead, The Killers or Gorillaz would be cool too. The Rolling Stones would be amazing.

    I heardvthat Gorillaz won’t tour next year and that Foo Fighters will be on tour in Europe only for 2 weeks, but maybe these are rumours only. The Killers and the Stones didn’t announce a tour yet. So Radiohead and RHCP are more likely, I guess. I would prefer the first one.

  28. I think both Foo Fighters (small tour) and The Rolling Stones (waaay too expensive) are unlikely.
    Why not Radiohead?
    Excellent show and they will sell out their day.

  29. Stones are too costy for Sziget policy, by a lot; Gorillaz are, so far, ruled out from the count… I can expect Foo Fighters (takin the spot Muse took latest year), that would be a god-tier pick imho

  30. There are some rumours that Snoop Dogg will be in Europe in August next year (and he might come back to Sziget too).

    The story on short: Today were some news that he might play in Bogata, a village in Romania. The mayor of the village told the press that Snoop’s managers contacted him and they really want to discuss about a possible concert next August.

    In March this year, Snoop Dogg posted a selfie in a plane on Instagram and he checked in by mistake at “Bogata, Romania”, instead of Bogota, Colombia. A lot of Romanians saw that and he realized his mistake by the comments. In the next few days he told on social media that he’ll get to Bogata sometime soon. It could be in 2017!

  31. So some of these names could be announced:
    Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, The Bloody Beetroots, Netsky – SonneMondSterne Festival
    Marshmello, Axwell ? Ingrosso – Parookaville
    The National – New festival in Copenhagen
    Rise Against, Anti-flag – Open Flair, Rocco del Schlacko, etc.
    Billy Talent – rumoured (and probably will be announced tomorrow) for Highfield and Chiemsee Summer
    RHCP, Placebo, Biffy Clyro, Imagine Dragons – touring Europe in mid-July

  32. A big off topic

    I will be in California during April so I was like “hey let’s go watching out for Coachella, maybe tickets aint sold out yet”
    399 $ Admission + 99 $ Camping

    This festival’s circuit business is getting too costy 🙁

    Also, to get in topic at least, mau5 mau5 mau5!

  33. I’m with you for the Mau5!! would be crazy 🙂

    Youssou N’dour played a show in Paris yesterday, would be great for the World Music stage!

  34. Placebo in Germany between 18 and 20 august… maybe they’ll play Sziget again! If this is the case, it would be the 6th time Placebo does Sziget.

  35. @Lukas: Rammstein aint a Sziget’s kind band (sadly), they cost like a major headliner but dont bring the people Sziget is trying to target.

    Placebo would be good, I would redeem myself from the time I missed them in 2014…

  36. As I already saw Placebo 3 times on the Island I’d prefer something different, but usually when they tour Europe in August they come, so I’m pretty sure they are already booked.

  37. Placebo would be ace for some friends who didn’t come in 2014! Will be happy if they’re booked.

    They subbed Skrillex in 2014; we could see something similar happening.

  38. I think that we’ll get the first names on the 3rd of December. 😀 It will be the day when 250 days will be left until the 25th Sziget!

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