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Sziget 2016 Announces Die Antwoord, Skunk Anansie, Afrojack

Legends, big returners, and fresh performances – this is the tagline of today’s Sziget announcement. And the names confirm the title: Die Antwoord, Skunk Anansie, Afrojack, DVBBS, Zedd, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, Carnage, and Troyboi were announced to play at Sziget 2016.

Die Antwoord on Day -1

Three of the freshly announced bands will play on Day -1: Die Antwoord, Skunk Anansie, and Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg.

I think Die Antwoord needs no introduction – especially after their role in one of last year’s most popular science fiction movies, Chappie, even those unfamiliar with their music got to know them. The South African band is a very popular festival act, and – although they have been to Hungary several times before – they finished in a respectable position on the Szitizens’ wishlist. So, this is how Sziget wishes come true.

Skunk Anansie is considered one of the most memorable live acts today. The London-based band is one of the most important symbols of the alternative counterculture movement since the mid-1990s. This year they’re touring with their latest record, Anarchytecture.

Last, but not least, let us mention Marky Ramone, former drummer of The Ramones. To commemorate 40 years of punk rock, he is now touring the world with his latest act, opening the festival on the Main Stage.

New names in the Arena

Afrojack is among the highest rated electronic acts today. The Grammy Award-winning Dutch producer and DJ will turn up the bass on the Arena stage on Day 0.

Zedd is a young, ambitious and talented DJ, ready to take on the EDM world – with quite a lot of success, considering that he is one of the most sought-after EDM acts of today. The Russian – German youngster will fire up the Arena on Sunday the 14th.

DVBBS has played Asia, Australia, North and South America and Europe, too. Their incredibly energic and dynamic music is highly appreciated not just in clubs, but on festival scenes as well. Sziget visitors will have the occasion to listen to the Canadian duo on Saturday the 13th.

Carnage and TroyBoi to play A38

Carnage is an act that combines EDM, rap and trap into something unique. The US DJ will man the turntables of the A38 stage on Monday the 15th.

Last, but not least, TroyBoi, the multi-instrumentalist with his own unique style, which he simply calls “My Style”. The young Brit will also show his worth – and what tricks he has up his sleeve – on Monday the 15th.

114 thoughts on “Sziget 2016 Announces Die Antwoord, Skunk Anansie, Afrojack

  1. Die Antwoord and Skunk Anansie are pure PURE PURE gold; like ’em or not those are the guys the Main Stage needed: action and damn good presence on the stage!
    Marky Ramone is a good opener. Dont really into The Ramones, but it’s history, and I like history.

    About the Party Arena. It’s not really the stage for my tastes, but the names are huge, tbh.

    The only think I dont understand is why they are building The A38 night schedule as the temple of the trap music… Dubstep and DnB in the latest year was so damn good

  2. So am I right in thinking that the Day-1 headliner and the slot before David Guetta are still to be announced? If so, I’m pleased with today’s announcement.

  3. But we still expect a headliner for -1 though, right?

    These are some great adds. As close as we’ll ever get to the Ramones. Die m’n’f’n Antword! Carnage is so sick. And Zedd is a great show…the girls at a Zedd show…le sigh.

    Still think we’re missing something though.

    Isn’t David Gilmore in the area? RHCP? Rammstein would fit this very alternative day…ugh…

    The ANTICI——————wait for it——————–PATION is killing me.

  4. PS – Calling Chappie “most popular science fiction movies of the decade” is a bit of a reach, no?

  5. I’m just afraid that this means there won’t be a big headliner on day -1, in the past years there was almost nothing worthwhile besides the headliner on that day, that they now present some acts with reputation, does this mean they couldn’t get a real big headliner?

    I usually don’t visit the Party Arena, too crowded and hot, and I’m not that big of an EDM enthousiast, maybe I’ll give Afrojack or Zedd a try, if there isn’t a good rock act on at that moment, I am glad though that they won’t be “performing” on the main.

    Die Antwoord isn’t really my thing either, but it is a reasonably big name. Skunk Anansie, I do love, but I will already see them at Pinkpop earlier this year, and it hasn’t been too long since they were at Sziget, nonetheless always great live!

    And a bit of Punk to open the main stage is also a plus!

  6. I can’t understand why A38 during the night does not have some good electronic live music like Flume, Chet Faker, Bonobo, Tycho, James Blake…

    And I agree with Yelo: with acts like Pendulum dj set and Chase and Status Live being around in august I think it’s illegal to not book them. Anyway trap became very big this year, that’s why I think Sziget chose to put it in A38 night program, they follow the trend. But A38 is too much for those djs (even if they’re good)

  7. Nice batch of acts! I’ll definitely watch some of them.
    Chase & Status and Pendulum have other dates in Hungary already, so I think therefore Sziget can’t book them.

  8. Great announcement this! Especially for party people ie. me! Still think we have 1 more big act to come though when the ticket prices go up, like they did with KoL last year

  9. the one thing i don’t understand why a38 don’t have decent live bands, not electronic bands, damn they have 2 seperate stages, it’s more than enough.

  10. Good announcement! Day -1 looks like missing a rock headliner, maybe not as strong as RHCP/Rammstein but maybe Biffy will headline the night. “Weak” headline but good main stage that day.
    Or maybe we’ll get a bigger band! 😀

  11. Damn!
    I was hoping for Die Antwoord on the MS slot before Guetta. Too bad. And now I don’t know what to expect for that slot ! They were my best guess. Foals is not gonna happen since they were there last year. I like Wolfmother but I don’t think they are big enough for the evening.
    Maybe Iggy Pop ! But it’s gonna be weird before the crappy DJ.

    Anyway, those are nice adds for the line up. Pretty bummed that I can’t be there for D-1 now !

  12. @fsffs Not only A38 and Main, as far as I can see we hae 2 DJ-sets at Europe Stage also now. Even though I like EDM-music, at Sziget it’s like roaches. They infiltrate evrything and never dies.. I though that rock was the thing that supposed to never die 😉

    As for the -1 headliner I doubt there will be any. I’m guessing a Hungarian band for the first spot.

    Still crossing my fingers for Biffy, Fall Out Boy or The Vaccines.

  13. I think there will be a huge headliner on -1 day, for 2 reasons mainly:
    1- Why not announce the whole -1 day, but just 3 names out of 4 (assuming the rumors of the a38 on -1 was fake), why leave the place for just one name tba on the -1?
    2- I dont think it’s in their plan to announce David Guetta as the third big one (along with Muse and Rihanna). It is not that big and they know it

    Let’s wait and trust a little. For now, just cheer up for this good announcement

  14. i’m still convinced that a likely solution is:
    chemical brothers will headline day-1 and biffy will headline before guetta. They’re both doing festivals near sziget and have already played at sziget, they fit the lineup, they don’t cost too much but can sell good quantity of tickets and fulfill the main stage easily.

  15. On the Hungarian version of the press release, which has been translated here, it says that Marky Ramone will open the main stage!
    So I think that the headliner is yet to come!
    It also begins with “the announcement of the first three names for day -1”.

  16. @tmolvik
    Hahaha I like the roaches idea !
    But it’s a shame that organisers are trying to copy Tomorrowland and the like just because it’s working right now.
    I think that the “identity” of a festival is very important. You can’t make everyone happy with one line up. You can find festival full metal, full DJ, full rock or hip-hop and for for each, you have a public. Lots of them. But Sziget is trying to have all of them at the same time. And the result is that everyone think the line up is poor. That’s just logic.

  17. @Rzn .. if Sziget try to make a line up for everyone.. pls tell me a good hip-hop artist from the list .. no travis scott isnt one … he is crap .. and the others are german or different language . or basicly unknown artists..

  18. @Rzn I think it’s the other way around. I’m open minded musically so it’s nice to have different genre represented.
    There’s a big problem for sure (too much of this, not enough of that, oh and they missed reggae this year so far) but diversity isn’t one. I’d rather have the opportunity to watch Muse, Sigur Ros and Manu Chao at a festival.

  19. sziget has always been about diversity, so they’re not trying to reach all the type of audience right now just to sell tickets. The festival was born to be like this, with all the genres represented together (like a lot of other good festivals do). Even to have the party arena with edm djs is fine for me (and I don’t like that genre). Because it’s called Party arena, you go to party, and I have to admit that it’s a beautiful stage and people have a lot of fun there at night.

    The problem with sziget’s lineup it’s the quality of the acts usually on Main Stage this year (and some days last year also) and the fact that maybe too much crappy pop music is represented, and less rock, metal, hip hop.

  20. I don’t think anyone here has a problem with diversity, but is it really diversity if EDM is taking over pretty much all the stages? They are headlining MS, taking up half the A38 program, represented at Europe Stage and in addition have the whole Colusseum and Party Stage in addition.

    I understand that the whole logistic is easier with a DJ than the equal amount of instrument playing bands (whatever genre), but there must be a limit. Also, as they now have decided on this split apparently, at least make sure that those playing on MS, A38 and Europe Stage are decent names and bands. Some are of course, but budgetwise, the gap between EDM and others are getting even bigger (take away Muse and it’s absurd).

    And as others have mentioned, some genres (if it is to be a diverse festival) are totally missing. Hip-hop and Reagge maybe the main ones.

    I guess we’ll all just have to take whatever they serve us and we don’t get anything out of nagging in here, but we’ll do it anyway 😉 I do however hope that they can confirm if they are going to present a Day -1 headliner or not soon, as I have to book my flights soon and I’m still keeping the possibility open that an AMAZING booking can make me extend my pass to 7 days. Can’t figure out who that would be though…

  21. @Lazzy True, the hip-hop side is kinda weak. My guess is that’s because of Balaton. But it’s not fair, I agree with you especially when you see the number of DJ.

    @Noeliam For me there 2 types of diversity. And I think that Sziget lacks coherence in that diversity mainly for the headliners choice. Multiple themed scenes is good and that’s for your kind who like to “try”.
    But most of the people choose for the headliners. A strong headline can make a soldout even if the rest is weak.
    Here we have 2 pop acts, 2 DJs, 1 World music and 1 Pop rock (I’m not counting D-1). I Think that it’s confusing. I bought my ticket because of the reputation of Sziget and I wanted to try it so the line up didn’ matter. But I wouldn’t come if my choice was based only on the line up. And I think that I’m not the only one.
    But thta’s just my opinion.

  22. mmmmmmmmmm russian sziget wrote in comment that Die Antwoord will close main stage. hopefully they just don’t have full information…

  23. They wrote it wrong, surely. Die Antwoord aren’t in the first 7 names on the official Sziget Festival website.

  24. Wow, the EDM acts are very nice! Afrojack, yes :).. Zedd, cool. DVBBS, good party 🙂

    I dont like the music from Die Antwoord.. but ok

    I hope they will have a good headliner for day -1 for us 🙂

  25. Does anybody have a updated Google Drive Spreadsheet or something else with a summary on which date (and maybe time) the announcements are planned this far?

  26. On Clashfinder me and Noeliam attempted to build two schedules, the mine is created by “Parmiggiana”. Probably the Noeliam’s is more accurate, but I guess both are quite good

  27. Where is Sziget Russia’s comment? I can’t see any comment under the post with the new names.

  28. i saw Die Antwoord at Electric Castle in 2014 it was fun . but as headline act for Sziget -1 Day ? damn .

    @Rzn true . every year i go to balatonsound at least for 1 day . cuz’ they bring us some hip-hop acts.. and not some wierd shit .. real oldschool heads too (okey they bring the new style too but who cares) in 2013 i was there for Wu-tang and Nas .. last year for Ludacris and joey Bada$$ .. this year i’ll go for the Game ..

  29. timfcsm can you translate? Im not really good at russian ahah

    Halott Penz is a band for the Petofi Volt Stage. Worst case scenario: A38

    I strongly disbelieve Die Antwoord will headline Sziget for the reason I said before, also they are perfect as sub headliner

  30. They announced that they’ll be on the Main Stage, but they didn’t say on which day. I hope that it’s Muse day… I don’t care who will start on the Main Stage on 13 August, because it looks brilliant anyway!

  31. @Lazzy, a little question to you.. i go to Balaton Sound this year too, for the first 1 time.. how is it, is it also a very good festival? Is the sound etc same good as Sziget ?

  32. as atmosphere isnt that good as sziget .. cuz’ of the tons of EDm fans .. they are unlikely .. annoying people.. at least for me .. but about the sound (if you mean the quality of the sound from the stages) yes its fine .. the bigger festivals always have a good quality of sound system .. usually i stay only for my acts (the hip-hop artists) but i also check some good dnb shows too 😀 the rest sounds a bit same for me so .. its ok 🙂

  33. @yelo , one guy asked if Die Antwoord close main stage, and admin answered “exactly”

  34. Mmmmh, wait for further news, I love Die Artwoord and they themselves save the lineup for me, but I dont know, it would be… Weird, they are not headliner material in my view of things.
    I think will wait May for other news, so, keep on waitin quietly ahah

  35. When did they announce the last few bands for the Europe Stage? Or didn’t they bother this time either? I saw there was a few new ones added at the home page?

  36. If you go to the line up at the official site you first see Rihanna than Muse, David guetta, Manu Chao, Sia, Hardwell and after them you get bastille and the “other” names so I don’t think die antwoord will be a headliner because if they were they would be in that first list

  37. As far as internationally recognised acts go; Sziget is 70% EDM, 20% pop and 10% split between all other genres except rock, metal & hip hop that get between 0% and 1% between them. By the way i hate metal and hip hop but still think it should be represented.

    For me only Noel, M83 and Muse are bands i would pay to see. This is shockingly poor for a 7 day festival; especially when other European summer festivals like Portugal’s NOS alive has for me 14 amazing bands over 3 days.

    I have a 7 day ticket but have hired a car from the airport. Over the week I will explore Hungary until the evening and pop on to the island for the 1 or 2 gigs worth watching. This will be my 4th Sziget but 100% my last as I’m over 30 and am no longer represented.

    My bet is although they sell more tickets the on-site revenue is massively down next year as it is a fact that over 30’s have 3 times more disposable income than Sziget’s target audience of an average of 17 year olds.

    I am not trying to impress anybody by saying that i stay in a 4 star hotel and allow myself £90 spend per day on the the island and £30 off. With my wife Sziget / Budapest is our one week foreign holiday of the year and in the past it was a perfect combination of sunshine and music. This was also the case for the 8 friends we have brought with us over the last four years.

    We spend a lot and party far harder than sziget teens but we will take our custom to a city / festival that supports the best of live music; and that is NOT sziget.

    I will leave the island to the overcrowded teens

  38. @Daniel Heit Balaton Sound is a great festival, you’ll love it! Not as good as Sziget, but surely so much better than festivals like Pukkelpop (obviously not talking about the lineup). When you’re there you can really see the “hand of Sziget management”. I’ll be there for the 3rd year in a row this summer.

    @jjason looks like you’re not very good at statistics, do you? 70% EDM?? LOL!! 10% other genres LOL again! C’mon, I understand you don’t like Sziget anymore but saying things totally random too much. For now we have 8 EDM djs on 108 bands/artists/djs announced. Now, I’ve done my statistics exam 4 years ago but I really don’t think that 8 is the 70% of 108. Then if you count all the djs, including quality djs like Boys Noize, we have 16 on 108 names that must be divided in EDM, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Drumstep, Tech-house, Electro-house and more. Still not even close to 70%, anyway.

    I think that this EDM think is really going too far. I really think EDM sucks, but let’s be a little objective.

  39. One thing I have learned, no matter where you go and no matter who you are – people always complain about festival lineups. I’ve been to rock festivals. I’ve been to EDM festivals. I’ve been to Jazz Festivals. Everyone always complains.

    I am 42 years old and don’t mind being around teens. I’m psyched as hell about Sziget just because it is such a broad spectrum of music and as they say ‘freedom.’ Sure, we all want our favorite bands to play every fest we go to. Even with the homogenization of festival lineups on a global scale, it just doesn’t work out that way. I needed to see Radiohead and LCD at a festival this year. That’s why I’m going to Primavera in addition to Sziget.

    I still hope for one more headliner and a couple other MS acts. But if that doesn’t happen, I really don’t even care. I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the week. Lets try to remember to not be negative all the time. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. I, for one, am so excited about the diverse lineup and the non-major acts.

    Just my rant. Peace and love, y’all. PS – a less than stacked lineup has other benefits, namely there won’t be sick conflicts every day and every night.

  40. @Bender, If you were to close your eyes and randomly walk around Sziget what music do you think you would hear most of the time? You know as well as i do that most bars, most shops and most smaller pop-up stages of which there are dozens are playing mostly EDM. I would say about 70% of the time you would be hearing EDM as 70% of all PA speaker sets on the island are playing EDM; and that ratio slides more away from guitar players towards USB players every year.

    Other than a dedicated EDM festival i can’t think of any other festival of the 30+ i have been to which has more EDM; that is not necessarily a bad thing just not my thing.

    If anyone here knows the organisers, have a word with them about David Guetta as his last sziget performance was the worst gig i have ever been to and I’m 46 and have averaged 2 festivals a year since I was 17; and yet they re-book him as a non end-show headliner? I was genuinely angry when I read that and for me that was the final nail in the Sziget coffin. I am so old I remember when there were no Main Stage EDM headliners, this year for the first time there are 2 and at least one is dreadful.

    Anyway this is my last ever post here as, as is obvious my festival / music interests are elsewhere. I will pop on to the island and will enjoy my last Sziget and i hope everyone here has a brilliant time.

  41. and @jjason: sziget is a 7 day festival at the price of a 3 day big festival with camping. So the lineup (as quantity) is the same but spread through 7 days.

    and also it’s too early to think that the big/medium acts are over. They always announce something in late april/may/june. So I’m of course confident for -1 headliner, for the other high spot on the main and for some a38 surpise

  42. Biffy Clyro have just been announced for Open Air Gampel (Switzerland). Noel Gallagher, Parov Stelar, Sum 41 & Parkway Drive are also on the line up?

  43. I think biffy Clyro is gping to sub David guetta, I also think cage the elephant will come

  44. @jjason first of all you have all my respect. 46 years old and 2 festivals every year sounds great. I’m 28, I’ll be 29 at this sziget and my plans for the rest of my life is just doing the same thing you do. Apart from this, if you talk about small “branded” stage and bars you’re right, but at least from 2009 (the first year I went), it’s always been like this, so it’s not a new thing. Dance music everywhere. But it’s not a matter of Sziget Management, those small stage just chose djs because they want people to party at their bars. Only some of them put rock (mixing it with dance music). So this is not a matter of Sziget, it’s a matter of those bars that buy a space at the festival and manage it the way they want. You can’t blame the organization for this.
    About Guetta the answer is easy. Guetta sells sh*tloads of tickets. He plays every year at a Sziget festival. Last year Volt, 2014 Balaton Sound, 2013 Sziget, 2012 Balaton Sound and so on. You can also pay him 300k but you’ll surely get so much more by the tickets he sells alone. And if they put something good before the dj like they did with Kasabian-Avicii last year I’m fine.

    @JeffK I quote every single word. I’m going to Primavera Sound as well. I went last year, in October I moved to Barcelona so I really have to go again. It would be a crime living here and not going! I think that on the music side no festival in Europe offers the music variety Primavera Sound has. But it’s not comparable to Sziget in any way. It’s just music, just concerts-concerts-concerts, just walking to a stage to another watching great concerts and sets. This will be my 8th Sziget in a row because for me a festival is something more than just concerts. That’s why I think that there’s nothing like Sziget, I find it perfect. The lineup is just a plus and, even if I was more into the old music direction with more rock, the metal stage and all the rest, I keep on going because it’s really the best week of the year. 🙂

  45. this names added to site without stage/date
    Halott Pénz (HUN)
    DJ Tagada (F)
    DJ mps PILOT (NL)
    DJ scratchy (GB)
    DJ Robert Soko (D)

    i think Halott Pénz will be added to main stage if they doesn’t find something better for early slots

  46. Halott Penz is usually Petofi Material, DJ Tagada World stage at 99%.
    the others I never heard of in the previous edition so I cant tell.

  47. Halott Pénz self-confirmed themselves on the Main Stage, I think for the 13th or the 14th (13th would be better as we already have a spectacular Main Stage that day).

    The others may be night program for the Europe Stage cos on the page that was published some days ago here on szigetnews with the slots for every stage there was one act on the Europe Stage set at 00:20.

  48. Halott Penz sadly confirmed for MS on their official page at FB :(.. last year Punnayny was weak as hell

  49. Those guys have good sound, but I dont think I will spend time in the Main Stage, not at 16, when the weather is usually hot as hell and MS provides no shade. At the same time there won’t have been any better place in timetable to make them play in the MS, I guess.

    I find this choice right, anyway: promotion of hungary music and stuff; at least this year seems we’ll have only 3 hungarian name (Quimby, Punnany Massif and Halott Penz), last year we had 5 (or 6?) names and was a bit too much

  50. I received this yesterday:

    “Les têtes d’affiche du Day -1 viennent d’être dévoilées avec Die Antwoord et Skunk Anansie”

    on the french newsletter.

    It literally means “the headliners for day-1 have just been unveiled with Die Antwoord and Skunk Anansie.

  51. Actually this is strange because on the Program page they are between John Newman, The Lumineers, Sum 41 and Kaiser Chiefs, all playing at 17:45.

  52. I’m pretty happy with the lineup so far. As an indie kid there are loads of interesting bands playing on the Europe, a38 and world music stage so far. Main stage is weak for me but saying that MUSE is awaome, really happy with skunk anansie as well. There’s loads of other cool stages to be announced, the magic mirror and. Blues stage normally have a few I’d like and let’s not forget the tribute stage for late night singalongs. Love that the world music stage has an extra day this year, will make day 0 so much better

  53. There are sooo many bands touring this year. RHCP, Rammstein, Chemical Brothers etc….

    And they bring none of them 🙁 this is very dissapointed
    I also think that Die Antwoord is Day -1 headliner.. very very dissapointed… 🙁

  54. I just asked sziget France if they were headlining day -1. They said it’s gonna be a surprise and we will know soon

  55. After the C2C prank last year I dont trust Sziget France anymore :/

    Just wait and see, I dont think Die Antwoord nor Skunk Anansie can headline. I like them both but Die Antwoord played in party arena and Skunk Anansie on early spot in MS

  56. I really hope Die Antwoord won’t headline. Even Macca would please me if he will be the surprise on that day. Can we have him for Day -1? He played “A Hard Day’s Night” live for the first time after 51 years…

  57. A lot has apparantly happendes here in one day 🙂 First of all I’m happy to see that there are other people here over 30 as I was sure I was the only one, but it’s nice to know that this is not the case.

    @miguel I don’t know what everyone here defines as EDM, but as the definition is Electronic Dance Music, I would very much say that it is represented at Colusseum. I don’t know what you woul call it, but it’s sure as hell no guitars or violins there…

    @jjason Although I won’t go into a discussion about the excact share of EDM, there is a big overweight of it if we define by my definition above (especially when you only mention recognized acts). I have no problem if Sziget decides that they mainly want to be an EDM-festival, but then they should come forward and define themselves as one also. Right now it doesn’t seem like they know themselves what they want to be.

    As mentioned I’m also over 30 and have the same spending pattern as you. Although I haven’t given up Sziget yet, I agree that they don’t seem to understand the bigger picture here. In Norway where I’m from, more and more festivals goes in the other directions, as younger people often buy there own drinks, food etc outside the festival area, consume it before entering as it’s cheaper, and don’t spend much. There are of course exceptions, but it’s only natural that it is that way given that they are in the earlier stages of their life span and often students.

    I wrote all this in an e-mail to Sziget before this years festival, but whoever answered me didn’t really seem to understand. I also suggested that they should sell VIP tickets as there are plenty of people that are willing to pay for those amneties that is included. It’s a potential they don’t seem to get (or simply just don’t want to use) though.

    @Bender Where did you get the different slot times from, since you now who’s playing 17.45? Guesswork or is it published somewhere?

  58. @Bender – Hey. I’m doing Primavera by myself and am looking for people to hang out with at the festival. Shoot me an email at jeffkeiseresq (at) gmail (dot) com if you’d like to meet up. I’ve never done this fest (or Barca) before and would love tips. Thx.

  59. Yeah over 30 rules !
    I get your point about EDM. It’s easy to label it that way as I do it too !
    But I get that people who are knowledgeable in that kind of music don’t agree. When people say that I listen to rock and I say No man it’s not, it’s prog or kraut or stoner, they can be lost.

    And I’d really like to know the difference in income for a public in majority over 30 oppose to a younger public. I work for a festival who is kinda doing the same thing as the line up become more and more hip-hop. And last year we caught lot and lot of very young who tried to sneak in with weed and their own drink.

  60. @Ben Weilcome to the club 🙂

    @Rzn I of course agree that there are many different sub genres of EDM as it is withing rock, jazz etc. However it is still electronic music, in the same way as prog or pop is instrumental music. Which is better is a matter of taste, but there is no doubt that EDM is heavily represented at Sziget and that you need to count in all genres of it if you’re gonna make an oveview of the share between EDM and instrumental.

    I go to Rock Werchter every year as well, and there people get pissed everything they book something that even reminds people about EDM or other genres. It all depends on what image the festival has decided to have, as I have no problem understanding that their main target audience don’t find Pharrell or Paul Kalkbrenner as “rock starts”. Look at the campaign on Glastonbury against Kanye West as headliner for instance. I think diversity in a festival is good, but the festival needs to know it’s identity and communicate this. Sziget haven’t market itself as a mainly EDM-related festival but rather gradually gone in that irection, which can make a lot of people who have been to previous editions feel annoyed.

    As for the income part there is no doubt about the difference in spending patterns. There could of course be differences from country to country, but for a major festival like Sziget they will be heavily impacted as tey get guests from all over the world, but wealthy and less wealthy parts. That said though, if the reason Sziget does it this way is because they can’t nearly sell out by not cater for the 16-25 segment, then the calculations would be different…

  61. @ambassadeur One more 🙂 And I thought that I was surrounded by people around 18.. I like and must at the same time apologize for being biased 😉

  62. On the official site sum 41 is placed between the subheadliners so I think they will sub guetta 🙁

  63. @Szitize, Bastille/John Newman and TLSP/Lumineers placed before sum41, but they will play at one day

  64. @Ambassadeurm, Today its my 31th birthday and it will be my 10th Szizet in a row!, and counting 😀 Awesome!

    But generally, you just cant label Sziget to EDM, yes, theres some “artists” who present that kind of music, but dont be ridiculous…

    @JeffK you just said it all.. its SZIGET, Freedom and, diversity, peace and love.

    Its SO easy to whine and find bands NOT to announced, seems like nothing is good ´cos its so easy to have opinion against the lineup. “why not beatles cos i heard they played near there once”

    Of course they have to make decision what to book, and of course its business as usual, money counts. But 4real my friends, theres so much to see so stop whining who is around and dont be so self-obsessed, something you like, someone hate and vice versa.

    I know, everytime I repeat myself, but The Island is just the place to be, so i wanna spread the Gospel tó everyone who havent be there.

    This year i´ll bring >5 new visitors, and they gonna love it!
    SO, im sorry but not, Its gonna be huge! (or, as Art said last year im brainwashed and im fu*’kd)

  65. But where is the band that is not touring normaly that they will bring us? Someone said they will bring a band which is not really touring in 2016.. the line up now is not bad, but no exclusive headliner!

    Glastouburny have Adele & Coldplay…

    For a big festival like Sziget is, a exclusive headliner would be very good for a festival and not just a David Guetta as one of the “big” headliners 🙂

  66. So I guess I am the younger out there 😀

    Anyway, about the exclusive… They are joking too much around the last headliner (like a big trolling around), trying to increase the hype, so I think he will be the exclusive name (if there will be one in the end)
    Just waiting for them, I decided to not be so negative as I was in last time, so Im just here with a silly smile waiting for the anticipations 🙂

  67. I’m 21… surrounded by +30 people!! I’m leaving >

    Seriously @SzigetLover nice name; I’ll also bring a few friends for their first time, + the ones that I brought on my 2nd year that will definitely come back 🙂

  68. Jack U should headline, that would be crazy! and it willmake day -1 the best mainstage day of the week

  69. @Buda Skrillex have dates 06th, 12th and 19th of august in the USA so that rules him, Jack U and other projects (Dog Blood) out!

  70. Real big surprise would be an Hologram concert, that would fit the “non touring artist” thing. Plus it was already done quite a few times already around the world so why not @ Sziget?

  71. If we arrive to predict or hope for holograms concerts means we really don’t know who to expect!
    Some years ago they made 2-Pac appear this way at Coachella sharing the stage with Snoop Dogg, but it was just for one song. That would be nice, but I really hope for something real. 🙂

  72. I think he was referring to the Hologram band ( )
    If so, I think that a band like this wouldn’t even fit the A38 for the Sziget concept, MS’s headliner spot is pure utopia.

    If it is a non-touring band there cant be any idea, too many choices. I can bet on my fav bands, but it means absolutely nothing.
    So, ok, Eminem, Gorillaz, Nine Inch Nails, Tools, Brand New and Arctic Monkeys (and hell yeah, the Linkin Park of the beginnin of 00s, time machine must be ready for august!)

  73. I think that Diplo for Party Arena would be great..It’s like getting Major Lazer or Jack U but for the half price with the same content 🙂

  74. New Frequency names:

    DJ Aphrodite, Bastille, Bob Moses, BØRNS, Boys Noize, Ill.Skillz, Keys N Krates, Miike Snow, Ogris Debris, Red, Simian Mobile Disco, SSIO

  75. @Bender I hope for something real too but I was trying to think out of the box here 😉

    @Yelo Not at all, I was not referring to a specific band (certainly not a small one like them ^^)

    Anyway I guess we all know deep down that Guetta is an Headliner and that there is only one spot left for a major artist to headline the Day -1, but according to what was already announced for that day I would not bet for a huge one (even if I would be thrilled by The Killers)

    But if I am allowed to dream, here is my wishlist 😉

    1) Queen
    2) Mike shinoda / For Minor / Linkin Park (eyh, he is not touring ;))
    3) Eminem
    4) Rammstein (even if you are not a metal guy, this is an awesome show)

  76. @Dexanimo Sziget partners do their posters basing on the appeal that specific artist has in that country. Noel Gallagher is the last on the list for example, but we know that he’ll sub-headline for sure.

  77. Everyone was whining about Sia when she was announced at Sziget, but it seems that she did a great performance at Coachella.

  78. I have no problem with Sia, she is not bad at all. Also Rihanna is oke, i was a fan when i was younger 🙂

    The problem with the line up for me is that there is no real big rock band except of Muse..

    RHCP, Rammstein, Green Day, Bon Jovi etc… i really really hope for 1 more good rock band..

    The fun is that i am not a rock fan, but i want to see also rock live and not just edm and pop.. because i think the crowd is going very crazy with a good rock band 🙂 ..

  79. TBH there is far more rock this year than in the latest edition.
    Sia made people whine because she was an Headliner. The Lineup is not bad this year (it is, in fact, better than the latest year, even if this time there are better bands in tour, but forget about this thing for a minute); the reason why people whines IMHO is that the names are all messed up: headliners should not be headliners, sub headliners should not be sub headliners, too many co-headlining days (2 out of 7 is a thing).
    Also a problem could be the timetable, but it’s provvisory until they release the news, so I dont care about them either.

    Now, I came to the conclusion I really dont mind about this, cause I will have more or less 4-5 shows a day which was the thing I was most concerned about, but to other people whining because Manu Chao or Sia or Guetta are headliner, Parov Stelar, TLSP subheadliner, well I cant blame them, I dont understand ’em anymore, but I cant blame them.

  80. In my opinion any band with Alex Turner deserves to be at least a subheadliner, if not a headliner. He’s one of the biggest live music icons of the last 10 years. I really don’t get why anyone would complain about him taking the slot before the end show.
    Besides that, every year people whine about headliners or subheadliners not being big enough, but it’s Sziget, a festival of 7 days. Sziget never had 7 headliners as big as Muse or Rihanna. Having two acts that big is already much for Sziget, in my opinion. If I think back of White Lies or Mika headlining, this year it’s not at all that bad.

  81. Not anymore … with now 2 albums they have enough of their own songs to make a full set.
    And TLSP is a sub everywhere in Europe. That’s exactly where they should be.
    Same for Guetta. The error was to book him, not to give him the headline slot :p
    We can argue with the choice of artist but we can’t do that for the slot since we haven’t the official timetable.

  82. Apparently Sia was one of the best acts at coachella this year! I wasn’t planning on going to her but I will now!

  83. New names from the press conference:

    – Europe Stage: Deluxe, Perturbator, La Smala, Maya Isacowitz, GOLAN
    – Petofi – VOLT Stage: Kiscsillag, Szabó Balázs Bandája, Hiperkarma, Middlemist Red, Bin-Jip, Péterfy Bori & Love Band
    – Afro – Latin Stage: Airtist, Manaky, Afrodzaqm, RedRed, Ras Muhamad, Barrio Latino, Riddim Colony, Medial Banana, Bassrunner Soundtribe
    – Blues Stage: Errol Linton, Leifde Leeuw & Erik Ankoné, Kraków Street Band, Jambalaya, Tom White & the Mad Circus, Lead Zeppelin, Jack Canon Band

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