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Sziget Announces the Lineup of the World Music Stage

Just like in the previous years, the Sziget Festival will feature great music from all over the world. The organizers of the event have just announced the lineup of the World Music Stage, which will be incredibly colorful this year – focusing on roma (gypsy) traditions this year. The World Music Stage is the melting pot of the Roma Tent, the Afro-Latin-Reggae Stage and the Hungaricum Village, with an enormous concentration of performers of the genre.

This year’s lineup offers several Eastern European and Balcanic styles, not excluding others – like fado – but its main focus will still be on Roma music, with at least one such act every day, from every corner of the globe: from India to Romania, from Serbia to Egypt, and not excluding local talent from Hungary either.

The lineup of the World Music Stage will include both classics of the genre, and more actual acts. Here is the list:

  • Boban i Marko Markovic Orkestar
  • Antwerp Gipsyska Orkestra
  • The Egyptian Project
  • Noura Mint Seymali
  • She’Koyokh
  • DakhaBrakha
  • Söndörg?
  • Romengo
  • La Chiva Gantiva
  • Besh o droM
  • Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble
  • PASO
  • Parno Graszt
  • Taraf de Haïdouks
  • Szalonna és Bandája
  • Ladánybene 27
  • Imam Baildi
  • LaBrassBanda
  • HK & Les Saltimbanks
  • Roy Paci & Aretuska Allstars
  • Dhoad – Gypsies from Rajasthan

The turntables will be manned by performers like GypsySoundSystem, DJ Borzin, DJ Luca Vaga, DJ Lord Sassafras and DJ Tagada at the break of dawn.

15 thoughts on “Sziget Announces the Lineup of the World Music Stage

  1. I have no idea who these are BUT, can anyone share which of these should we totally check?

  2. Yes I agree with Nevertheless. The World Music Stage is awesome (and it’s gonna be bigger this year, ~25.000 people) and well decorated (I like flags!)
    Can someone also tell us when’s the best time to go? Day or night?


  3. Roy Paci & Aretuska,a very good italian band,a sort of patchanka,Roy was the trumpeter of Manu Chao,Macaco,Mau Mau and a lot of other projects…

  4. It looks like Limp Bizkit are on the Monday someone had suggested they may have just put the first day of the festival but with other festivals they are on specific days of those festivals.

  5. I have to say, I don’t think it’s on that they don’t announce if bands are on Day -1 or 0. I’d be gutted if I bought a standard festival ticket and a band I wanted to see weren’t actually part of the main festival

  6. Limp Bizkit on monday seems legit. Not all festivals in august are in their tour dates (Lowlands, Pukkelpop) so it seems unlikely that they just chose a random date, they could have done that for the other festivals too then. They also posted something about sziget on their timeline.

    Some facebook dates i’m not that sure of: Awolnation 10th and Alt-J 17th. Alt-J page looks quite messy anyway because way out west festival is listed twice.

  7. I know that but check the Alt-j Facebook page. Just to illustrate that we’re not sure of the dates until sziget officialy announces them.

  8. You’re right!
    For daily updated news about Sziget, check this facebook page: SZIGET FESZTIVÁL 2014: FÉLÁR DIÁKOKNAK.
    There’s a lot of artists they know when they will play.

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