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Sziget Festival 2012 ticket prices

As we said earlier today, the organizers are promising the best Sziget line up ever for the 20th edition, but this will come at the expense of ticket prices.

Here are the ticket prices for Sziget 2012, according to the official Sziget Festival site:

Sziget Weekly Pass (with camping)

Early bird price (till 30 April, 12PM CET): 195 EUR

Full price (after 1 May, 0AM CET): 225 EUR


Sziget 5 Days Pass (non-camping)

Early bird price (till 30 April, 12PM): 165 EUR

Full price (after 1 May, 0AM): 195 EUR


Sziget Day Ticket (regular day)

Early bird price (till 30 April, 12PM): 40 EUR

Full price (after 1 May, 0AM): 45 EUR


Sziget Caravan Camping Ticket

Price: 130EUR/vehicle


VIP Camping Upgrade Ticket

Price: 120 EUR

10 thoughts on “Sziget Festival 2012 ticket prices

  1. The €25 rise isn’t really a problem for me, but for the Hungarians it sucks. Every year there are more Hungarians who can’t pay the ticket price and are forced to buy day tickets for the bands they REALLY want to see.

  2. they do offer tickets to Hungarian students cheaper though so its not like they don’t think about this and older Hungarians i cant imagine that they will like everyday enough to go for a week anyway

  3. Yeah, but somehow I feel kinda sorry for them. Not only the tickets are getting more expensive, but also food/drinks.

  4. true that! I feel sorry for them to, we are invading their sziget, so i can imagine there offense! Hopefully the drinks and food wont be so expansive.. 530 for a beer was already expansive for the hongarian:/

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