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23 thoughts on “Sziget line-up to be announced early next week

  1. We hope to see them at Sziget, too. Especially since they are on tour in Europe at that time.

  2. @Mirex: that sounds like another possibility. They are on tour at that time, too.

  3. Yeah, Wolfmother (H) That would be soooo cool!
    This year The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain will be a so called ‘Topic Country’ does any one know what this means?


  4. Well, it would have been strange to have Prodigy at Sziget for 2 years in a row…

  5. I dont even no 5 bands touring in august big enough to headline sziget. Muse, Billy Talent, QOTSA… and hopefully no blink. And maybe Placebo, but its not too likely that they will come again.

  6. Papa Roach and Limp Bizkit announced dates in Austria for this august/september. I think they both might come. Kasabian will play in Wienna so they are also a possibility. last year’s headliners Placebo and Faith No More will also play Austria this summer).

    Cant wait for the announcement!

  7. If Muse doesn’t come ill change my name into muse so muse will still come 😀


  8. @Mr. Sziget: if you do, tell us when you’re playing, so we can write on the site :))

  9. I think we raelly have chsnce to see Muse & Billy Talent(80-90 %) and maybe Soulfly.Airbourne,Maybe Metallica,Sepultura…We need more metal bands this year..and give us Hammerworld stage back

  10. It’s on!
    Muse Kasabian, Metamorphosis Billy Talent. Gorillaz Sound System Infected Mushroom….

  11. hi guys! Do you know if it’s the final version of the line up? If not, when can we expect the other artists to be announced?

  12. Hi Agata! It’s definitely not the final version. There should be at least a couple more headliners and many more acts.

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