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Sziget Looking for Fresh Talent to Play at the Campfire

Sziget will build its huge campfire again this year, and is now looking for talent to play and sing around it.

[…] we are looking for the most talented campfire musicians to entertain our melody-loving Szitizens! If you are the world’s most irresistible street musician, or if you just like to jam out on some classics under the shower and would like to perform at an intimate, cozy location at one of the biggest festivals, you are at the right place! Read on!

Who can apply to the SZIGET Campfire 2016 contest

The organizers of Sziget 2016 are looking for unplugged / acoustic performers, solo artists or bands of up to 3 members with a 1-hour set to sing and play around the fire. The ideal candidate can “evoke a traditional campfire mood” and has a repertoire of many, many covers.

To apply, artists need to record a video of their performance of one unplugged song, upload it to YouTube with the title “SZIGET Campfire 2016” and apply through the form that can be found here. The deadline for the application is March 31st.

Artists who are selected to entertain Szitizens around the fire will be provided with a 7-day pass to the festival, complete with camping possibilities, and the chance to perform at Sziget’s campfire in either of the seven days while the event lasts. Performers will not receive any further compensation

The videos that meet the organizers’ criteria will be uploaded to the website. Visitors will have the chance to vote their favorite acts for nine days, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The acts with the most votes on their videos will be contacted by the Sziget staff at the beginning of June.

A shout out to all who have spent time by the fire last year: how was it? Did you have a good time?

2 thoughts on “Sziget Looking for Fresh Talent to Play at the Campfire

  1. Beautiful idea but:
    I wasn’t able to hear quite anything of the performances at the Campfire when I tried it, because of the music of Colosseum and Party arena. Maybe when I was sitting in the front row, or second I heard decently… But the bass from the other two stages was annoying because it was of course on another rhythm compared to the songs the artists were playing at the Campfire, so a non enjoyable mixture of sounds to hear.
    They need to change it in a more quiet location

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