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Sziget Talent Adds Young Romanian Band to Lineup

Sziget Talent Show

Sziget Festival will give the chance to one – unknown – Romanian band to make its debut on its stage through its Sziget Talent contest, started a few days ago. To be eligible, the bands need to be:

  • younger than five years old (year of establishment should be after 2010)
  • an underground-alternative band, no matter if it’s indie rock, hip-hop, electro or jazz (no tribute or cover bands)
  • between 2 and 7 band members
  • to not have a contract signed with any record labels

The jury to decide which band will emerge from the Romanian underground will be composed of Dan Amariei (Omul cu Sobolani), Bogdan Popoiag (ROA, Unu’), Kovács András (KUMM), DJ Bully (Cooperativa Urbana), Mihai Tita (Sunete) and one Sziget Festival representative.

Between the 25th of March and the 25th of April the bands will undergo a preliminary selection, with their work becoming available through the dedicated Romanian page of the festival (here), followed by a live concert of the three best bands chosen by the jury. The live performance will take place at the Expirat club in Bucharest, on the 7th of May. Here the jury and the public will choose one band to get their 15 minutes (or more) of fame at the 2015 Sziget Festival. What exactly does this mean?

  • the chance to perform at the Europe stage between the 10th and 11th of August
  • 500 euros to cover their transport costs
  • two nights of lodging at a hotel for the band and one tech at most
  • one weekly ticket for the band and the tech
  • First Class P.A. & Stage Lighting System
  • Backline – two guitar cabinets, one bass amp and one basic drum kit
  • food and water backstage on the day of the performance

More details about the contest will be announced at the due time.

109 thoughts on “Sziget Talent Adds Young Romanian Band to Lineup

  1. Haha good to see you!
    Ellie goulding is the first thing that comes when you google that.

  2. Not happy with the first name. Not at all. But ok, somebody likes her, I suppose.
    Next hint? 😀

  3. So Mr John

    Clues so far

    1) Anthem – Gaslight, Blink 182, Good Charlotte (hot or cold)

    2) Anything could happen – unanimous for Ellie Goulding


  4. On Facebook a girl write Ellie Goulding (nooo!), Linkin Park (yeahhhhhhhhhhhh) and Paolo Nutini (nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo).

    Please Jonh…from now only good news 🙂

  5. I’m not happy with Ellie but I’m sure there will be plenty of other good acts or activities to do 🙂
    We’re surely getting a headliner tomorrow… John said that it was a DJ not long ago. I hope for some rock!

  6. Phantom Menace
    Attack of the Clones
    Revenge of the Sith
    A New Hope
    Return of the Jedi
    The Force Awakens

  7. Any reason he left out The Empire Strikes Back? All 5 other Star Wars movies are listed, as well as the 7th one which is set to be released next year. So… something to do with Empire Strikes Back? But I have no idea.

  8. A band called Uptown Funk did an album called Empire Strikes back? Mark Ronson? Not that I’d want him.

  9. Yeah. Maybe empire of the sun/ black sun empire. I think it’s an “empire band” that already played at sziget.

  10. Star Wars -> The Drones from Star Wars -> Muse’s new Album Dromes..

    Muse maybe?

  11. Based on the ‘DJ-fact’ John is talking about, I think it will be Black Sun Empire en Dub FX.

  12. ????? Sure Kasabian Headliner! But why not?? They were headliner at Glastonbury 2014 and not Sziget? wtf

  13. Kasabian headlined Glastonbury last year, they are headliners for sure! And I’m very happy with that. Great energy in their live. Can’t wait to see them.

  14. Kasabian will be headliner. Sziget announcement wrote: “nem véletlen, hogy a világ legnagyobb fesztiváljain – köztük az idei Szigeten – van biztosított helyük headliner pozícióban.”

  15. I think Ellie Goulding is a headliner too. In the announcement she is in the first place, Kasabian in 2.

  16. @rambo joe where? On Sziget Official Kasabian are first. On Sziget Italia they even announced only Kasabian with a link for other names. I think Ellie Goulding will be subbing like Lily Allen last year.

  17. Maybe anthem is referring to Irie Maffia? They are at Sziget every year and made the Sziget anthem this year.

  18. ” Ellie Goulding will have her debut also on the biggest stage of the Island of Freedom.”

  19. They also said “Kasabian. Their fifth album was released last year, so get ready to rock the Sziget Main Stage with them.” but we know that Kasabian is headlining.

  20. I think that suggests she won’t headline but if so can your just say please John? Ellie as a headliner is stressing us all out, if she isn’t I’m happy with today’s small announcement.

  21. nobody knows yet, it depends on what other bands they can book. it also depends on which day are the bands available, it happens that we have two big bands playing one day, and the next day a smaller band is headlining

  22. Robbie, Florence and Kasabian are the headliners and Martin Garrix will play the end show.

  23. @Art, not you again 😀

    @Noeliam: yes, those, and alt-j + Ellie are possible headliners too if there are no bigger bands available

  24. Kasabian and Ellie headliners? Realy? That’s just so sad. Just like 2 years ago Sziget has got major problems to book a fine line-up again. Plus: Their programmers still don’t have a clue whats hot and not in hardrock/heavy metal. Looks this year is gonna be poor again. 🙁

  25. What do you have against Kasabian? Amazing band live.
    and nothing tells us that Ellie is headlining.

  26. @ rambo joe frickle – Why the 1% doubt??? You wouldnt just be guessing would you?

  27. Kasabian is a good rock band, headlining Glastonbury 2014 and a lot of other big festivals. Great addition !

    Ellie Goulding it could be time for her to have a big live show. His last song has 200+ millions views on Youtube so she definitely has a huge fan base (but maybe not in Sziget audience)

    I still hope for a bigger headliner like Linkin Park.

  28. @Joe
    you can never rule out an “exclusive” prodigy concert at sziget so it could be on Ellie’s day.

  29. I wouldnt say no to Prodigy again….cause i cant remember them from last year 😀

    With Linkin Park still no announced i think they will be unlikely. Recent trend suggests there will be a Hip Hop headliner..Hard to see what bands could headline the other two nights.

  30. Ellen Allien, Damian Lazarus and Function are big underground electronic additions. Sziget now has a better electronic line up than most electronic festivals. We’ll ignore Garrix. Nero smash it up live too

  31. @Ed
    “Sziget now has a better electronic line up than most electronic festivals”
    another huge if not the biggest problem, there is a Balaton Sound festival dedicated for that!!

  32. @Art: Balaton Sound caters more towards popular mainstream “EDM”. For all intents and purposes, it’s an “EDM” festival. Ed was talking about underground tech house, techno, house, ect. Very few of the DJs announced for Colosseum would you ever find playing Balaton Sound.

    Electronic music is pretty much as diverse, if not more diverse, than all other genres of music put together. What you can do with a DAW and some good VSTs is literally endless.

  33. @john doe: any chance we could have some hints re: bands that people here will get excited about? seems like a lot of people (including me) are pretty underwhelmed with the lineup. although I still have faith, it could be nice to know some of what sziget may have planned!

  34. @thetrootroo: People are unsatisfied before the festival every year, but always happy afterwards.

  35. @john doe: touche my friend. can you answer me one question: can we expect at least one true headliner on the main stage at this year’s edition?

  36. @Art previous poster is correct. I’m not talking about EDM. It’s like comparing death metal to My Chemical Romance

  37. @thetrootroo what are you talking about? Robbie Williams, Florence and Kasabian are “true headliners”.

  38. @Noeliam, John Doe: sorry! i meant new additions from here on out!

    extremely excited for florence and kasabian, and i’m sure robbie will entertain us. definitely didn’t mean to insinuate that they weren’t headliner material (I hope there is more to come in the same league as them)

  39. @FAB: I know wha you mean, but it’s hard to argue with the fact that she’s headlining other major festivals literally all over the world (Lollapalooza included, and it has an incredible lineup this year).

    I saw her in an afternoon slot at Osheaga 2012 in Montreal, Canada. The lineup was stacked that year. This year it’s legitimately one of the best lineups I’ve ever seen at a festival that size, and she’s one of the main headliners along with The Black Keys. Strange how things can change so quickly. She is very very good live though.

  40. Florence is not a “true headliner”, Florence is a “new headliner”. It’s the first tour she’s headlining big festivals, so it’s normal a lot of people are surprised by the news Florence is headlining.
    Kasabian’s headliner status arrived with the headlining act at Glastonbury, but they are still not headlining so many major festivals in Europe. They’re not headliners in Belgian festivals, they’re not headliners at German’s festival. Kasabian are a good headliner but not the true headliner.
    Robbie Williams is a true headliner, no doubt about it, but it’s the kind of headliners loved or hated. With the money of Robbie I would have booked different bands, but we know next august is a problem for the booking of big bands.
    John doe gives the typical answers of who knows lineup is not going to be better.
    And john, it’s true that everybody is happy after the festival but is happy for the festival itself, not the lineup. I had great fun in 2013 but I still consider that lineup very poor for the big-medium acts (with the exception of Nick Cave, Blur and few others).

  41. @bender. Agree on the message to john doe. I can’t understand what they have in mind when booking the artists. I don’t think money is a problem for them.

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