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Sziget Talent: Winners Announced to Play on Europe Stage

Sziget Festival has organized contests all over Europe for fresh blood to show its worth on the Europe Stage on days -1 and 0. The contests are under way, but some of the winners have already been announced. Here are the lucky – and talented – ones who will have the chance to take their first step toward fame this August at the Sziget Festival 2015.

The list of Sziget Talent winners is far from being complete – we’ll keep updating it as new winners of the various local talent shows appear.

Here is what has been announced so far:

Austria – Winner yet to be announced

Belgium – The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is an indie band from Belgium. More details here.

Update: Czech Republic – Ghost of You

Ghost of You is a Brno-based band playing something on the border of psychedelic pop and indie, with distinctive vocals and a fresh, effervescent style. (Thanks mirex)

Finland – Blind Channel

A young and talented violent pop band, confirmed as the winner of the Finnish take on the Sziget talent show. The exact date of the gig is yet to be announced.

France – Joe Bel

She performed for the first time in 2012, alone on the stage with a guitar, she is now at her second EP “Hit the Roads”.

Germany – Winner yet to be announced

Hungary – Winner yet to be announced

Italy – Winner yet to be announced

Poland – The Feral Trees, playing a mixture of dark rock and folk tunes.

Portugal – Winner yet to be announced

Romania – Tony Baboon, a “Tropical Jazz, Acoustic Trip-Hop, Surreal Rap, Surreal Reggae, Psychedelic Pop, World Music” act

Spain – Winner yet to be announced

Sweden – Winner yet to be announced

Ukraine – Onuka (thanks chudo_pahan)

Onuka is an electro project from Ukraine with members like Eugene Filatov (frontmen in The Maneken), Nata, former vocalist of Tomato Jaws (Ukraine) and KOOQLA (Russia)

Update – Netherlands – The Cosmic Carnival

Described as a band playing “dreamy pop”, The Cosmic Carnival will not just play on the Talent Stage of the Sziget Festival, but also during the Warm-Up Party and the Detox Afterparty.

(Thanks Finge)

53 thoughts on “Sziget Talent: Winners Announced to Play on Europe Stage

  1. so it still says only 38% of the lineup has been announced. is there still hope with this in mind?

    i also noticed today that all the date banners on the “program” section of the website are gone. could just be my computer but could this mean they’re preparing to release some more headliners?

    it seems to me that now is the time to do it. the whole release of the circus acts makes it seem like they’re attempting to buy themselves time, though. or they could have something amazing up their sleeve and are waiting to release it for whatever reason. are there any festivals earlier than sziget that still have yet to release a headliner that they could be waiting on? other than glastonbury?

    seems like kings of leon should be locked in soon. same with kendrick. hoping for porter robinson too as he has posted a tour poster wth a TBA date between August 14th in Japan and August 21st at pukkelpop… seems to me it could only be Sziget unless he’s playing another Asian show.

    any thoughts?! someone reassure me that going to sziget was the right choice. i’m coming all the way from canada!!

  2. Yeah they’re gone. You’d hope it was an announcement. You’ll enjoy Sziget even with a rubbish line up. The line up sucked when I went (2013) and I still really enjoyed it. One of the few festivals not completely reliant on the line up

  3. that’s what people keep telling me. i guess the bigger and more important question is: is the lineup doomed at this point? is there any hope for a huge surge of good names (even a headliner or two) at this point, or does sziget normally release everything by now?

  4. Sziget Official: new names coming up soon.

    A glimmer of hope in an otherwise dismal few weeks.

  5. Where did you red: “Sziget Official: new names coming up soon”? Facebook?

  6. I assume we will get the names tomorrow or friday.

    Regarding headliners – I expect that we will get Major Lazer, that is the only big act that has European dates during sziget. Personally I’m still hoping for some big rock names like Linkin Park and Kings of Leon.

  7. Hoping for Linkin Park indeed! I’d be rather pissed with Kings of Leon… Have seen them 2 times (2013 & 2014) 2 times booooooooring..

  8. Good news even if we already know for all the big names. Probably new names next week then?

  9. No it’s not (time to ban him?)

    The banners for the top bands are back though.

  10. Without scheduled times its pretty much pointless info. I suppose they didnt say anything official regarding today so new names likely next Thursday.

    @Drone – If not just trolling like we all could be. Any clues?

  11. @Joe yes scheduled time would have been welcome, or at least a stage split. But it’s good to have a better idea of who is playing when!

  12. I made something up on WORD with 3 categories (bands I really want to see; bands I will see if there’s no clash and bands I don’t want to see). There’s no band of the first category on the saturday (incredibly poor!!!). The sunday is also really poor…

    I fear the clashes for the other days.

  13. When I saw your post I went directly to the website and the FB page- there was absolutely nothing new.

  14. @iiittt’sss Miiiike no. 6 bands in my list at 11th and 7 bands at 13th. too many clashes will be

  15. Ok I believe you, I’m sorry.
    Why did they do this without even announcing it? Maybe we wouldn’t have noticed without John Doe! (thank you btw)

  16. Where do you guys see the daily scadule? When I enter the website I cannot see it :\

  17. @NEVERTHELESS Thanks (: Just figured out the Dutch website isn’t updated yet.

  18. And what about the scandinavian festivals (Flow, Oya, Way Out West)? Same time as Sziget. How could they book better names (my taste), than the major-festival-award-winner Sziget.

    (Beck, Belle And Sebastian, Ride, The War On Drugs, Patti Smith, Foxygen)

  19. @rambo joe
    because they have good bookings team who know what they are doing, and not wasting money on out of date/bad artist and @Steven it’s 1 million Euros actually on stupid things like circus and any other pointless things to generate the praised sziget feeling.

  20. where do you guys see the stage splits?

    and if interpol is in a38 does that not mean they have some good names still yet to be revealed for the main stage? Interpol could very very easily be a main stage act but they have chosen to put them in a38. call me crazy but I still have hope for 5-6 more good names.

  21. Ellie Goulding/Foals/Maccabees on the main stage for the Interpol day. If Foals play an “Afternoon slot” with Maccabees before them, we can still hope for a closer after Ellie (Major Lazer?)

  22. The big rapper = Snoop Dogg?
    He’s in the UK the week before. I’d rather it wasn’t Drake/Kanye tbh

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