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#sziget2016 Tickets Start to Sell on November 24th (Updated)

Update (November 12):

The “first 24 hours special” prices are out for the 7 and 5 day passes:

  • 7 Days pass (Szitizen Prime)  – EUR 235
  • 5 Days pass (Szitizen Prime) – EUR 199

The prices for the rest of the day will be as follows:

7 days pass:

  • Early bird: 235 €
  • Advance Round 1: 249 €
  • Advance Round 2: 269 €
  • Full Price: 289 €

5 days pass

  • Early bird: 199 €
  • Advance Round 1: 215 €
  • Advance Round 2: 235 €
  • Full Price: 255 €

Day tickets:

  • Early bird: 55 €
  • Advance round 1: 59 €
  • Advance round 2: 59 €
  • Full price: 65 €

Entry Add-on Tickets:

  • Moving-in 3 days pass: 36 €
  • Moving-in Tuesday ticket: 18 €
  • 5 Days to 7 Days Upgrade ticket: 65 €

For a full list of options and prices click here.

Those who buy tickets in the first 24 hours will get the Szitizen Prime Package, consisting of:

  • A limited edition Sziget T-shirt and Szitizen Prime wristband to wear until Sziget arrives (sent out by post)
  • Access to a private and exclusive party held at the festival for the first settlers
  • A Golden Ticket (Willy Wonka, anyone?) offering priority entry once to the festival or to your favorite venue, one-time entry to the VIP area or getting your Special Party accessories before anyone else
  • A special Sziget poster (also sent out by post)

Those buying their tickets in the first 24 hours will also participate in a special draw, where 24 lucky buyers will get even more:

  • Access to the restricted Very VIP area to see the acts on the Main Stage
  • Dinner in the Main Stage backstage
  • A complete Sziget outfit: a T-shirt, a hoodie and a cap
  • Bungee jumping!

(thanks @Noeliam for the tip!)


Sziget 2016 tickets to go on sale on November 24th


The official Sziget twitter feed has just confirmed that the first tickets for next year’s Festival will become available on November 24th. Those who purchase their tickets in the first 24 hours will get “exclusive Szitizen prime goodies”.

For more information keep an eye on the #sziget2016 hashtag.

23 thoughts on “#sziget2016 Tickets Start to Sell on November 24th (Updated)

  1. They’re gonna say why.
    I wouldn’t buy that on day 1, IMHO, last year they confirmed that they aren’t yet a certainty like Coachella or Glastonbury are.

  2. Yes it won’t sold out in 30 minutes or even before may (but I think it will at some point). The thing is I know that i’m going to go regardless of the lineup. The only objection would be the bracelet (it was gold this year).

    Anyway in a month people are gonna start asking for some names… I hope to get some before 2016!
    John Doe!

  3. For sure it will sold out, but not before july-august
    For sure names will come before 2016, they are starting to understand that to know asap the names bring more people


    For sure if you are sure to go, just buy it, you’ll spend less money


  4. Yeah they normally start anouncing around December, and a lot of festivals are early with the line-up this year so I think Sziget will follow that trend.

  5. Last Year i bought the 7 days ticket in the first 24 hrs (and it was my first time at Sziget). First of all i was able to pick up the ticket at the vip/staff box, so it was faster for me to come in. In addition to this i could enter in a “Vip” area for press and other people. There were big screens where you could watch main stage’s shows in streaming, clean toilets and bars. This area was at one side of the main stage, so you could watch the main stage from an higher place.

  6. I remember the VIP area, just next to when we were camping.
    I plan to arrive on the first day of the moving-in so picking up my ticket and having a good camping spot won’t matter in the equation. I wouldn’t watch the shows alone without my friends neither.

    Does the ticket came with your name on it? Did you get the chance to meet some “VIP”?

    Thank you 🙂

  7. They gave me a custom badge ( like a press one) with my photo on it and special wristbands. But unfortunately i didn’t meet any artist 🙁 .

  8. Thanks for your feedback 🙂
    I wish they hadn’t book Foals last year because their new album is fantastic! They only sang Mountains at my gates and What went down (superbe) from it.

  9. Maybe I underrated Foals last year and preferred to see Ella Eyre (also ‘cuz my ex-gf loved her and also ‘cuz she has my age, so I was impressed). Was they really that good?

  10. Yes they were really good. I love their music so maybe I’m biased but for the encore, in the darkness, I was in the moshpit.

  11. Hint: Muse are touring almost all Europe in spring-summer 2016 and there is no Budapest. They might play those festivals in August they didn’t play last year

  12. I really hope they won’t. It would be an excuse for fullfil the “rock headliner spot” and I think there are better options this year.

  13. +15 i think. Anyway i think that Muse would be great. Their show during The 2nd Law World Tour was the best i’ve ever seen. Absolutely perfect. But it’s just my opinion.

  14. Wasn’t it 229e?
    The weekend moving-in has a +6 increase too (36e)… it’s essential for me to arrive early!

    On the Muse subject: it would be the best band they could book next year! The new album has some good songs but they are largely renowned for the quality of their show!

    On some lower level, I think we can expect Netsky among others…

  15. @Noeliam the first one was Snake oil ) and they don’t play more than 5 songs from the new album even at solo concerts

  16. Oh yes Snake oil too!
    I particularly love London Thunder, Lonely Hunter and A Knife in the Ocean!
    Some names for a german electronic festival during Sziget: Paul Kalkbrenner, David Guetta, Robin Schulz, Rudimental, Tiga…

  17. Although, I think I’m not gonna wear the wristband this year, it seems that any year cost a lot more and I probably won’t be able to afford a wage like this one.

  18. As far as I can see, the advantages of buying the first 24hrs this year has been heavily reduced. The way I read it now, you get ONE time access to the priority line and ONE time access to the VIP area (not to be confused with the backstage area, which is completele different), while last year you had access to the line and VIP-area throughout the festival.

    Have I misunderstood something or is this correct? If it is the case, then I might skipping buying this ticket this year, as that was the only reason to buy it (even though it didn’t work very good a lot of the time). I’m too old for all the gadgets they offer with the ticket, so it doesn’t mean anything to me.

  19. Yes last year they gave you a pass and a bracelet for the VIP AREA, so you could go inside whenever you wanted. This year they give you a golden ticket and you can use it do enter the VIP area only 1 time. Anyway the VIP area is not the backstage, it’s an area for normal people and press, where you are more comfortable, everything its more clean, there’s plenty of sofas etc, some bars/snack bars and a higher level restaurant. It’s very good for chilling out during the crowded evening at the main stage, if you want to eat/drink something sitting down away from the crowd and queues, and you want a clean proper toilet. There’s no other reason to go there. I think I went like 3 times during the week, for 10 minutes each. This year they expect more people to buy the ticket yhe 1st day so they reduced the privileges.

    Talking about LINEUP:
    Editors could headline/sub but they will do early summer. A lot of bands tour all the season so who knows. But certainly Volt fest is more likely.
    RHCP are doing june festivals in europe (thanks god, I love them but they really su*k live), so it’s the same as for editors, not likely.
    Muse could be, as they have a history with the festival. But I saw them last summer, they are not the same as some years ago. They kinda boring, they just do their work and go home. They’re still good but won’t be the highlight of the festival if they come (just to say: kasabian at sziget 2015 destroyed everything, that’s a great live band nowadays).
    Coldplay I think it’s 1st position in wishlists of the planet, could be an option for the big band of the week. I don’t know if I’d be happy.
    Green Day and Guns and Roses are rumored to tour, one of them could be the big band with big budget if it’s not Muse or Coldplay.
    Prodigy always touring and always playing Sziget.
    Iron maiden if they still in Europe in august.
    Rammstein are big but they do june festivals.
    Tolls said they’ll tour (but it’s no longer sziget material i’m afraid)
    Bring me the Horizon touring and likely before a dj. English and Nordic teenage of sziget love them.
    Disclosure turing probably all year and could be an option (if Ellie and Alt J headlined)
    Biffy Clyro and Macklemore coming back on tour but they played in recent years (don’t think sziget really cares, but maybe they’ll prefer someone else).
    Kanye west and rihanna still saying they will be releasing an album so still in for pop/hip hop with Robbie williams’ budget.
    As for djs I hope we have just the end show, maybe with a talented one like armin van buuren or tiesto, jack u it’s likely because a lot of people said skrillex was one of the best shows ever and asked for him back.
    I think I said all about upper main stage names people is talking about in these days.

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