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Szigetnews poll: What do you think about the lineup?

The Sziget Festival 2010 lineup is almost finalized (very small modifications could occur now).

That is why we are curious what you think about it.

This is also a good place to discuss lineup related things.

You can check out the lineup page here.

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30 thoughts on “Szigetnews poll: What do you think about the lineup?

  1. it’s ok, but if we see the price-value rate it’s a joke. It’s more EXPENSIVE, than most of the European fests like Highfield, Area4, pukkelpop, lowlands etc., while the line-up in comparison is terrible to those festivals. I just don’t get it, why people come from abroad. As long as they come the festival organizers don’t need to set a better line-up, which is sad.

  2. Hopefully the unkown acts give some good surprises because at the moment there are only a handful of acts on my must-see list such as Ska-P, Madness, Papa Roach, Iron Maiden, Major Lazor and the fabulous Kees van Hondt. There’s more good acts in three days of Lowlands than five days of Sziget, disappointing!

  3. Hi wert!

    Just to straighten out some things:

    – Sziget has about 1.000 performers (including more than 100 internationaly relevant bands and DJs) in about 40 locations from bands to circus, theatre, DJs and outdoorperformances. The festival is spread over 7 days for 170 Euros (camping included)

    – Area 4 had 2009 27 bands on two stages for three days at a price of 99 Euros

    – Highfield has (right now) 35 bands on two stages for three days at a price of 109 Euros

    – Pukkelpop (which might be the best choice if you just care about international acts) has about 200 bands and DJs on 8 stages on three days for 149 Euros.

    If you just want to stay in front of a stage or two to get seriously drunk while watching more or less popular bands playing 30-60 minute sets go to one of the west european festivals (Pukkelpop or Lowlands are good choices, because they DO have amazing billings), but Sziget is for me (I’m from Germany) all about the atmosphere, the variety and the people and this is simply not comparable with one of the other festivals. And even though most of the acts performing at Sziget are internationaly not know doesn’t mean they are not as good as international bands. In the years we went to Sziget we saw so many great and fun hungarian bands that we don’t even care that much who is performing on the mainstage at the time.

    But I do understand that many people (especially first timers) are unhappy with the mediocre seeming headliner-line-up.

  4. I’m Hungarian, you don’t have to tell me how Sziget is. I’m just so tired of this “sziget has a feeling, who cares what’s on the bill” campaign. I want to go to a festival for bands, not the feeling. For example those Highfield bands beat the hell out of the 1000 or so sziget bands altogether. It’s just sad to see that they could still sell those tickets for a higher price than a premium EU festival, and people are still coming, so nothing will change.

  5. Wert: I didn’t want to attack you, I just wanted to say that the value for money is still incredible, even though I know that the ticket prices of the last years are incredibly high for eastern euopean standards.

    I do know more and more people traveling to Budapest to go to Sziget (this year we are 15 people traveling together), because we are sick of the regular german festivals (50-100 bands, no sideshows and a pretty aggressive audience). But I totaly get the point that the line-up isn’t satisfying if you compare the billing of the biggest hungarian festival with those of other countries (Rock am Ring, Pinkpop, Werchter, Pukkelpop, FIB, Glastonbury).

  6. I’m a first timer and I consider Sziget 2009 lineup to be much better than this one.. but still I’m very much excited about this trip, because Sziget is not just a set of shows. it is another world..

  7. I think this year’s line-up is the worst since 2004, but I don’t mind it because Sziget is Romantics.
    You sit in the shade and drink a cold beer for 2 EUR, you get to see great bands and hang out with cool people. If you don’t like the bands on main stage, you can easily (and accidentaly) find great bands on various other stages. And it rarely happens that 2 or more great bands are playing at the same time and you’d have to decide which one to see.

    It’s also superbly organised: the toilets (and the festival area) are cleaned regularly, the pubs are opened 24/7, the prices are very reasonable (in comparison to Western Europe), there’s shadow for everyone, they take care of mud in the case of rain, the workers speak English, if you travel by train from Hungary, you get 50% discount, there are band for people who like pop, rock, metal, dance, reggae, world music …. Do I need to go on?

    I only miss 1 thing: wave breaker at the main stage.

    But I can’t say I’d miss the night muggers who explore other people’s tents.

  8. I think it’s pretty decent. Obviously not going to be to everyones taste, but I’m looking forward to seeing a few bands like Papa Roach, Ill Nino that I used to listen to when I was 17 or so! Was there last year and the overall line up was probably a bit better. But to be honest I’m going back for the amazing atmosphere once the bands had finished more than anything else.

  9. I agree with Mellowmaniac , but one more decent band on the main stage would tip the balance to fabulous for me , they obviously had the money but they wasted it on few performers people dont like, why ? I dont know, but I know that 8 out of 10 people will have great time, doesnt matter which bend is headlining , you will see, after it ends you will wanna come back again 🙂
    cya guys

  10. Kings Of Leon – who play the V Festival in the week after Sziget – would have been an worthy addition!

    I bought my tickets early on the strength of last years festival and in the in the belief that some big names would be added in the weeks and months that followed.

    Compared to the excitement I felt last year, when bands like the Manics, Faith No More etc… were being added, this year has been a long wait for something to happen.

    I love Budapest and the vibe at Sziget and am still excited to be spending my holiday there.

    It is hard not to feel disappointed.

    And Mika… that hurt… not funny at all!

  11. Mika is actually a somewhat amusing/entertaining live act to be fair. Perfect to just sit down from afar with a sziget cocktail 🙂

  12. Rozbeef. No, just no!

    The line-up’s alright – there’s a few bands I’m definitely looking forward to – Specials, Toots, Muse, Madness, Vagabontu and the likes.

    However, the addition of Mika probably swung the vote for me. I’ll be sitting down from afar for him, no mistake. Probably in Kispest or somewhere.

  13. @Mellowmaniac
    Not only mediocre bands, but almost obsolete, irrelevant and a bit same-same bands.. Madness, the Specials, Iron Maiden, Gwar (who would mind if Gwar wouldn’t play@ Sziget?)..
    If i’ll go to a festival for the festival atmosphere, then there are other festivals (dour, fusion) that are cheaper and fun aswell. But when spending an amount of money for a ticket and traveling (Holland) to a relavent and big festival like Sziget, i’ll expect relevant and less mediocre bands.
    Nevertheless when i’m there i’ll probably enjoy myself.

  14. In my opinion it’s a shame that bands like the National, Gaslight Anthem or the XX aren’t playing at Sziget..

  15. @Sjappie: You listed 25% of the bands I really want to see this year! 😉 Especially GWAR is a band all of my friends are looking forward to… If you like the line-up or not is really a matter of taste!

  16. @ mellowmaniac
    Of course it’s a matter of taste and it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love ska, Iron Maiden and the Toy Dolls kick(ed) ass aswell, but still they’re ancient bands.. (from almost 3 decades ago).
    I still think it’s poor to have ‘that many’ names that where once relevant (the 80?s) as a head or co headliner on the main stage.
    When it comes to ska, I guess that there are other ska bands playing Sziget that are more relevant these days than Madness or the Specials, who only reunite coz their bankaccount is empty anyway (to put it oversimplified).
    Yet there are a lot of bands to discover that I don’t know but I’ll like or gonna love later.

  17. @Sjappie:

    You are definitely right that some of the headliners are not what we were hoping for, but this year all major festivals in August have huge problems getting good and contemporary headliners:

    – V Festivals: Kings of Leon, Kasabian
    – Reading / Leeds: Guns ‘n’ Roses, Arcade Fire, Blink 182
    – Lowlands: Blink 182, Massive Attack, Placebo
    – FM4 Frequency: Muse, Toten Hosen, Massive Attack
    – Pukkelpop: Placebo, Iron Maiden, The Prodigy
    – Area 4: Blink 182, Placebo, Billy Talent

    We do have four of these eleven headliners and had four of the others several times in the last years…

    I personally think that the Sziget bookers made the best out of the headliner situation with bands many people know and haven’t seen before (like Madness, The Specials, P.I.L), audience favorites (Faithless and 30STM – I personally can’t stand both bands!) and two very large headliners (Muse and Iron Maiden).

    I just can’t uderstand why they didn’t book better known bands as opening acts for the mainstage, because this would be perfect for cool up and coming bands like The XX, Florence and the Machine, The National, Mumford and Sons…

  18. Fun Lovin’ Criminals would have been cool, too. They’ve played Sziget before and are playing a few festivals this summer. Plus they have a new album.

  19. fact of the matter is, that apart from yeasayer, (who have been stupidly put on at the same time as muse, grrrr!) and possibly major lazer (altho i count them as a dance act) there isn’t one up and coming relevant band who have released a critically acclaimed album in the past 12 months on the bill. Admittedly i can only speak from a uk perspective, but even for an international festival charging 140 euros, this is seriously lacking. For all the money that was spent on PIL, they could have probably booked 4-5 bands of the bands others have mentioned above (the national, the xx etc). these bands are all playing plenty of other fests (many smaller than sziget) so its not like they are not making themselves available!

  20. @ thumbelina
    I agree! The lack of upcoming, relevant bands is the biggest bummer for me. Maybe the bookers did get a ‘pay for 2 get 4 ancient ska/punk bands’ discount.
    Yeasayer/Muse are also playing at the same time as Fear Factory. 3 bands I would like to see.. Grrr aswell

    @ Mellowmaniac
    Could be so much better, but ofcourse they can’t please everyone with the headliners, think 3stm and Faithless will make a lot of people happy.
    Nevertheless I’ll be at another stage aswell 😉
    Still think though they booked too many bands that won’t ‘urge’ (not sure if the word urge makes sense) to go to the mainstage, forget to name PIL earlier. But I’ll stop nagging about that for now.

  21. The thing is, for me, there are only 3 interesting acts on main stage daily, but then 2 interesting acts daily in party arena, 3 daily in A38 and then those on other stages. I spent last year only on the main stage, it was full of kick-ass bands, but this year, Im glad Ill be on other stages too, they are filled with great bands- especially A38 🙂
    So, in the end, Im really really satisfied by this year, because it, again, brought at least 5 new fantastic bands to my life!

  22. I am travelling over from England to see Muse on the 15th and I think it is a brilliant line up – I so wish I was going on more than one day now as I would love to have seen Iron Maiden, Papa Roach and 30 Seconds To Mars amongst others. I guess it is just down to personal taste, like all festivals. I have never been to Sziget before so it is all new and exciting for me and I think £45 for a whole day’s entertainment (including my favourite band in the world) is very cheap compared to what we pay to go to other festivals over here – I have paid more to see a concert in London lasting less than 2 hours with one headline act and a support! Sziget has a reputation of being the biggest and one of the friendliest festivals in Europe and I hope it lives up to expectation – I’m sure it will 🙂

  23. @Musemonster: you definitely should go for the whole week! You’ll need more than a day to get into the real mood and if you’ll go there for the weekend only, you’ll be sorry that you missed the other days! 😉 (and when you go to Sziget from England the flight might be the most expensive thing anyway!)

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