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Justin Bieber and/or Tame Impala for Sziget 2022?

Tame Impala and/or Justin Bieber look like they could part of the next Sziget 2022 announcement. At least that’s what one would think based on posts by the user Sziget2022_Leaks on the efestivals forum. Also, the same user confirms Noga Erez. Let’s take a look, then.

Tame Impala and Justin Bieber look likely based on the photo hints posted here, as many users on the forum have assumed. The image in question can be seen below, for your analysis.

Let’s take a close look. Of course, many different interpretations are possible. Feel free to interpret away in the comments.

Namely, “Elephants” would point to the Tame Impala song. It’s also important to mention that they have a gap in their tour around Sziget. Here’s the song.

As far as Bieber goes, the second image looks like it points to his song “Love Yourself”. Justin Bieber also has a gap in his tour exactly at the right time. The song can be found below.

Eminem is also mentioned (yet again), but Sziget2022_Leaks makes it very clear that it will not be the case. Maybe next time, who knows.

Another interesting thing is that another user asks about Noga Erez and this gets confirmed by the same source. It would make sense, as Noga Erez is also free and touring around Sziget. You can see a capture below.

According to the same source, the announcement is coming “very shortly”. Hopefully, that will be in the next few days/weeks. With things starting to slowly open up, it would be nice to be able to plan for Sziget, wouldn’t it?

What do you guys think about all of this? Do you have any other ideas, based on the hints above?

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