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Tankcsapda @ Sziget 2012

Another name is confirmed, and this time it’s one that usually plays Sziget.

We’re talking about legendary Hungarian band Tankcsapda, set to play the Main Stage on August 9, according to the official Sziget site for the UK.

The site lists them as playing on Thursday at 19:45, right before Korn.

That same site has Friendly Fires moved to the A38, on the same day.

(thanks, Balint!)

15 thoughts on “Tankcsapda @ Sziget 2012

  1. wow lookz like im going to have zero clashes now alot of the set times are up!

  2. @lambo .. same for me – they’ve organised the set times pretty well in most cases for me

  3. @andy .. yeah i was dreading some of the acts on the a38 n arena clashing some some of the headliners etc but most of the acts i want to see there start after the headliners and the ones that arnt are playing at times where im not bothered about the main stage act so now its time for me to get stupidly excited 😀

  4. I was a bit afraid of wasting my time with those dubsteppers there, so I hesitated before I’ve got to know abot Tankcsapda’s gig, but now I’m heading to attend this evening as my first Sziget experience anyway: Tankcsapda will surely save the day even when KoRn would disappoint me.
    BTW it seems to be a witty idea from the organisers to tempt visitors for two promising events, so you have to pay the price for a whole day even when you pay per minutes (2 concerts = daily price).
    I just wonder, if there will be enough place for the crowd on the island on that day.

  5. Why wouldn’t there be enough place for all the people? I mean, they have a maximum amount of day-tickets they can sell. And it’s not that Korn will do a whole dubstepsetlist, maybe 1/3 will be dubstep-influenced.

  6. Hopefully, Korn will be playing a festival set – so lots of back catalogue stuff! 😉

  7. It seems as though theyve been playing pretty much the same setlist for each of their gigs this year.
    This site is also helpful for other bands playing too!
    Stone Roses and Placebo also seem to play the same/similar setlist each concert they play

  8. @Andy

    Interesting – thanks for that! Korn set looks like I expected – some stuff from the new album but also most of the old favourites – so I’m happy! 🙂 Placebo set lists confirm what I’d heard – mostly newer stuff, not much of the older stuff – hmmmmm!

  9. How can be controlled the ticket-sales on a minute-based payoff? Is there a maximum amount of these tickets, too? (Maybe, my employer will only answer in the last minute, although I already asked them for a holyday: currently I’m supposed to be busy until 22pm on my workplace. So what if I only can buy my ticket in the very last minute?)

    BTW THX for the setlist-news.

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