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The (almost) full Sziget 2010 schedule

The official Hungarian site lists an almost full schedule for this year’s Sziget Festival.

It also lists the whole listof acts for the Main Stage.

We’ve updated our Sziget 2010 lineup page to include all the new dates and schedules.

Feel free to check it out if you want.

32 thoughts on “The (almost) full Sziget 2010 schedule

  1. due to a stupid program-manager, muse and yeasayer will be at the same time…i am so disappointed now… :((

  2. there are so many clashes its unbelievable 🙁 i hope that is open to dramatic change!

  3. Just wondering where easy star all stars are on the list it says on their website that they are playing at 8pm on the 11th August but i cant see them anywhere? Also wondering what else we are expecting on the main stage?

  4. Elliott: easy star all stars are set to play at the Reggae stage and the schedule of that stage is probably not ready yet

  5. Easy Star Allstars will play at 19:00h!

    And the list of mainstage acts is not complete yet! At least one, but more probable two acts have still to be announced – which is the reason why the times are not set on the homepage for the mainstage, yet.

  6. Do the the party arena headliners go on at 7.30pm every year? Thats ridiculous! DJ Shadow and Simian Mobile Disco before the sun has gone down? You’d have thought they would have been on much later. And i agree the muse / yeasayer clash is an absolute killer. Fingers crossed for a mega final headliner on the 13th, somehow i feel if it was someone good it would have been announced by now tho! 🙂

  7. They started to have the Party Arena headliners at 19:30h last year and a lot of people complained… Actually it was usually pretty spacious so that you at least were able to see a lot.

    But this year they also placed the healiner on the reggae stage and the co-headliner of the rock stage at about the same time as the headliner in the party arena and the co-headliner on the mainstage that there will be even more clashes as before…

    @Jos: I’m still neglecting to believe that Havervagy Dance will be regular mainstage acts with a full set, because they are more a dance-flashmob-thing and not a real showact… Let’s keep fingers crossed that we will get a good headliner on the 13th and another interesting band on the 14th! 😉

  8. I can recommend all international visitors to take the time to listen to some of the hungarian bands playing on Sziget. There are amazing hungarian bands playing all kinds of music. It’s way too easy to miss them, because many international visitors are too focused on international bands…

    If you want to listen to some good to great hungarian bands playing on Sziget start for example with these:

    – Turbo
    – Balkan Fanatik
    – Irie Maffia
    – Quimby
    – Qualitions
    – Zagar
    – Barabas Lorinc Eklektric
    – Vad Fruttik
    – Erik Sumo Band
    – EZ Basic
    – The Carbonfools
    – Heaven Street Seven
    – Bin-Jip
    – Kistehen
    – 30Y
    – PASO

  9. the silver shine , too!! nice, seen them in Freiburg, Germany!
    nice Rockybilly day @blues Szinpad

  10. “Brains” is amazing hungarian band! but i will miss this band. They will play at the same time with Kasabian… (((
    also i like “The Kolin” and i hope that i will not miss them.

  11. Dunno what you guys think but i’ve been waitin’ for this line up since september and the least i can say is that im disappointed…Who the hell was in charge of Sziget this year?Apart from a couple of names the rest is FAIL!

  12. What surprises me is that the official site claims the festival lasts from 11-16 august but the bands are only programmed from 11-15?? Day zero and minus one are on 9 &10, if I’m not mistaken?

  13. @Bert: you are completely right! Sziget count differnently: they say that the festival takes place until the 16th, because the program on the stages and in the bars last until late in the night from the 15th to the 16th, but the 16th is actually just the travelday after the festival ended…! 😉

  14. @mellowmaniac: yes, you are right! 16th is just the unofficial day after… 😀
    BTW, if anyone of you is from the UK, (s)he can win a full week Sziget Festival Camping ticket with flight tickets from London to Budapest (and back of course :)) at Startpage UK:
    See you on the Sziget!

  15. On this web-site there is voting on which ukrainian band will go to the Sziget, so it seems that the last not announced act on mainstage will be one of those bands. Pity, becuase most of them are bullshit.

  16. mmmhh … so this should be the line up for the sziget 2010.
    i´m really disappointed with some things, but the good sides of this schedule are the mainstage (solid head and co headliners) and the wan2 stage (better than last year).

    the other stages
    Party arena:
    Sorry mellowmaniac, you have definitely a very good wire to the latest news of sziget, but i don´t aggree in the point, that last years “headliners at 19:30” was a success. i was there two times and both times the tent was really sparsely crowded. i guess maximum 400 people.

    there is on saturday infected mushroom i guess “live with band” at a club´s prime time (1 am). so it seems like that there´s a goa night in the party arena. why that ?
    there are enough goa festivals in hungary so i don´t need a whole night in the party arena. i really hoped that infected mushroom will play on main stage as a co headliner.

    the other thing is ….. why there are two days, with only one international act. the same is on the rock stage on saturday. crisis ?

    i think in whole, the sziget lne up is only average booked. i would make it better, but ok 🙂 we have to live with this situation.

  17. @ mellowmaniac: it was not you, who said the “headliner at 19:30” project was a success. sry for the mistake.

  18. well i kinda hate the probable clash between madness and children of bodom… also hope for some last kickass main stage band on 13th though paradise lost is playing at that time so it would make for another sad clash…

    main bands on rock stage should start after main bands on main stage – same goes for paty arena and other ‘smaller’ stages

    your missing Havervagy Tánc on your 14. lineup – they’re up on official site – so its five bands. …

  19. There is a european Contest. The winner bands of each country will play on August 9th. I guess that the ukrainian band will play then, too! As far as I know there are already winners from France and Italy. You can find infos about them on the national Sziget sites!

  20. balkan fanatik isnt so good…
    Napra, Yava, Besh o droM, VHK, or Bridge To Solace, Korai Öröm, Brains, Colorstar…

    watch this hungarian bands!!

  21. Obviously they weren’t able to find a headliner for the 13th…. 30STM are now headliner and Mika is co-headliner!

    There also is no additional band on the 14th, because Tankcsapda and Iron Maiden are playing long sets!

    (Update on official Sziget site)

  22. This will be my first year at Sziget and i regret it already. Thought the most festivals will have a sort of similar line-up. But the Sziget line up is rather poor, not to say it sucks. If i compare it to the Frequency, Melt or Pukkelpop festival. To bad i already have a ticket and booked a flight.
    Nevertheless i’ll enjoy myself when being there, but not due the great line-up.

  23. Yeah there are better/same bands in pukkelpop. But sziget is much cheaper and easy going. And i’m happy that I don’t have to run between all the stages because now there is not so much collisions with good bands. Except Hives and Dj shadow.

  24. @ mellowmaniac
    Of course it’s a matter of taste and it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love ska, Iron Maiden and the Toy Dolls kick(ed) ass aswell, but still they’re ancient bands.. (from almost 3 decades ago).
    I still think it’s poor to have ‘that many’ names that where once relevant (the 80’s) as a head or co headliner on the main stage.
    When it comes to ska, I guess that there are other ska bands playing Sziget that are more relevant these days than Madness or the Specials, who only reunite coz their bankaccount is empty anyway (to put it oversimplified).
    Yet there are a lot of bands to discover that I don’t know but I’ll like or gonna love later.

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