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The best British acts of Sziget 2012…

…at least in the Virgin blog’s view.

In case you still need to discover some of the acts playing Sziget 2012, the Virgin blog features a very interesting article.

It’s a presentation of some of the best British acts playing Sziget 2012, and you might want to check it out.

Among the artists they recommend are Anna Calvi and The Stone Roses.

You can check it out right here.

11 thoughts on “The best British acts of Sziget 2012…

  1. I would think its a bit late for shutting up and not going unless people can afford to lose a couple of hundred pounds. This line up is not encouraging at all and attendances will show it. Good luck getting best major European festival for 2012 although they may be in for a shout of best minor festival.

  2. No I pretty much have to go after spending so much money, but I won’t be next year or the year after that without seeing the lineup first, and then it would have to be above average to warrant the extra money for not buying an early ticket and flights. I genuinely think sziget has majorly f**cked up this year. We needed more honesty about the changes and the problems.

  3. Completely agree with “Disappointed Sziget fan”. Absolutely gutted at the line up. There is about 4 bands i want to see. Thought the wait for final headliner would yield something good to make up for the rest of the line up. Will never buy early again. Sziget has fucked itself.

  4. dont really see why everyones kickin up a fuss tbh, a festival can only book bands that can/will play, plus with their reduced budget with vodafone pulling out theyve done pretty well, theres not many festivals with a better line up this year, alot of festivals have suffered this year

  5. probably because weve paid more than any other year and was told it’d be the best line up ever and they didnt mention the lack of metal area till after the prices went up, however much people say things havent been underhand, i think they have been. pretty sure a lot of people wont be trusting in the sziget lineup anymore, which means a lot of people wont go anymore as flights become very expensive if you have to wait for the lineup. and theres been no real announcements on the problems etc, just peoples guesses on what they think has gone on.

  6. i do understand all that mate, dont get me wrong id feel alittle short changed too compared to previous lineups, this is my first year and bought my tickets after korn got announced, so im not exactly in the same boat, i was hoping for better things but i was happy with the first 2 announcements to buy a ticket,
    but you still get alot more value for money than you do other festivals plus the lineup is no worse than alot of festival lineups this year, its been a bad year in general for all festivals n the festival circuit, the only real decent lineups this year ive seen have been rock wertcher, download and rock am ring, appart from that its been pretty poor in general, im on alot of festival forums and the reactions here are exactly the same as most others ie. sonisphere, reading and leeds, T in the Park etc saying exactly the same as people on here, im not being a fanboy and defending sziget because the lineup isnt as strong as previous years FACT all im saying is the same shits happened to most festivals this year

  7. i must admit i dont understand the fuss about the lineup this year…. i’m the same as lambo in that this is going to be my first sziget and looking at past lineups on wikipedia i personally think that this is the best lineup there has been for years (again only in my opinion). If you compare it to last year the main stage headliners are better as is the world music and a38 stages and personally i cannot wait to go and experience new things and new music :)…. the only thing that i have been annoyed about is the removal of the metal stage but the day 0 addition has made up for that (especially the addition of ignite) plus i know that i would have just gone to the metal stage as default rather than gone exploring and finding new stuff… again this is just my opinion but thought i would air it :)…. hope everyone has an awesome time no matter what!

  8. yeah the undercard is alot stronger this year i rekon, and for me i like all the headliners, KoRn being the biggest draw for me, love them!

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