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The Offspring, Snow Patrol and Die Toten Hosen confirmed!

New official names have been confirmed for this year’s Sziget Festival, here, on the Hungarian official site. The most important are The Offspring, that are now 100% confirmed, for those of you that didn’t believe us 🙂 , Snow Patrol and Die Toten Hosen.

But wait, that’s not all. Ethno-ska Ukrainian outfit Haydamaky is also confirmed for this year’s Sziget Festival, as is Disco Ensemble and Squarepusher (British electro artist Tom Wilkinson’s alias), as well as Matatu, also on the ska front.

Punk fans will be quite happy to hear about Backyard Babies, as will drum ‘n’bass fans be about Miloopa. Also, Sziget Festival will be graced by the presence of Coldcut, Blastik Mechanism and De Staat.

The announcements list ends with Donots and Expatriate.


17 thoughts on “The Offspring, Snow Patrol and Die Toten Hosen confirmed!

  1. *pffff* Offspring, Tote Hosen and Snow Patrol are pretty boring, but Squarepusher, Donots and Coldcut are cool…

    I seriously hope that none of these bands are one of the reminding headliners!

  2. These names are OK. But I’m still missing a band that can be compared with REM, Maiden & Jamiriquai! Please let it be Radiohead, U2 or Metallica… Hopefully Radiohead ;)……

  3. The Kills also confirmed on the dutch sziget site [url][/url]
    apparently the dutch are always one step ahead

  4. Some cool News from the dutch Sziget site:

    – The Kills (strangely announced for mainstage + Wan2. I hope they don’t mean The Killers for mainstage again!!!)
    – Khaled (World Music Stage)
    – Digitalism (Wan2)
    – N&SK (Wan2)

    In general it looks like this right now:

    Mainstage (ca. 10 more bands to be announced + Day-0):

    – Snow patrol
    – The Kills
    – Prodigy
    – Fatboy Slim
    – Pendulum
    – Placebo
    – Ska-P
    – Bloc Party
    – Klaxons
    – Ting Tings
    – Offspring
    – Die Toten Hosen
    – Coldcut
    – Squarepusher
    – Backyard Babies


    – De Staat
    – Expetriate
    – Donots
    – The Kills
    – Digitalism
    – N&SK

    World Music Stage:

    – Brotherhood of Brass (Markovic + Frank London)
    – Khaled
    – Buena Vista Social Club
    – Haydamaky
    – Miloopa
    – Speed Caravan
    – Calexico
    – Figli Di Madre Ignota
    – So Kalmery
    – Tiken Jah Fakoly
    – 08001
    – Blasted Mechanism
    – Matatu

  5. BTW: I think Rise Against are pretty much off the billing!

    There is no Sziget date anymore on their homepage or MySpace site and they are fully booked from August 12th till 15th.

    There is a small chance for a show on the 16th, but I guess chances are very small!

  6. 16?? On the 16th there will be no concerts. You have to leave the area until 10AM that day.

  7. Nope: the 16th is the last official day of the festival. You have to leave on the 17th!

  8. Okay – I have another speculation to discuss:

    Die Toten Hosen do have C.J. Ramone (the bass player of The Ramones) as support for most of their August concert and festival dates:

    – 12.08.
    – 21.08.
    – 22.08.
    – 28.08.
    – 29.08.

    This at least makes him available for a Sziget show – even though I have no idea if the organizers find it intriguing to have him at Sziget…

  9. And another far shot:

    I know that Stone Temple Pilots are asking european tour promoters for offers… They definitely want to play Europe, but no timeframe is confirmed yet!

  10. The following sentence appears on the (translated into English by Google) latest announcement of the line-up on the Hungarian Sziget official site.

    In August, the Island will be a guest at the U2 No Line On The Horizon turnéján world movement, based in Glasgow, Northern Ireland band Snow Patrol.

    Does this mean U2 are playing or is this just a poor translation by google or was this a very muddled announcement for Snow Patrol?

  11. I guess it means that Snow Patrol are on tour as support of U2 at their No Line On The Horizon tour…!?

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