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The Silver Shine @ Sziget 2012

Another interesting self-confirmation: Hungarian band The Silver Shine is set to play Sziget Festival 2012.

They will play Sziget 2012 on August 9, and there’s another interesting part here.

As our friend Rascal (whom we thank for the tip) says, the post says that they’re playing the Blues Stage, as you can see below.

blues stage the silver shine

So maybe there will be one?

Fact is that The Silver Shine sound quite interesting. You can check them out here.

39 thoughts on “The Silver Shine @ Sziget 2012

  1. @john doe Any idea on when the next announcement is and any of your infamous hints on who’s to be announced?

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t yet booked a headliner for the penultimate night!

  3. I was kiddin haha ..
    @sead i was thinkin it could be the LA punk band – who knows!?
    Time will tell jsut wonder when the next announcement is.
    By ‘+8’ im assuming that aswel as silver shine, there are 8 other bands in the next announcement

  4. For what’s my name if it is the name of the track or a part of it there are many bands and artist as rihanna, clash, rollino stones, snoop dog, Chris brown, Dmx, Frankie cocozza (lol), And so on, isn’t a big hint if it’s about a song

  5. @chudo_pahan, you are probably right.
    The headliners are exactly the same than Sziget…

  6. Snoop Dogg would make sense and isn’t that bad. I did see him a few years ago at Rock Werchter and even though I don’t like hip hop (except very few bands like The Roots) the show was entertaining, because it wasn’t just a DJ and a MC, but there were some musicians as well. The big question is if he will be headliner or co-headliner on the 11th! 😉

  7. BTW: Snoop Dogg is co-headliner at Coke Live. Perhaps we get him as co-headliner as well and a “more satisfying” headliner later on.

  8. Last year he was co-headlining @ Balaton Sound. He can’t be headlining Sziget this year!! It wouldn’t be realistic!!

    There’s an empty slot in the Arena the 11th @ 19.30. Let’s hope it’s a good one so I (we) have a good concert to watch during Snoop Dogg.

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