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The Sziget 2012 lineup poll is up!

As we do every year, we have a Sziget 2012 lineup poll, where you guys can vote on the lineup.

Since the lineup is close to being the final one, we thought it would be a good idea to have the poll.

Fell free to vote on it – it’s on the page’s right side and will stay there until Sziget 2012 begins.


45 thoughts on “The Sziget 2012 lineup poll is up!

  1. I would really like Avenged Sevenfold/Papa Roach/Escape the Fate/Falling in Reverse to come because my dream is to be at a concert of one of my favorite bands.


  2. Hey, there is a rumour that Foo Fighters will play this year Sziget, since they are so close at that time (in Czech rep. on 08.13). There are some article already published about this on some leading music magazines. Altough it’s not confirmed yet, but you know… no smoke without fire 😉

  3. So… I tried to link the site, maybe you can check it in you spam comment folder 🙂

  4. but arent they in usa a few days before meaning ht would be near impossible for them to make it ..

  5. The good thing of America is that it’s 6-11 houres earlier. So they have more time to travel, than the schedule shows.

  6. He mentions the possible return of the Blues Stage and Moka Chucka and says Sziget was busy trying to book a big name but failed because the artists decided to go to/stay in America (Foo Fighters?).

  7. Oh, and I forgot to say he mentions the “best line up ever” Facebook post as a huge mistake by a Hungarian coworker of his.

  8. It would be soooo awesome if Green Day comes !! According to their tourdates they’re able to come.. And they’re making three new albums 😀
    And in Holland, there’s an awesome band alles So What. Their site is It would also be awesome if they come to Sziget !!

  9. I really don’t see why everyone is moaning about the lineup. If you look at say V fest for example, it has the exact same headliners then the only other outstanding acts are madness, noel G and Happy Mondays IMO. You’ll pay even more money to buy a ticket for 2 days of music there than you will pay to get 7 days music at sziget.
    The SR and Killers are definitely good bookings, as are other mainstage acts i.e. Nutini, The XX, The Vaccines and Caro Emerald (to name a few) and there are still 4 main-stage acts to be announced including at least one headliner, plus many other metal bands for the Metal Day. Granted it’s not the ‘best line-up ever’ but it’s certainly not the worse as ive seen some people say.

  10. If I get some more rock and metal, I’ll be happy with line-up. If you compare to Roskilde, which is much more expensive, the line-up is great for me.

  11. FF, Artics Monkeys are pretty much deffo out of teh question.
    Florence and the Machine seem probable..
    Wonder when the next announcement is


  13. My wish list is Black Sabbath, Prodigy, Radio Head, Faithless, Dengue Fever. So I know you’re all gonna tell me there’s no way any of these bands will play but a girl can dream…

  14. Return of the Prodigy? No thank you!
    However, Black Sabbath, Bloody Beetroots & Deadmau5 … Yes please!
    Throw in Band of Skulls and we’re sorted! 🙂

  15. Has the result of the line up poll ever been this negative before?
    Over 50% who voted don’t look too impressed.

  16. Id like these:
    MUSE, Radiohead, Foofighters, Blur, Gorillaz, yeah yeah yeahs

  17. For now i think sziget is not meeting it’s reputation even close.
    The reason i bought my ticket is because of the outstanding line ups in the past.
    But the only REAL headliner i see now is the killers.
    The rest are just ‘good’bookings

    It really neads some bands like coldplay, metellica, muse, radiohead, blur, tenacious D and foo fighters. Or something in that diraction.

  18. It’s not so bad in my opinion. Has been worse, especially two years ago, if I remember correctly.

    I’m really happy with Hurts, Ministry, Placebo, Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra, Friendly Fires, Korn, The Vaccines, The XX, Viza, The Pogues, Two Door Cinema Club, Leningrád, Mando Diao, The Subways and The Ting Tings 🙂 And I guess there are many more bands, after youtubing, worth to listen. So relax and enjoy the melody…:)))

  19. 2 years ago was worse? We had Muse, Iron Maiden, The Hives, Faithless, Kasabian, Madness, Ska-P, Bad Religion, Billy Talent & Gorillaz Sound System!! You must be kidding 🙂

  20. @adam clark: If I remember it correctly, at this time last year The Prodigy and Prince hadn’t been announced yet and about just as many people were complaining about the line-up as it is the case right now, if it weren’t more. I believe that has been the case every year around this time (and I’ve been on Sziget News for quite a few years).

    @dannyoetgenhout: What outstanding line-ups in the past do you mean? And why do you think REAL headliners are that important? Looking back at the past four years I think Sziget has never had more than two REAL headliners. Like you said we now already have one (although I think The Stone Roses makes a very good headliner too), while possibly another REAL headliner is to be announced. Also, the biggest acts I’ve seen at Sziget are Prince and Muse. Acts as big as Metallica, Foo Fighters, Blur or Coldplay have never been to Sziget, or at least not recently.
    Just to sum it up for you:
    2011 – REAL headliners: Prince and The Prodigy / Good, normal or even bad headliners: Chemical Brothers, Pulp, White Lies, 30 Seconds To Arse
    2010 – REAL headliners: Muse, Iron Maiden / Good, normal or even bad headliners: Faithless, Madness, The Specials, UB40, 30 Seconds To Arse
    2009 – REAL headliner: The Prodigy, Faith No More / Good, normal or even bad headliners: Fatboy Slim, Placebo, Lily Allen
    2008 – REAL headliners: The Killers, Iron Maiden / Good, normal or even bad headliners: R.E.M., Jamiroquai, Sex Pistols, The Kooks
    Then again, why do you think headliners are that important? In my opinion headliners are not what Sziget is about. Sziget has always been much more about all the rest and I sincerely hope it will remain like that.

  21. As I have told before, it’s a matter of taste:) I love Muse and Kasabian, but the rest from your list is zero for me:)

    Bender says:
    May 9, 2012 at 10:51 pm
    2 years ago was worse? We had Muse, Iron Maiden, The Hives, Faithless, Kasabian, Madness, Ska-P, Bad Religion, Billy Talent & Gorillaz Sound System!! You must be kidding 🙂

  22. I totally agree with Ilbert.
    Two years ago, Muse and Iron Maiden was hiding a normal line up with few good acts (DJ Shadow, Infected Mushrooms, The Hives, Ska P, The Specials, Madness for instance)

  23. I personally think the Black Keys will play on Main stage saturday, there tour of europe has a big empty gap at sziget weekend. If Radiohead played on there aswell i would be a happy man.

  24. It is definitely unlikely.

    Thu, 08/09/2012
    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Way Out West Festival
    Fri, 08/10/2012
    Oslo, Norway
    Oya Festival
    Sat, 08/11/2012
    Helsinki, Finland
    Flow Festival

    The only slots would be Wednesday or Sunday but the main stage is full!

  25. Triggerfinger, Muse or The Black Keys would of course be amazing (though the first two were at Sziget last two years as well) but the FOO FIGHTERS would be unbelievably awesome and it would, I reckon, make a lot of visitors forgive the parts of the lineup that they’re not too excited about 🙂

  26. i think that this line up is good, i should like for rock jet arctic monkeys or some bing rock band which i can’t remeber ATM however i want some new big nome in electronic line up as carl cox Dubfire fatboyslim (daft punk maybe? If they come i will masturbate my self it’s a promis) however let”s see new names and we will judge

  27. Wasn’t it the famous mr. Gerendai who said that this is going to be the best line-up ever, because it is the 20th Sziget? :p

    I’m not saying the line-up is very bad.. But when you hear something like ‘ best line-up ‘, then you can actually say that this line-up sucks :p

  28. i love this years lineup, im coming all the way from uk for me its deffo worth it

  29. hey @crazyfrog, what does the link say? is manu chao coming?? that would be great!!

    I love discovering new bands that are coming to Sziget, which I think is the essence from this festival. I would recommend you all “Katzenjammer”, from Norway. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the great “small” concerts that we can enjoy!

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