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The Ting Tings selfconfirmed for Sziget 2012

Another day, more good news. A band that some of you have said you wanted to play Sziget this year has self-confirmed its presence.

The Ting Tings will play Sziget Festival 2012, according to the tour dates page on their official MySpace.

According to that same source, they will be at Sziget 2012 on August 12.

Until now, August will also be the day for performances by Mando Diao, The Subways, as well as Magnetic Man.

The Ting Tings have played Sziget Festival before, in 2009.

(thanks, mellowmaniac!)

23 thoughts on “The Ting Tings selfconfirmed for Sziget 2012

  1. Little patience alex, ting tings is just one of the many names to be confirmed. Sziget will not dissapoint us, i’m sure!

  2. 😀 😀 😀

    They are utter crap! 😀

    Always were a very poor rip-off of CSS

    Did anyone even watch them last time???

    Come on gives us something to get excited about…

    Please! 🙂

  3. Foo Fighters will be announced for Reading/Leeds on monday.( Just look at their homepage) Last year sziget organisers said that they could almost book the band, they just couldn’t find a right day.

    According to sziget facebook, we will have new bands 2 weeks from now, I think there is a great possibility that they will announce foo fighters!

  4. Foo fighters would be great.are there any rumours about big names like radiohead,prodigy,florence?

  5. Dont come with Prodigy again, please 😀 theyre in Hungary almost every year 😀 I hope for Sigur Rós :3

  6. Sigur Ros would be BRILLIANT.The Icelandic scene is growing so fast.Sziget would be great to have Bjork but she is performing to Balaton Sound!

  7. The next package of names among March 19-25 according to ‘Sziget Festival Official’ on Facebook

  8. After last night – I think its quite possible to see The Cure & Foo Fighters this year on Sziget!

  9. I agree with Fantomas.I would like it.
    But I fear Green Day… They are headlining Rock en Seine in Paris…

  10. Before the next wave of international bands will be announced, the great spanish ska band “La Selva Sur” announced themselves for Aug. 10th.!

  11. Between Sziget and Rock en Seine Green Day also perform in Japan…

    I hope that they do not want to go from USA to Europe, then to Japan and then back to Europe, before they go back to the USA. 😉

  12. Please, no greenday! Overrated! But no awesome bands confirmed jet? What about Stone Roses, Placebo & TDCC? I also hope that FF will come. Taht would be superawesome!!! We’ll see/hear next week… At the drive in, Cure, Coheed & Cambria, Black Keys, Eagles of Death Metal would be great also… Let’s hope for the best…

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