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The wait is almost over!

According to the Sziget France forum admin,  the first names will be officially announced in the week starting on March 23rd. But we’ll keep you posted on rumors and confirmations until then. If you heard anything we haven’t, the contact page is at your disposal, as always. Or you can leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “The wait is almost over!

  1. Still two and a half weeks.!? Boy – they seem to have MAJOR problems getting headliners… Not a too good sign.

    For comparison:
    – End Jan. 2008: confirmation of Iron Maiden & Ärzte
    – Mid Feb. 2008: REM
    – Early Mar. 2008: Sex Pistols, Roisin Murphy, Kaiser Chiefs, Leonard Cohen

  2. Well, with the global crysis and all…. It’s tough to gather money for this kind of a huge thing…

  3. Hmmm – I don’t think that the global crysis has a big influence on the european festivals…

    Yes: the main sponsors put some money into the festivals, but:

    a) all the other european festivals don’t seem to be shy to book big names for big money (and to anounce them early to kickstart ticket sales),

    b) most money does come from ticket sales and without proper headliners many people (especially the day visitors from Hungary) will not spend money at all to be at the festival and

    c) concert sales are amazing right now (I’m working in the business) and have seen two concerts in the last week where blackmarket tickets on ebay were sold for more than 100 Euros (Kings of Leon and The Prodigy) – showing that people are willing to spend even ridiculous amounts of money for a single ticket

    But: I’m still very positive that the organisators will have some nice surprises for us. 😉

  4. We’re sure there will be nice surprises. But you have to remember that Hungary is in Eastern Europe, an area not as rich as others in Europe. Companies here might be afraid to invest in promotion, more so than the ones in, say, England. Still, you just may be right in the prices people are willing to pay department – just think about AC/DC and their sold out tour. You can find tickets at 300 euros and more right now….

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