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Timo Maas replaces Deadmau5

Deadmau5 had to cancel Sziget and a few other shows because he collapsed on stage during a performance.

Everybody was curious to see who Sziget will get to play instead of him.

Well, the answer is already in the Sziget schedule on the official website. It’s Timo Maas.

Timo Maas will play Sziget 2010 on August 15, at 01:30.

5 thoughts on “Timo Maas replaces Deadmau5

  1. Never heard about Timo Maas .. ..but its sounds fuXXking good when i listen to it 😉

    Hope that Deadmau5 gets his health back soon ..

    ..this stuff was great too =)
    Thx Sziget!

  2. Do anybody know if there are still tickets available for the sziget?????????????

    i still have to buy it!

  3. I think there cant be shortage of tickets 🙂 dont worry , there is plenty of room on island for everyone 🙂

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