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Two more headliners, probably…

UPDATE: The Italian Sziget office wrote to us to correct the information below. Here’s the information we received:

The information about the about the headliners were their own considerations; they are not facts but their own


The same thing goes for the things on 0 day, these are rumors that are going

on on their forum. Again, not facts. And, more importantly, these rumors do not

come from the Italian Sziget Office but from their users.

We do hope this makes things clearer.

UPDATE: Kasabian will be playing on the 15th, too, according to the official Kasabian MySpace.
Our friend Sumo has some news from the admin of the Italian Sziget website. He says that the other headliner (apart from Iron Maiden and Muse) will be Faithless and two headliners are still to be announced.

He also tells us that Day Zero will probably be a reggae/ska day, so maybe we should expect bands like The Specials to play.

7 thoughts on “Two more headliners, probably…

  1. …and Danko Jones will perform on the 15th as well!

    So we already know three mainstage bands for the 11th (Toy Dolls, GWAR and Bad Religion (perhaps + Blink182) and three mainstagebands for the 15th (Danko Jones, Kasabian and Muse).

  2. …and Papa Roach on the 13th!

    But the 11th and the 15th feel like having a punk-day on the 11th (even though GWAR are more metal than punk) and a rock day on the 15th.

    If they go straight with styles we might get some more party / dance / electro oriented acts to play before Faithless (like Royksopp, LCD Soundsystem, MIA) – which could be very interesting…

  3. 2 more headliners? Why not four? We already know two for sure and then Faithless, but it is 7 days…?

  4. I’m still hoping that Textures will come from the Netherlands, I heard it’s going to be one of the ‘topic countries’ or something like that 🙂

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