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Two more main stage dates

Thanks to our friend Mellowmaniac, we know two more main stage dates for this year’s Sziget Festival. You can already see them in the updated lineup page.

So, K.I.Z. will play the Sziget 2010 Main Stage on August 12 (according to their website and MySpace page).

Mellowmaniac also found out from Subsonica’s management that they will play the Main Stage on August 14.

6 thoughts on “Two more main stage dates

  1. boah … bad news from mellowmaniac …
    thats really crazy … k.i.z. and subsonica on mainstage ?

    k.i.z. the german hip hop crew ? … the first time, that i read k.i.z. will perform at sziget, i thought it is a joke or that there is another band in the world, with the same name …
    i think they would play for a “gulasch und ein bier” in every small flat, so why we have to see them on the sziget mainstage. (or any other stage)
    a real ridicolous booking for me…. for sure, that´s a deal with universal music …. “if you want to book band xy, you also have to book subsonica, die zillertaler schürzenjäger and k.i.z. ” a good opportunity to take a sleeping break …

    the story with italian subsonica on the sziget mainstage, is quite the same. why they don´t get a afternoon slot in the wan2 tent ?
    it really looks like, that i´ll get enough sleep this year.

    mellowmaniac, next time, you have to announce, that cypress hill and therapy ? are confirmed for this years edition …. not stuff like subsonica and k.i.z. will perform on mainstage. 😉

  2. aaand, you have Lyapis Trubestkoy listed on main stage, but the belgian and the dutch site shows that theyll play on wan2 stage… and Subsonica as well…
    so… what now? 😀

  3. good news ..
    “Lyapis Trubestkoy and subsonica in the wan2 tent …” sounds much better.
    now the news, that k.i.z. will play at the taxi stand mini tent, then i spend a beer to mellowmaniac, for his first mistake in his szigetnews-life. a mistake with happy end ..

  4. Unfortunately, it?s not Mellowmaniac’s job to book acts and to decide where they play. If it were, you’d have lots of interesting surprises, we’re sure.

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