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Two more names off the speculation list

Two more names can now be crossed off the Sziget 2012 speculations list, as VOLT Festival has announced them.

We’re talking about Royskopp and Simple Plan.

These two names have been officially announced today on the VOLT Festival Facebook.

(thanks, siti!)

31 thoughts on “Two more names off the speculation list

  1. Hmmm? What’s better on VOLT? Lostprophets suck, simple plan suck, snow patrol is not the band i want to see (is becoming the new live) ans katy B sucks big time! Still waiting for FF!!!! Come on sziget, give us dave and friends and no one will complain anymore!!! Oh yeah, and black keys would be nice also!

  2. Well, everything is better than the Sziget setlist so far ^^’ Oh well, maybe I will go to Volt and Hegyalja as well =)

  3. Sziget is already quite good:

    Bebel Gilberto, Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra, Friendly Fires, Hurts, Korn, Mando Diao, Ministry, Noah & The Whale, Placebo, The Subways, The Ting Tings, The Vaccines, The XX, Two Door Cinema Club, Viza.

    This is the good base in so early stage. I’m sure, that it will be better than last two years. But I really hope for some rock and metal bands. And less dance,a t least on the big stages.

  4. @Crazy Frog

    Black Keys is very unlikely, they are busy touring in Scandinavia during Sziget.

    Foo Fighters and/or Bloc Party are more likely indeed, I think at least one of them will come to Sziget.

  5. Yeah, I have a strong feeling about Bloc Party being at Sziget and am pretty sure that one or two of the following will be confirmed soon: The Cure, The Killers, Foo Fighters.

  6. @mellowmaniac: you know when sziget will come whit the new confirmations? I hope you are right with cure and ff!

  7. @Klompje: Sziget started very early with announcing acts, but is still behind the number of announced acts in 2011. As most have noticed there hasn’t been an official announcement about Metal- and Worlmusicstageacts yet – who are an essential part to the line-up. Therfor we can expect another announcement EVERY day. But Sziget wouldn’t be Sziget if there would be a way of really predicting their “behavior”… 😉

  8. I hope that they will invite a lot of good metal and rock bands =)

    The reason why I don’t like the setlist so far, is because I don’t really know those bands/groups/whatever! I like Placebo and Two Door Cinema club, but that’s it XD

  9. Looking at the Pukkelpop line-up, these would make me very happy:

    – Frank Ocean
    – Nero
    – High Contrast
    – Black Keys (which are unlikely to come)
    – OFWGKTA (!!!!!!!!!!)
    – Flux Pavilion

  10. Sziget Italia has annouced today that 3 more italian acts will be annouced by friday 🙂

    Let’s hope for Bloody Beetroots again!!

  11. @mellowmaniac
    Because I didn’t have a look at last year’s list of speculations yoy did I would like to know whether the line up of 2011 met your guessings so I can hope for radiohead more

  12. Machine Head,Sepultura & Testament – out of list,cause they playing at Fazen…Crap…

  13. @alex:

    The list of speculations is usually on the German Sziget board and is constantly updated whenever there are new festival confirmations.

    This way there are always bands added and also bands deleted (for example once they are booked for another Hungarian festival (like Björk) or have three only Scandinavian shows at the time of Sziget (like Black Keys)).

    If I get it together properly there were about 12 bands from different stages of the speculation list booked in the end.

    This year the list is shorter and seven bands of the list have been confirmed so far. Because of the size of the list and not that obvious choices otherwise I would say that probably one or two ot the headlinerspeculations will be confirmed (as I wrote before the best guesses are The Cure, Foo Fighters and The Killers), about two of the rock/pop speculations and probably not more than one or two of the metal/punk list.

    Radiohead are still possible, but I wouldn’t give it more then a 10% chance of having them at Sziget, because of their off-time and other headliners being more realistic…

  14. @mellowmaniac:

    What do you think about the ‘Electro’ names? Do you think that Sziget book more dubstep and drum and bass than the last years? Because it’s very poppulair these days.

    There is a dutch site whit sziget speculations(
    And they say this about te electro and dubstep/dnb names:

    – Diplo
    – Crookers
    – Tiësto
    – deadmau5
    – Digitalism
    – Fat Boy Slim
    – Hot Chip
    – Flux Pavilion
    – Benga
    – Modestep
    – Modeselector
    – Paul Kalkbrenner
    – Zombie Nation
    – Moguai

    What do you think?

  15. @MJ:

    In general the “electro” acts and DJs are most difficult to predict, because they usualy consist of one or two artist with not much equipment, so every act can be booked anytime, as long as they aren’t booked somewhere else…

    I don’t know if on the list are just speculations or real rumours, but there are some bands on the list which aren’t very probable, because they are confirmed for Balaton Sound or Volt (Paul Kalkbrenner, Caribou, Digitalism, Enter Shikari) or most probably aren’t around at the time of Sziget (Alice Cooper, Feist), but I’m sure we will know pretty soon. Within the next four weeks more confirmations should be announced (Metal Stage and perhaps more names for the Party Arena and the Mainstage).

  16. @mellowmaniac

    Thanks for the tip, I have already checked them out, but yeah..not my fav. music =) That’s not a bad thing though! The problem would be bigger if they invite a lot of bands I like, because then I can’t watch them all.. I still have to work a couple of hours at Sziget :p

  17. The first names for Zurich Openair
    Bloc Party
    Hot Chip
    First Aid Kit
    Yann Tiersen
    The Wombats
    The Whitest Boy Alive
    White Lies
    The Vaccines
    The Killers

    I would love to see The Whitest Boy Alive and The Wombats @ Sziget
    and this announcement goes on Mellowmaniac way (bloc party, the killers)

  18. I don’t, but a John Doe previously did! 😉

    Faith No More is just the obvious choice. Due to the cancellation of Sonisphere UK it’s possible that they return to Sziget, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Other quite realistic options would be:
    – Alice Cooper (“No More Mr. Nice Guy”), but the only possible day would be the 11th and he would have to stop over on his way from Scandinavia to the UK
    – Chase & Status (“No More Idols”), available, but booked for Volt.
    – Mumford & Sons (“Sigh No More”), also available for the time of Sziget

    And the most probable option is that it has nothing to do with anything – but it’s fun to speculate! 😉

  19. Jon Doe always seems to know something. He just lets us guess 🙂 And yes, FNM seems quite a plausible choice. Hopefully, it confirms.

  20. if it will be Faith No More like a headliner i will have a deja vu from 2009… Placebo, The Subways, The Ting Tings… Also possible to see again Bloc Party, Fatboy Slim..

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