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Two more Sziget 2012 playlists

UPDATE: 566 tracks in lambo’s playlist, actually.

UPDATE: lambo also has a Spotify playlist, including 392 tracks. Check it out here.

We wrote, a few days ag, about the Sziget 2012 playlist our friend Dreher has created on Spotify.

Some of you told us that Spotify was not available in their countries and, at the same time, we were told that other playlist were being created.

So why not check them out, too?

There’s a Deezer one, created by BeMayer. It includes 288 tracks by tons of artists playing Sziget 2012.

the_belette has created a playlist on GrooveShark. It includes 95 songs.

They’re both well worth checking out. That’s why we’ll put them in the Sziget News blogroll, along with the Spotify one.


24 thoughts on “Two more Sziget 2012 playlists


    my spotify playlist has 392 tracks on it, the sziget headliners all have their current set tracks uploaded to get everyone familier with some tracks that they may not have been released as singles etc, appart from placebo as not all their tracks are on spotify, and all other acts on my playlist all have at least 5 of their top songs hand picked out by me 🙂

    enjoy 🙂

  2. @ BeMayer Great Playlist!! Thanks. There is also a mobile deezer app where you kan listen offline.

  3. We leave this saturdaymorning!
    Our trip goes thru France, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia!
    We hope to be at the Island on Monday the 6th, so 10 days of roadtripping fun and then 7 days Sziget!

  4. that sounds amazing robert! might have to look into doing something like that next year!

  5. thank you everyone for the awesome playlists…. its really opened my eyes to some amazing bands playing…. i now have a shortlist of 87 acts i want to see 🙂

  6. 87! thats impressive! i havent even bothered counting! all the bands i want to see are in my playlist above and theres around 400 tracks in it so there must be a few!

    mr_monkey are you also on the e-festivals forum? think im speaking to you on there, my name is lambo_KoRn on there 😛

  7. hey @lambo and @mr_monkey, could you share the advice about travelling from the airport? I dont know how to do it yet.

  8. @sziget news…. do you guys know if the free shuttle bus from the airport you get with the city pass is running on the 4th? (the saturday)


  9. And let us know, where the “official” SzigetNews tent is in the festival area:) It would be nice to meet you!

  10. @david…. info from the offical sziget facebook:

    Transport from the airport to the festival site

    For those who have a Sziget-Budapest CityPass, there will be a free bus shuttle service between Ferenc Liszt Airport and the festival site. On 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th of August the bus shuttle service will run from 9AM to 1AM approximately every 30 minutes. On the 13th of August, the moving-out day, the bus shuttle service will run from 3AM to 2PM approximately every 10-20 minutes.

    Alternatively you can of course use public transport or take a taxi. To get to the festival site by public transport, you should first take bus 200E to K?bánya-Kispest. From there you should take metro line 3 to Deák Ferenc tér, where you need to change to metro line 2 to Batthyány tér. From Batthyány tér you can catch the HÉV train to Filatorigát, the station close to the festival entrance.

    Would you like to go to the festival site by taxi? We recommend you to only use taxies of the big taxi companies City Taxi or F? Taxi. Just outside the arrival hall is a ticket booth for F? Taxi, who have fixed prices to bring you to the festival site. Make sure to never stop a taxi on the street that is not from these companies, there are a lot of taxi drivers who only want to rip you off by charging enormous amounts of money for very short distances!

  11. @lambo…. thank f*ck 🙂

    going to get the bus to the site have a quick look around and then catch the ferry back to the city centre and go to our hotel as our tickets only start on monday

  12. good skills, we need to go to the supermarket to get suppies ie. tent n stuff as its cheaper to just buy a tent out there rather than spending £50 in flying one over!

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