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UB40 in the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup

Another important name has self-confirmed its presence for this year’s Sziget Festival: UB 40 will play Sziget on Day Zero.

Day Zero seems to take more and more shape as a reggae day.

UB40 have confirmed their presence on their official website.

They will play Sziget o August 10 at the World Music Stage.

(thanks go to gabor)

21 thoughts on “UB40 in the Sziget Festival 2010 lineup

  1. Hello,
    I thought the bands started @ august 11??? We have a non camping ticket because we’re staying in a guesthouse and with that ticket we can only visit the festival from august 11-16. Does that mean we’re gonna miss a lot of bands????

  2. Rachel, you can get a day ticket if you want to see Day Zero, too. It looks like it’s going to be a reggae day, so if you’re into it…

  3. i’m not into reggea but ub40 is a big name so i wanted to see them. I just think its weird that we’re gonna miss such a headliner just because we’re not staying on the camping. We allready payed 140 euros for a ticket and our plane arrives late on the 10th because we thought the real festival only started on the 11th of august.

  4. If we remember correctly, it was the same for the last few years. It’s the organizers’ policy…

  5. The main part of the festival starts on the 11th. The two days before the official start (Day 1) are usually themespecific and a bonus for campers and locals. On one of these days are usually hungarian bands playing and this year it looks like we are having a reggae day on Day Zero (two years ago it was a full Iron Maiden show). It isn’t comparable to a full festival day, because there usually is program only on few of the stages.

  6. U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder will headline the festival, which his year celebrates its 40th anniversary, with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Slash, Orbital and Pet Shop Boys in support.

  7. people I’m from Ukraine and every year going to Sziget. but this year the group list does not quite like it. Explain to me still be a mega star or not ????????

  8. hey!

    first for Zero day: until late it had one big name and was only for all-time campers … last year it had more bands and you could buy a zero day ticket individually and very cheap … so check it out (dont know how this year will be … )

    Yuriy …. there are allready some big names like Iron Maiden and Muze … but we’re still waiting for at least two more since 12. and 13. dont have a headliner yet …

  9. Dear Organizers/Organizers’buddies, site’s volunteers, etc.

    Check Pohoda fest’s lineup, for God’s sake…

    I’ve been camping in sziget in the last 5 years, but now Im totally sure I skip it this year… ub40, faithless??? Guys, ur kidding?

    As someone said in an other topic: cheap time-travel to 1995.

    I’m sorry guys, you lost 200euros. Shame on this year’s sziget…

    A hungarian, who was proud of Sziget (’till now)

  10. Well Muse and Kasabian are arguably 2 of the biggest bands in the world at the moment, plus what wrong with a little variety.

    Faithless are a brilliant festival band, and im sure UB40 will be a good laugh.

    Overall im happy with the line up so far and look forward to the other headliners / acts.

  11. on Sziget facebook page:
    “What sort of programs does “day zero” of Sziget offer? What kind of innovative solutions enrich the services of this year’s Sziget? You will find answers to these questions – and even more information – here on Friday, 30th April.”

  12. Yes, we saw it too. It’s probably the UB40 announcement. We’re quite curious to see what else.

  13. And more confirmations from the Sziget facebookpage:
    “Here’s a few acts for the Meduza stage: D-Bridge, Instra:mental, SP MC, Aeroplane, 3D Disco, Baskerville, Flore feat. Rodney P, HRDVISION, Smokeeaters”

    Instra:mental is awesome, Baskerville should be checked out by the people who like live electronical (pop)music!

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