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Vive la fete cancelled!

Unfortunately, due to guitarist Danny suffering a serious motorcycle accident, Vive la fete’s performance at Sziget Festival 2009 was cancelled, according to their official website.

9 thoughts on “Vive la fete cancelled!

  1. Hope the “correct name” isn’t “memik” because that sucks even more.

    What is this? Are here only children posting up and down incapable of using an appropriate language?
    Vive la fête is a great group I liked to see and even if you don’t like them there’s no reason to insult them. Any bit of humanity left?

  2. It was meant to be a damn about the cancellation of the concert, and I used correct as a synonyme for adequate, satisfying. Brief, my english is incorrect, but I dont give a fuck. But you do not understand what you read, even a children post. You are so coool.

  3. @szigetist: if the hungarian – english translator is right “elmarad” means “cancelled!

    If this is right there might be a replacement announced – if they find one…

  4. i feel a bit ashamed for understanding that one wrong, well at least we maybe can expect a cool replacement…

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