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Viza self-confirms Sziget 2012

After the important Ministry self-confirmation news, another band has (kinda) self-confirmed its presence at Sziget Festival 2012.

We’re talking about Viza, a band that has supported Serj Tankian on a few dates of his 2010 solo tour of Europe and that makes a very interesting music blend.

Fact is that a fan asked them on their street team Facebook group if they’re playing Sziget, and Antranig Kzirian, one of Viza’s members has answered, as you can see below:

A little birdie said we were invited.


They’re a very interesting sounding band, and you can check out some of their tracks on their Facebook band profile, here.

(thanks go to Bob!)

8 thoughts on “Viza self-confirms Sziget 2012

  1. That’s SUPERB!!!! They’re a really good band and they’re live-shows are amazing!!!! I wish that was true!!!

  2. I saw them live at A38 hajo at the end of January and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to! You should all check them out!!!

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