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63 thoughts on “VOLT Festival Day 5 Live Streams

  1. sziget introduced the 3-day weekender ticket for a funny 185-euro price tag, which is more expensive than novarock was. This festival is soooo pathetic.

  2. It’s not just for weekend, there is a 3 day pass for 10-11-12 august and another one for 11-12-13.
    No big names for sunday, it’s just their final attempt to sell some tickets, cause 7 day passes are not selling

  3. I’m sad about the the new sziget direction…tve lineup is that bad…I didn’t believe that its possible to have that much music on the festival without spirit….Its my 8th sziget and I’m really lookin for an alterative to sziget for next year…
    I like the sun…water…and the lovely people at sziget…but I also love handmade music…no djs…
    I’m from germany…and there is the inmusic festival in zagreb…perhaps I will try it 2018….any other hints from here?

  4. A lot of hints actually, if you want to find a better festival than Sziget this year you havent to dig that much, honestly.
    However, I thought that the switch of property was the reason why they messed this up so badly: it seems, on another hand, that they sucked because they forgot how to run a business and quitted the marketing researches (or never did them in the first place, I suppose, and that makes me tremble, looking at how we analyzed all the sh*t going around in the last years, while they were like “oh yeah, let’s contact those guys, they hit 500k on youtube” “DAMN FAM THAT’S AN IDEA”).
    I guess that if the scenario is this in the next year a new management will come and hopefully a more wiselike one. It’s not about techno or instrumental music, nor about mainstream and underground, it’s about the damn quality. They have so much power with the unique setting of Obuda Island and they waste it with stupid additions to the package without offering a real worthy experience. Because okay, the setting is great but it’s not like they are putting much more than it’s there already: the sziget experience is provided for the 75% by the fact that Obuda is an island: the stages are looking obsolete, the parties are turning into standard year by year (does anybody know about those this year?), the attraction are getting more and more quantity over quality, and this stupid boat party is something close to be offensive: if I get to a festival I want a festival in the first place, you cant give me a cruise as an extra I have to pay for to watch the same artists Im gonna see at night as an alternative to a line up you f-ed up terribly.

  5. @Yelo +1

    I hope this year they fail financially so badly that they have to consider putting effort into the booking next year.

  6. I dont, because it would means that the 2018 would have a limited budget. They had already their lessons: they broke the positive trend, won’t sold out, will have a tons of bad critics (even if they will make their best to give credit to the only ones good will come – of course).
    That’s more than enough. Better think twice next year and give 100 k less to the first name on the bill (even more if it’s Chainsuckers) and give it to a good marketing team (YEAH I’M HIRE-ABLE LOOK AT ME)

  7. @Yelo

    yeah it’s so sad that anyone here could do a better line-up with much less budget. that’s their biggest failure. And based on their communication on facebbok, they are not the ones who accept negative critcism…

  8. Of course they don’t, would be a social suicide to admit it on public. Sure they are aware they have f-ed up, otherwise Karoly (or Gerendai, still don’t know which one’s the last name lol) would be still there IMO – I’m not buying the fact that he lacks of inspiration after 25 years. I think that, when I’ll have the time I will try to build the best case scenario for Sziget 2017 IMO, just to see how it could have looked like

  9. in my eyes admitting it would be so much better policy, than the “hey you can play chess for 325 euros” one…

  10. I feel the way you feel guys….but I´m looking for an alternative to sziget, because I won´t book this time the early bird with the consequences, that I maybe won´t get a flight this time. And without a flight…I can´t come to sziget. Then I want to have anything in my other hand to try….

    We all know…that we with have a good time at sziget 2017….but we also know…that it might have much better…..

    I only will have a better position for 2018….and therefor I need hints for other beautiful festivals, maybe smaller….thx

  11. Depends on what you prefer, my opinion is the following:
    If you are into big various festival, I think that the next year gonna be the year for Glastonbury (it always is but I bet on Gorillaz/Arctic Monkeys headliner next year), other than that the usual good names are Werchter, NOS, Open’er and Reading and Leeds (even tho it’s not a certainty as the others are).
    If you are more into hipster things I suggest you Primavera Festival or IN Music (IN Music is way smaller but propose usually mainstream indie as headliners, and is CHEAP).
    If you are more into metal everybody will tell you Wacken, but in my opinion the best experience is Download, Wacken is way too hardcore and sectorial.
    Serious techno music? Sonar all life long; if you want something mixed between the stuff I suggest Dour, which this year delivered a very good lineup in term of diversity.
    Shitty techno music? Balaton, Tomorrowland and few beach parties in and there
    Few interesting options are BBK Festival in Bilbao, Home Festival in Treviso (Italy), NOS Alive in Portougal, Roskilde in Denmark.

    That’s just a glance, I could go on and on, ask if you’re interested!

  12. Thank you Yelo….for me….I will have a look for the Inmusic-Festival…..but the festival in treviso and the dour and the BBK are also cool I think….
    Next year there is also a new festival in Luxemburg…

    Thank you first….

  13. After 7 years I think this is my last Sziget as well. Such a shame as I love so much about this festival and I will have a great time I’m sure. They need a few more wow factors to keep me coming

  14. Because there is no Glastonbury next year, few festivals I’m interested in are:

    – Rock Werchter – pros: great headline acts this year; cons: smaller acts are not that attractive + it takes part in a village (this matters a lot for me, the only exception being Glasto) => 7.5 out of 10

    – Primavera Sound – pros: some good headline acts & some good smaller acts + it takes place in Barcelona; cons: I heard that the atmosphere is not that great => 7 out of 10

    – Roskilde – pros: great line-up & diversity in it, takes place in Roskilde city; cons: pretty far away from me => 8 out of 10

    – Rock im Park / Rock am Ring & Download: – pros: great rock acts & both take place in nice places; cons: I love rock, but I’d prefer diversity, so maybe it’s too much rock for me. => 6.5 out of 10

    – Exit Festival: – pros: Well, they have The Killers as headliners, at least, they have some diversity in the line-up too & it takes place in Novi Sad, 2nd largest city of Serbia. – cons: their line-up is not much better than Sziget’s. => 6.5 out of 10

    Overall, in terms of quality, diversity, location & interest, it seems that my top 3 looks like this:

    1. Roskilde
    2. Rock Werchter
    3. Primavera Sound

    Can’t we just move Roskilde to Budapest and rename it Sziget?

    Btw, Sziget UK Facebook page answered to a redditor that there is still one “MAIN ACT” to be announced (, but they don’t know when they’ll do it & they hope it will be done ASAP.

  15. I dont know how to behave the next year. I’m starting to feel the need to change the trip standard and go for a “simple adventourous travel” but yet I feel like I’m gonna lose something big if I miss the next festival season. At the same time I need to buy tickets in advantage even before bands will announce tours and I have to bet on one festival more than another hoping that the lineup will be complete.
    Any suggestion?

    Because if the next year Artic Monkeys and Gorillaz (for instance) are making festivals’ tour I can’t give a sh*t less about “Sziget feeling”, I need them, full stop

  16. Gorillaz touring all over in Europe in the autumn, why don’t you just hit a headline show? A festival concert never will be able to beat an arena show.

  17. U2’s tickets is 80 €+ here in Italy. Means the cachet is too high even being an headliner probably
    Haim ain’t touring during Sziget, tho

  18. Come on people, the ‘main act’ is I guess just an act for the ‘main (act)’ stage. They will have a sub of the level of the others. I hope more biffy clyroish, not clean bandidish.

  19. The Killers would be brilliant, but they are in the US at the beginning of August…

  20. I honestly don’t think they have anyone yet. I’m betting on tankscadpa again, lol. My dream reveal would be any of the following, pixies, placebo, arcade fire, Radiohead or queens of the stoneage.

  21. Tankcsapda is a real possibility if they do it as that German festival who annonuced Die Toten Hosen as their anniversary edition headliners. Just imagine the anniversary edition last MAIN act announcement… Tankscapda.

    Otherwise, at least it’s a rock band.

  22. Last name could easily being Marilyn Manson. There are still chances. The question is: did they really followed 0 marketing strategy in this? Because if so, it’s totally a waste of time to try to figure out a name.

  23. I think that Lana del Rey will be the last name, because she has “many likes on Facebook”. 🙂 🙂 🙂 12 million likes vs Placebo’s 2.5 million…

  24. Anyone think they might pull someone big out of their arse because it’s the 25th anniversary and the hate is very real across all social media? Part of me feels like they had someone insignificant, started receiving hate, and now are scrambling to find someone relevant that will boost ticket sales in the few weeks before the festival.

    Why else would they be withholding it? If it was Tankcsapda wouldn’t they have announced it already?

  25. Totally nope Sztigma, the hate was obvious even before adding Glass Animals – which are good, but A) A38 Headliner’s material B) The bad move with 2DCC promoted to sub is unforgivable given those circumstances.

    It gonna be something mediocre

  26. Mumford and Sons would be a bigger surprise maybe, as they’ll play Frequency, Lowlands and Pukkelpop, but they don’t have any concert dates before 17 August.

    And what is more interesting is that Flume is headlining the Main Stage on Sunday at Pukkelpop and M&S will play before him, so I guess they could accept to co-headline with The Chainsmokers too? I still think that them or Placebo are the best bands available for the last Main Stage slot.

    Oh, and M&S have only 5 million likes on Facebook, so Lana del Rey is still favourite, if the likes are relevant…

  27. More likely they’re just waiting after Wireless and Ardentes to announce Sean Paul, lol

  28. Can’t we just flashforward to 2018?

    BTW Im doing some reserch and build a fake-Sziget schedule, just to see how it would have looked like if somebody put some competence into the lineup building. Has to be said that the pick of the days this year was totally retarded, litterally NOBODY plays in 9-16 week. They should consider to change from bottom to top the festival, starting from the period. 2014 was the lucky day, after that Sziget takes only what’s left.

  29. It seems that Sean Poo is playing in Hungary, on the 14th of July, so we got rid of him!

    I keep my fingers crossed for Mumford & Sons or Placebo.

  30. Ok so lana del ray there she is.
    Yelo: I think 2015 was a successful one too. They just had this incredible 2014 edition, literally everybody was talking about Sziget, they increased the capacity, they got more money from Hungarian Government etc… in any case, just positive vibes. I can’t understand why the lineup was criticized as Kol, Kasabian, Florence, Alt J, Robbie Williams, Foals, Limp Bizkit, interpol, knife party, passenger, major lazer etc would do a great poster for any big British festival even along with the more trash names like avicii, garrix, Ellie Goulding.
    Last year they started doing a mess with the music, they took what was left and thought “two big names will sell cause we have a good reputation”.

  31. Oh, just remembered that we have a Mumford & Sons tribute band this year, so I guess it’s Lana del Rey or Placebo. Or Editors again?

  32. Because the 2014 manteined decency over any element. Everything was balanced in the lineup. I can’t remember any major clashing, any waste of money on stupid names (given for granted the End Show with the current formula): even the shitty djs in A38 were good for their genre.

    The 2015 was great because they got more budget, but IMO they wasted it over bad booking (Ellie Goulding-Avicii-ML and I might say also KoL, knowing that they paid them A LOT), but yeah, the island was settled in a better way and remembering the lack of names touring that year, it was a good year indeed.

    Fact is that more and more bands are taking hiatus from the tour during the first part of august in the last 3 years, both because they finished their european tour or because they did 2 full months of 4-5 dates per week and need a rest. So Sziget ends up with poor overpriced booking that hardly will give the crowd their best performance (and the last year it was obvious with BMTH and Sum41 who did less than they were expected, same for Sia and Rihanna, even tho Rihanna is bad in any possible case). Sziget should consider to change from the beginning the date of the festival itself.
    I might be a little bit too extreme but I guess that the Sziget’s vibe should be managed in a different way, with a better appearence of the stages other than the umbrellas and stuff like that, maybe sacrificing some of the non-musical performances or few of the minor stages which are yeah typical and stuff, but costs a lot I suppose in the sum of the budget.
    In the end, I would totally cut any hungarian band on the main stage and a38, outsides the 2-3 that actually matter to an international crowd and the ones of the contests and similar stuff. I know that’s hungarian proud and a good occasion for foreigner to get interested to an overrated culture and blablabla, but to be honest, hungarian bands on the main stage, except Tancksapda in 2014 have been used only to fill the holes in a cheap way.
    I hope that the new ownership and management will drastically change things, for good or worse, because this festival grew til 2014 but it’s drastically dropping down, and if they wanna be big they have to play big.

  33. “I know that’s hungarian pride and a good occasion for foreigner to get interested to an UNDERRATED culture and blablabla, but to be honest, hungarian bands on the main stage, except Tancksapda in 2014 have been used only to fill the holes in a cheap way.”

    I’m sorry I was like “you dont have to write overrated, that means that it ain’t worth it and that’s wrong” and than I wrote it. LOL

  34. Hey what’s the camera policy at sziget? Dslr cameras allowed? Not seen anything on the website to suggest they’re not allowed.

  35. In 2014 Sziget, Pukkelpop, Lowlands, Highfield, Frequency, Rock ‘N’ Heim (cancelled since 2015) and V Festival was all on same weekend right after Flow, Oya and Way Out West. I think this is the key for better and bigger names for mid-august, the price increases alone are not enough, the exclusive headliners costs 3-4 times more and the new ownership wants to invest only for new festivals around the world under Sziget’s name, so it seems the only solution is another date change and collaboration with the other mid-august festivals because they’re also suffered the lack of headliners.

  36. This isn’t true … Eminem, Placebo, Jamiroquai, Moderat, Pixies, Aphex Twin, Royksopp, Cypress Hill, Iggy Pop, Offspring, Prodigy, Band of Horses, Sparks, Lana del Rey, Frank Ocean, Ryan Adams, Bastille, Chance the Rapper, Marshmallow, Parov Stelar, Elbow, Skepta are all on tour in August but whoever organizes the mainstage is a defective (with shitty music tastes) and hasn’t called them … simple

  37. @jason – There was no camera police til 2016…..My brother had always his professional one inside the festival….

  38. I hope that the number of sold earlybird – tickets will run down for 2018, so that they can feel, what they have done to the most of us….

  39. FAB, takin out of consideration Eminen, which aint touring at all, which one of those name can be compared to Radiohead and Foo Fighters?

  40. Eminem is in UK in August… Many or this names can easily coheadline like alt j , Biffy Clyro etc

  41. Eminem does 3 dates in 3 days, you can’t call it a tour in the same way you could not call KoL at Sziget 2015 a gig from a tour.
    Yes, Sziget is ashemeful this year, but no, even with a good management it wouldn’t compete against Werchter or Glastonbury, thing that Sziget did in the last three years.
    It was just a bad season and they got the worst out of it.

  42. If they had a good sub for the 13th, they would already announced them/him/her in order to sell tickets. It looks like they know the one remaining act is not going to sell tickets either.

    The only hope left is they wait untill the festival is sold out. What is not going to happen so we wont get to know the name at all…

  43. Yeah, I wanted to post exactly the same thing… Placebo or Lana del Rey surely would sell some tickets, but I guess it will be a Hungarian band or something.

    Or maybe they really want to have a secret gig on Main Stage, as Glastonbury does every year, but on another stage (The Killers this year). If this is the case, it’s another poor management proof, as they lose the chance to boost their ticket sales to some extent.

    What I see now in my feed on Facebook are only posts regarding other activities at Sziget and aggressive sponsored campaigns to buy tickets for the festival.

  44. So, it’s “Dim Mak”. Not the metal band.

    F*CKIN’ GAY.

    Sorry for my bad language & I hope that no one was offended by it.

    @Sziget it’s the profanity filter that’s offended by bad language, not us 😉

  45. So, it’s “Dim Mak”. Not the metal band.

    F*U*CKIN’ G*A*Y.

    Sorry for my bad language & I hope that no one was offended by it.

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