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White Lies in the Sziget 2011 lineup

Here’s some more good lineup news for you guys. Our reader Festivalfreak (we’d like to thank him) had some email conversations with the White Lies manager, and he has received some great news.

He asked their management whether White Lies will play Hungary or Slovakia, and he got the answer

Yes, White Lies will be at Sziget

…so it’s official.

White Lies was at Sziget 2009, too.


49 thoughts on “White Lies in the Sziget 2011 lineup

  1. Well, it was poor for my taste and in comparison to the previous years.
    30STM and Billy Talent are too MTV for me.
    Iron Maiden played in 2008 a Greatest Hits set

    Whereas the last year the set was for hardcore fans, which isn’t the most appropriate for the festivals:

    There were also a lot less people last year than the years before (you didn’t have any problems finding a good camping spot and you could easier get in front of the stage, because it wasn’t so crowded), that’s why they didn’t increase the ticket prices for the first time.

  2. Guys, what do you think, on what stage White Lies will play? Main or A38-Wan2 again?

  3. Hurts and Skunk Anansie headliner WAN2 – White Lies could do the same or play mainstage. I personally think their music fits better into the tent! 😉

  4. I really hope they wont put them on the main stage. they were fantastic in the wan2 tent, I saw some videos about their concerts on open air stages. not so good… :/

  5. It’s kinda guessing, but I’d say first week of April!

    Perhaps some bands leek till then…

  6. The Kills were on the lineup in 2009, but they were cancelled later. I guess they will play this year instead, they are touring europe in august.

  7. Muse is a strong rumour, they will do some shows this summer. Today is the announcement for Reading/Leeds festivals, Muse will probably play them.

  8. Hurts will play on the 10th. Sziget Festival Official Facebook page have it stated as the answer to a fan’s question (in Hungarian)

  9. @tool06: Muse for the second time in 2 years would be quite nice 🙂
    @Festivalfreak: thanks, posted in the lineup page.

  10. and even Franz Ferdinand played twice 2005 and 2006. Oh, if Muse came again, that would be just fantastic.

  11. It’s not impossible that Muse return in 2011 but it’s not very probable: Muse are a band from the UK and so far the Reading / Leeds shows seem to be one-off exclusives. No other Muse dates are confirmed or rumoured for this year after their May shows in Russia and the Ukraine…

    (But I’d be more than happy to see them again – especially if the weather is better and they can launch their “UFO”!)

  12. Reading/Leeds manager says Muse is a European exclusive. The strokes are only English exclusives, which means they’re still in for a headlinerslot @ sziget

  13. The Strokes are very improbable because they are from the USA and perform in Japan on the 13th and 14th of August. There is a tiny chance that an european band might make a stopover on their way to Japan on the 10th, but on the 10th we already have two bands on the mainstage confirmed (Rise Against and Pulp probably as headliner) so that there are not many slots left.

    But I’m wondering anyway if the August festivals in Japan will take place… I hope that the situation will be better then and that the people of Japan can find some happiness in August.

    The bands playing on the japanese Summersonic festivals in August so far are:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes, Primal Scream, Suede, The Mars Volta, James Blunt, Panic! At The Disco, Simple Plan, Beady Eye, Death From Above 1979, House Of Pain, Public Image Ltd., Two Door Cinema Club, Mute Math, Deerhunter, The Ting Tings, Hollywood Undead, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Friendly Fires, Tinie Tempah, Cage The Elephant, Yelle

  14. @tool06 well muse are celebrating 10 year since the release of Origin of Symmetry, and they say they will have a special stage production ONLY for Leeds and Reading shows. So that’s it (I saw that on facebook muse fanpages)

  15. They could come to Sziget without that special stage production 🙂

    There is a short interview on with the festival organiser, and he says that their headliners are england exclusives, and muse is a european festival exclusive, so i guess they really wont come to sziget.

  16. the next names will appear someday in the next week. so if LP will be in the list, then yes, they will come 😀

  17. @Festivalfreak, where did you hear that there would be an announcement next week?

    It would be awesome if LP would come to sziget!

  18. @Mezzezzo:
    A Hungarian fan asked them last Friday when will the next announcements be official. They answered in one-two weeks. So I suppose when it was last week, the announcements will take place someday in the next week.

    Pulp will be amazing. I cannot wait to see them. Such a legend!

  19. @dakota: Pulp and Hurts most probably will not clash!

    Pulp will be co-headliner or more likely headliner on mainstage and finish their set at 23:00 latest and Hurts are definitely headliner at A38/Wan2, where last year the headliner performed at 23:30.

  20. They just announced new artists for Balaton Sound, Sziget names always come after them in a short time:) so probably next week

  21. I found Thursday on MySpace, too, but am still not sure if it’s real, because there are also bands called Wednesday, Friday and Saturday confirmed… I’m still puzzled if there is someone at MySpace or the booker of Sziget who has a strange kind of humour! 😉

  22. That’s an interesting one 🙂 But Thursday look like they’re actually playing 🙂 They have a new album and are on tour at that time.

  23. mellowmaniac, you scared me, although i can’t found those bands named after days:) My only hope that these are not just the days of the festival. Based on their myspace, Thursday is playing on friday:D

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