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World Music Stage Gets Day Zero Program

The World Music Stage is one of the most popular venues at Sziget, adding a lot to its multi-cultural, colorful nature. Sziget 2016 has just announced the program of the stage, which – for the first time – will be active on Day Zero as well. This year the World Music Stage will incorporate the Roma Tent, the Afro-Latin-Reggae Stage, the Hungaricum Village, creating a venue dedicated to world music in a way never seen before, offering new talent and well-known artists – and, of course, its visitors – the unparalleled Sziget feeling.

World Music Stage program

Day Zero visitors can attend three gigs on the new and improved World Music Stage. One of them will be Buika, one of the most sought-after singers of our days, who will enchant the audience with her African, flamenco, jazz, soul and pop tunes. Rupa Marya will also perform on Day Zero, combining the party feeling with a personal touch. Last, but not least, attendees will have the chance to see (and listen to)  Ilaria Graziano e Francesco Forni, a duo to show how much you can do with a guitar and a voice (or two).

The rest of the days will expect visitors with an incredibly colorful and exciting program. Among them, Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Orchestra, Fanfare Ciocarlia from Romania, Celtic ethnic-pop performer Värttinä, some Russian ska with Leningrad, Algerian rai innovator Rachid Taha, Baro Drom Orkestar from Italy,  Django Lassi, and Aziza Brahim, bringing with her the flaming winds of the Western Sahara.

But there’s more: Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis come all the way from Israel, The Džambo Aguševi Orchestra from Macedonia, Les Hurlements d’Leo from France,  Enzo Avitabile & Bottari all the way from Napoli, the 25 year old  Mau Mau, the Yiddish Twist Orchestra, fusing klezmer and latino rhythms into twist, Systema Solar and LA-33 from Colombia, Cuban dancehall star La Dame Blanche, Soviet Suprem (also known as the Balkans’ Beastie Boys), Kultur Shock from Seattle, the Spanish Malasañers playing Irish pub punk, and the Hackney Colliery Band.

But there will be no shortage of local talent: visitors will be able to enjoy Hungarian bands like PASO, Cimbaliband, Lajkó Félix feat. Óperentzia and the Psycho Mutants, showing off their psychobilly, alternative country, and rock-and-roll skills.

125 thoughts on “World Music Stage Gets Day Zero Program

  1. Official Russian Facebook posted about Leningrad and Therr Maitz.

    So happy about Therr Maitz – amazing live band, actually my fav russian band. Worth to see live for everyone.

  2. Good job Sziget, best World Stage lineup in 3 years, this time Im impressed!
    Sure Ive seen already both Bregovic and Leningrad, but those are that kind of shows I would watch over and over again, hope they wont clash with the headliners.
    Also I will take a look to the other bands once Ill be at home 🙂

  3. Goran and Leningrad, the biggest headliners of the World Stage lineup, clash with the only entertaining headliners of the Main Stage (Manu Chao and Muse)…. i’m sad

  4. Even tho World Stage usually doesnt offer much to my taste, this year I have to admit that Sziget did great (Im repeating myself), but it would be a great shame if Bregovic and Leningrad would clash into the headliner’s set. This being said there are many other good names: Psycho Mutants, Ilaria Graziano & Francesco Forni, Ezio Avitabile, Rupa & The April Fishes, La Dame Blanche… hope I will find the time to visit the stage.

    Also, about the Colosseum leak, Sasha is an HUGE name

  5. I hope that’s good news and not the fact that they are opening it for Day -1 because they couldn’t find a good headliner for the Main Stage… now I wish for The Chemical Brothers in A38 and The Killers / Mumford & Sons / RHCP / Rammstein or at least Biffy Clyro for the MS!

  6. The chemical brothers at A38 ????????????????????????????????????????

    Sasha is WOOOOOOW!!!

  7. I don’t see them as headline material, maybe as subheadliners. But as we have Manu Chao as headliner, anything is possible on the Main Stage, so they can headline too, but I wouldn’t be too excited if they’ll headline (I like them, but I hope they’ll bring something better, I hope).

  8. I hope for day -1 we will a couple of good names for the main stage like in 2014 with the 1975 and blink 182 instead of all Hungarian bands and Robbie Williams like last year. I also think we are going to get some good names for the A38 maybe with cage the elephant, die antwoord, EODM , wolfmother who are all touring and in Europe around sziget

  9. In Italy you pay 50 euros for Chemical Brothers, also they headline and headlined most of the festival where they have been.

  10. I don´t know any of these names.. i only hear from Leningrad.. they are very nice 🙂
    The world music stage line up is not really important for me.. but i will look to this stage for sure, to try some new music 🙂

    I am sure we will get new names soon, as the italian side say. At the latest next week, i think 🙂

  11. Maybe from the Colosseum or Europe Stage.. also i would like to know the party arena line up.. Kygo and Afrojack would be nice for there 🙂

  12. I’d love Kygo but isn’t he too soft for the Party Arena?

    Maybe like yesterday it’s gonna be a stage full lineup… I’m most excited about the Collosseum than the Party Arena though!

  13. Does anyone know how many headliner spots are left? I know it’s personal taste but I find this year’s so far line-up to be least appealing. I guess I’m still waiting for more headliners.

  14. One more headliner for the Main Stage (Day -1), it seems. I hope that we’ll get the Day -1 headliner asap, as well.

  15. Wait I thought Muse and Rihanna (and maybe Sia) are the only headliners so far? Am I missing something?

  16. C’mon, 2 headliners left. Before Guetta will surely play someone with a headliner status. It’s always been like this before djs on the Main Stage 🙂

  17. @Bender: yes, in 2013 and 2014…
    but last year we had Limp bizkit before Garrix (which are usually considered a sub or lower in big festivals) and this year we have The last shadow puppets before Hardwell, the same situation approximately. So they reduced the budget for the main.

    Only one Dj last year was preceded by an headlining size band. Let’s see if they continue like this or keep cut down the budget

  18. Yeaaaah new names <3.. i am very excited 🙂 .. I hope for RHCP or Rammstein, would be amazing 🙂 .. or Deadmau5

  19. I’m guessing __ ____ is 2 then 4 letters?
    and the seconds one ___ ____ is 3-4. THINK PEOPLE THINK

  20. Seems to be: 1 letter _space_ 3 letters & 2 letters _space_ 3 letters (4 letters the first and 5 letters the second)

  21. @Dexanimo nah I’m just figuring what spyfx said. It’s definitely 2 letters (__) – 4 letters (____), and then 3-4 (___-____)

  22. What are you speaking from guys, i dont understand anything :D.. i really really hope for RHCP or Rammstein or Deadmau5… PLEASE SZIGET !!! Make my wish come true .. just 1 of these names and i am soooo happy 🙂

  23. ZZ Top are on tour in Europe until July 19 and they have a gap between that date and August 16, so they’re possible to be the 2nd choice!

  24. I think it won’t be a big act (headliner) otherwise they would have anounced it like : “-1 day headliner anounced tomorrow” or something like that. Maybe a few good dj’s for the colosseum….

  25. There is another hint that “it’s gonna rock”, so I don’t think it will be DJs… ZZ Top wouldn’t be bad at all, they’re rock legends, but I hope they won’t headline Day -1 if they will be at Sziget.

  26. I think they will announce “the -1 day” more than “the -1 headliner”.
    If 3-8 it’s more likely Die Antwoord than Foo Fighters, and I would be even happier 😀

    ZZ Top and B52 doesnt’ fit in this line up, really.

    I dont bet on any name, I dont wanna create expectations this time (just kidding, Die Antwoord or I will cry in the bathroom alone, hugging the WC)

  27. To those who don’t understand, we are hoping that the (hopefully legit) hint lists two ROCK bands: First band made out of 2 words (1st word – 2 letters; 2nd word – 4 letters), and the second band also made of 2 words (1st word – 3 letters; 2nd word – 4 letters).

  28. If it’s the Day -1 headliner, it’s Bon Jovi, festivals exclusive. If it’s A38 material, it’s The 1975, even if they’re not so rock. Whoa, livin’ on a prayeeeeerrrr!

  29. Bon Jovi??? Lol stop… i think that is gonna be to much now :D.. Bon Jovi would be so amazing.. i see no chance to have them at Sziget 🙁

  30. If Bon Jovi comes to Sziget… i buy three 7 day passes and give them 3 people who i dont know :D.. because i can not believe that they would come 🙂

  31. Bon Jovi costs like hell… gee, I dont wanna know…
    Are we sure that those are official hints?

  32. @yelo: “Bon Jovi costs like hell” => Now you know why Manu Chao is headlining.

    He’ll have a new album in “Fall 2016” and it could start his world tour in August. 😀

  33. I still have some issues believing that those hints are true. Also the underscores have never been used until now.

    I will just stop my thinking and wait for other hints/leaks and for tomorrow morning, yet I will read your opinions, it’s always creative 🙂

  34. Well the hint was given 1 hour before sziget official announcment, so it seems reliable..

    Anyway i really think it’s 3-8 and 5-7
    First one should be die antwoord in my opinion, while second if the guy forgot the letter “c” in arctic monkeys would be legendary.(joking ofc)
    Still thinking about the second name

  35. The Vaccines?? They are in Italy at the start of August and then have a huge break until the end of August.

  36. Bon Jovi’s Facebook Page announced yesterday that his only appearance in Europe in 2016 will be in Dublin (21-23 July). Did he change his mind?

  37. Black sabbath are closing the europe tour end of july then first official concert will be on 17th august in USA

  38. First of all I’m not sure if Sziget knows what rocking means anymore, so I’m not sure if we should put to much emphasize on that. I also agree that it would be strange to announce the -1 this way, IF they’re going to have a big headliner on that day anymore.

    Based on which bands that have been announced quite a lot lately I’m thinking Local Natives and The Internet. It would however be strange if only these two acts were to be announced, given Sziget’s history of announcement, although I would be more happy if they hade startet with many small ones instead of a few bigger ones. Big Sean would also be an alternative as he pretty much follows Rihanna everywhere.

    I don’t think Bon jovi fits the Sziget profile although it would have been cool and Foo Fighters can we just rule out (if I’m proven wrong I’ll extend my ticket immediately). I doubt Black Sabbath, which leaves us with Justin Bieber 😉

    If they are going to save this line-up though I need Biffy Clyro and The Vaccines. Having those bands touring and not booking them is strange considering how much other crap that gets on stage. Fall Out Boy would also be a nice surprise, while I’d also take Ice Cube in a heartbeat.

  39. I think die antwoord is right. but the second one is difficult.

    one more hint please, it’s too hard this time!

  40. But is Black Sabbath Sziget stuff? I dont think that the “new generation” is very excited about Black Sabbath.. they dont have the same status like ACDC as example..

  41. Agree.. I don’t think that Black Sabbath would do it as a headliner either, which is why I think it will be Justin Bieber (my worst nightmare) or someone not on a European tour IF they will add a big headliner to -1.

  42. If Justin Bieber will be released tomorrow i am going to start hate Sziget… there are so much good bands touring.. and if they call Justin Bieber for motherf*cking 1 million and more euros…. i am going to be very angry 😀

  43. Maybe, but from a new person that is not in any way verified. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

  44. Who was the guy who said Red Hot Chili Peppers at Sziget 100% sure at facebook?? .. I would like to ask him if he just is a Troll or where he get his information 😀

  45. The Fray? The Used? The Cult? The Cult have a new album (released in February 2016).

  46. Skunk anansie and die antwoord seems logic with the sziget concept of rock, and they both have dates near sziget time.

    I’d be very happy with this add, 2 very good bands.

    But what concerns me is: skunk anansie last headliner and die antwoord sub? Die antwoord before guetta? It would be poor in both the cases.

  47. Last time Skunk was a Sziget she played when it was still light outside. so I don’t think she will be a headliner, thank god.

    I think Die Antwoord will play in the A38 Arena again.

  48. Skunk Anansie wouldn’t even be considered a headliner in their prime around 2000, so if that is the case, Sziget needs to fire more people than the PR-department. Also, Die Antwoord is not rock, but I understand that Sziget might think it is 😉

    Anyone know at what time they were supposed to announce?

  49. Usually 11 AM, Hungarian time. I also hope that Die Antwoord and Skunk Anansies won’t be headliners…

  50. If it’s skunk anansie they are the day-1 headliner or they play before guetta, can’t see other situations

  51. Finally! Great announcement 🙂 Die Antwoord, DVBBS, Carnage are awesome And Zedd is ok…

  52. die antwoord and skunk anansie marky ramone main stage day -1
    seems like no one of them is headliner. I think day 1 this year will look like a normal one. with a good headliner like chemical or biffy it can be very good. If it stays like this it’s just cheap.

    good additions to the party arena

  53. Europe’s best line-up. lol. Seriously if i din’t know this is for real i thought they are joking, and it’s gonna be sold out. Unfxckingbelievable.

  54. @tiago … Sadly true 🙁 im still waiting for some good hip hop acts .. Ice cube cypress hill … Or some smaller acts like phryme … Krs one etc

  55. afrojack day0 (even boys noize is that night). they’re really trying to sell those 7days pass ahahah

  56. If I just look at saturday lineup I think that the level is incredibly high: one of the biggest bands at the moment (Muse, glasto headliners) with super worthy subheadliners like Sigur ros and Roisin murphy (in a38), bring me the horizon in the afternoon, kodaline as very good band to chillout and enjoy some beer in a38. Then Leningrad on the world stage, and an incredible night with DVBBS, dyro and excision to rave until you can can. It really misses only one good hip hop act to be perfect.

    But then there look at some other day’s lineup and think “is the same staff that did this?!”


    anyway I’m quite happy with all of this acts of today. Why complaining? we all know we have party arena lineup, and these names are definitely not bad for that stage. I just hope that now sziget don’t use the strategy “let’s see if we sell enough with these acts or we have to book someone else”

  57. yes, where the hell is Hip Hop ? Don’t know if some US old school rap is around during this period but at least there are good british hip hop/grime acts in europe mid-august : Stormzy, Skepta, Section boyz, lady leshurr…

  58. Palace Winter? Main Stage? As the date and weekday fits and they at the same day have linked to Soundcload and wrote info about the band it seems viable.. Sadly enough..

    At least todays announcements makes sure I don’t have to pay for 7 day pass 🙂

    They started out quite well with this years line-up but then suddenly the shit hit the fan… I doubt they know the meaning of hip-hop even.

  59. Checked again now, and if it is correct it means they have 5 MS-acts that day, so that seems strange. At the same time A38 (after my calculations) are full that day, so let’s hope they don’t start moving around the dates now to fill up -1 and/or 0.

    Could of course hope that they have extended the playing time at MS, but I really doubt it…

  60. Awesome. The World Music stage is, by far, the best stage. Even now that I hardly listen to world music at home anymore, if you’re looking for uncomplicated mulsatság (party!) this is the place to be.

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